Mary Cain Returns To Action, Wins 4-Miler In 21:50 in First Completed Race in 918 Days

May 12, 2019

Former teenage star Mary Cain, now 23, returned to action today with a win at the NYRR’s Japan Run in Central Park. Cain won the four-mile race in 21:50. It was the first time she had finished a race at any distance since November 5, 2016, a span of 918 days.

Between then and today, the 2013 World Championships finalist and 2014 world junior champ Cain did drop out of two different races — the Manchester Road Race on November 24, 2016, and a 3000 in Ireland on July 16 of last year.

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According to the McMillan calculator, a 21:50 four-miler is equivalent to a 16:48 5000 and 4:28.50 for 1500. Cain’s personal best at those distances are 15:45.46 and 4:04.62.

Below is a video clip of Cain finishing the race. Talk about Cain’s comeback on our messageboard / fan forum: MB: Mary Cain is BACK! Cain runs (and wins) 4 mile race in Central Park.

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