Molly Huddle Beats Jordan Hasay Convincingly, Leonard Korir Wins USATF 15k Title at Gate River Run

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March 10, 2018

Molly Huddle and Leonard Korir are your champions at the 2018 US 15k champs at the 40th Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida.

Huddle won by 50 seconds in 47:50 to Jordan Hasay‘s 48:40 with Molly Seidel third in 49:20. In the men’s race Korir pulled away from Sam Chelanga in the final mile and won in 43:06 with Chelanga second in 43:15 and Martin Hehir third in 43:19.

Huddle, Hasay and Seidel gapped the field early hitting 5k in 15:51 and then Huddle pulled away shortly after mile 4, hitting 10k in 31:46 before winning in 47:50 (last 5k of 16:04 per the official split website not the tweet below). According to the official results website, Huddle ran her last mile in 4:48, Hasay 4:54 and Blaase 4:59. That seems really fast but the race now on purpose features a huge downhill last mile. – they call it the “Downhill Mile Challenge.” I think the bridge is 141 feet high so if they drop an entire 141 feet that would be worth slightly more than 25 seconds according to John Kellogg’s formula of 1.8 seconds for every 10 feet of elevation drop.

Splits: 5k, 10k, 8.3 miles, 15k

Huddle: 15:51, 31:46 (15:56). 43:02 at 8.3 miles and 47:50 (16:04)
Hasay: 15:59, 10k not recorded, 43:47 at 8.3, 48:40.
Seidel: 15:59, 10k not recorded, 44:17 and 49:20

Korir: 14:41, 28:45, 38:52 at 8.3 miles, before winning in 43:06
Chelanga: 14:42, 28:45, 38:52, 43:15
Hehir: 14:42, 28:55, 39:00, 43:19

Korir ran his last mile in 4:15, Hehir 4:20 and Chelanga in 4:23.

Top 20 women:


1.2Molly Huddle*33Providence, RI47:505:07
2.61Jordan Hasay*26Beaverton, OR48:405:13
3.6Molly Seidel*23Johnson City, TN49:205:17
4.46Chelsea Blaase*23Rochester Hills, MI50:355:25
5.22Rochelle Kanuho*27Flagstaff, AZ51:025:28
6.30Rosa Moriello*25Brighton, MA52:075:35
7.26Maddie van Beek*26Fargo, ND52:125:36
8.34Susan Tanui*30Colorado Springs, CO52:165:36
9.14Bethany Sachtleben*26Alexandria, VA52:175:36
10.20Bridget Lyons*30Fairburn, GA52:195:36
11.50Kaylee Flanagan*22Boulder, CO52:565:40
12.44Katy Moen*25St Paul, MN54:125:48
13.73Sarah True36West Lebanon, NH54:285:50
14.32Brittany Tretbar*22Oklahoma City, OK54:355:51
15.36Sallie Post*30Decatur, GA54:405:51
16.64Holly Davis*22Viera, FL54:485:52
17.40Misiker Denessie*31Colorado Springs, CO54:485:52
18.56Lacey Krout*28Atlanta, GA55:375:57
19.87Rachel Mcfarlane*27Jacksonville, FL55:425:58
20.180Svenja Meyer*28Hamburg, HH56:136:01

Top 20 Men:

1.1Leonard Korir31Colorado Springs, CO43:064:37
2.3Sam Chelanga33Colorado Springs, CO43:154:38
3.15Martin Hehir25Philadelphia, PA43:194:38
4.76Emmanuel Bor29Colorado Springs, CO43:344:40
5.25Elkahna Kibet2543:534:42
6.21Ryan Vail31Portland, OR44:114:44
7.31Brendan Gregg28Davis, CA44:254:45
8.49Willie Milam26Louisville, CO44:324:46
9.45Wade Meddles25Boulder, CO44:434:47
10.33Andy Wacker29Boulder, CO45:164:51
11.57Colin Leak31Chadds Ford, PA45:384:53
12.35Kevin Lewis24Minneapolis, MN45:504:54
13.11Jared Ward29Kaysville, UT46:184:57
14.39Lucas Stalnaker22Tega Cay, SC46:224:58
15.75Abinet Adraro31Albuquerque, NM46:294:59
16.59Clint Mckelvey25Washington, DC46:294:59
17.86Yon Yilma29Seattle, WA46:304:59
18.43Brian Atkinson25Tampa, FL46:324:59
19.78Matt Hensley30Boulder, CO47:005:02
20.37Evan Landes25Lawrence, KS47:215:04

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Prize money: 1. $12,000 2. $ 5,000 3. $ 3,000 4. $ 2,000 5. $ 1,000 6. $900 7. $800, 8. $700 9. $600 10 $

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