2019 Millrose Games Schedule, Streaming, Television Information

by LetsRun.com
February 9, 2019

The 112th NYRR Millrose Games take place on Saturday February 9, 2019 and will be broadcast on national television on NBC from 4:30-6pm Eastern. If you don’t have  a TV, the meet will be streamed on the NBC gold package starting at 4pm.

If you want to watch the action before 4pm, you will need a USATF.TV+ subscription.

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For fans hoping to attend, the opening ceremonies are at 3:50pm, but distance fans might want to get there earlier as the “B” miles start at 3:11 pm.

Yomif Kejelcha will try and break the world record in the mile at 5:48 pm.

Full schedule below. Results will be here.

11:25 AM Women’s Distance Medley Relay
11:40 AM Men’s Distance Medley Relay
11:45 AM Junior Boys’ Flying Circus Elite Pole Vault
11:53 AM High School Girls’ Independant Schools 4x400m
11:59 AM High School Boys’ Independant Schools 4x400m
12:05 PM Women’s Elaine Ward/USATF Championship 1-mile Race Walk
12:15 PM Men’s Tom Eastler/USATF Championship 1-mile Race Walk
12:23 PM Masters Mixed 60+ CPTC 4x400m
12:29 PM Masters Mixed’s 40+/50+ 4x400m
12:36 PM High School Girls’ Lorna Austin Long Island 4x400m
12:42 PM High School Boys’ Long Island 4x400m
12:48 PM Women’s 4x200m
12:53 PM Men’s 4x200m
12:58 PM Youth Girls’ Armory 400m
1:08 PM Youth Boys’ Armory 400m
1:21 PM High School Girls’ Suburban 4x400m
1:23 PM Junior Girls’ Long Jump
1:27 PM High School Boys’ Suburban 4x400m
1:33 PM High School Girls’ Donald Douglas PSAL 4x400m
1:39 PM High School Boys’ Dwayne Burnett PSAL 4x400m
1:45 PM High School Boys’ Polar Invitational 4x800m
1:55 PM Junior Girls’ Coogan’s Invitational Girls 60m dash
1:59 PM Junior Boys’ Invitational 60m dash
2:03 PM High School Girls’ New Balance Invitational 4x800m
2:06 PM Junior Girls’ Flying Circus Elite Pole Vault
2:15 PM Youth Girls’ NYRR Fastest Kid in the World
2:20 PM Youth Boys’ NYRR Fastest Kid in the World
2:24 PM Junior Girls’ Millrose Foundation Invitational 300m Dash
2:29 PM Junior Boys’ Millrose Foundation Invitational 300m Dash
2:34 PM Youth Boys’ Rising New York Road Runners 800m
2:38 PM Junior Boys’ NY Yankees Triple Jump
2:39 PM High School Girls’ Fred Thompson PSAL 4×200
2:43 PM High School Boys’ PSAL Mike Frankfurt 4×200
2:47 PM Women’s John Thomas High Jump
2:52 PM College Women’s George Hirsch 4x400m
2:58 PM Youth Girls’ NYRR 4x200m
3:02 PM Youth Boys’ NYRR 4x200m
3:06 PM High School Boys’ Sterling Affair Invitational 600 Meter Dash
3:11 PM Men’s Allan Steinfeld Invitational Mile
3:18 PM Junior Boys’ New Balance Invitational Mile
3:33 PM High School Girls’ New York Presbyterian Invitational 600 Meter Dash
3:43 PM High School Girls’ NSAF Invitational 4x200m
3:50 PM Opening Ceremony
4:00 PM Women’s Ray Flynn 60 Meter Dash
4:05 PM Men’s Joe Yancey 60 Meter Dash
4:10 PM Youth Girls’ Rising New York Road Runners 800m
4:15 PM Women’s Howard Schmertz 60 Meter Hurdles
4:21 PM Men’s Fred Schmertz 60 Meter Hurdles
4:26 PM College Men’s Mike Braby 4x400m
4:31 PM Men’s Mel Sheppard Invitational 800m
4:36 PM Women’s Fred Lebow Invitational 3000m
4:39 PM Men’s Whole Foods Shot Put
4:48 PM Men’s NYAC Invitational 400m
4:53 PM Men’s Dr. Sander Invitational 3000m
5:05 PM Junior Girls’s New Balance Invitational Mile
5:14 PM Women’s Cheryl Toussaint Invitational 400m
5:19 PM High School Boys’ Columbia Doctors Invitational 4x200m
5:23 PM Men’s Shot Put Final Throw (top 3 athletes)
5:28 PM National Anthem
5:33 PM Women’s NYRR Wanamaker Mile
5:42 PM Women’s Jack and Lewis Rudin 800m
5:48 PM Men’s NYRR Wanamaker Mile

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