Saucony’s Molly Seidel (21:24) and Skechers’ Reid Buchanan (19:08) Win 2017 NYRR Midnight Run

By David Monti, @d9monti
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NEW YORK (1-Jan) — Molly Seidel of Watertown, Mass., and Reid Buchanan of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., won tonight’s 39th NYRR Midnight Run here in Central Park in frigid conditions, clocking 21:24 and 19:08, respectively, for the hilly four-mile course.  The temperature at midnight when the race went off was a frosty 10°F (-12°C) which made fast running difficult.

“All of a sudden you just start locking-up, the tin man effect,” Buchanan said of the cold conditions as he tried to warm up in the heated athletes’ tent near the finish line.  “I’m from Kansas so I like to do ‘Wizard of Oz’ quotes.”

Buchanan, 24, beat the 2015 race champion Daniel Winn of Brooklyn, N.Y., by 50 seconds.  Third place went to marathoner Jonas Hampton of Medford, Mass., who clocked 20:22.  For both Buchanan and Hampton, tonight was their first Midnight Run.

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“It was fun.  It was a lot of fun,” said Buchanan, who is sponsored by Skechers.  “I feel like without the crowd it would have been way worse.  I feel like only New York City can provide a crowd in what feels like, what has to be, negative temperatures.”

Molly Seidel and Reid Buchanan after finishing the 2017 NYRR Midnight Run (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly) Molly Seidel and Reid Buchanan after finishing the 2017 NYRR Midnight Run (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

Seidel had a tougher battle than Buchanan to claim victory in her first Midnight Run.  She and two-time race champion Sarah Pagano of Brighton, Mass., and veteran marathoner Steph Bruce of Flagstaff, Ariz., battled well into the fourth mile before Seidel was able to break away.  The Saucony-sponsored athlete was pleased to start off the new year with a win.

“Oh my gosh!  No better way to start it off,” Seidel said.  “It’s a good, hard race; nothing I’d rather be doing at midnight.”

Seidel, who started the race with her face covered with a buff, said that the cold wasn’t so difficult for her.  Growing up in Hartland, Wisc., Seidel, 23, has done her share of winter running.

“Being from Wisconsin we’ll get days like this,” she said.  “I fell like it was perfect prep for a nice, chilly New Year’s run.”

Pagano finished second in 21:32 and Bruce was third in 21:39.

Both Seidel and Buchanan earned $500 in prize money, and Seidel picked up a time bonus of $100 for breaking 23:00.

Over 4000 runners started the race and were treated to a massive fireworks display which lasted nearly 20 minutes.

Top 10 Results Men

Bib Name Age IAAF Team Name Overall Time
1 1 2 Reid Buchanan M24 USA Skechers Performance 0:19:06
2 2 1 Daniel Winn M26 USA Boston Athletic Association 0:19:56
3 3 4 Jonas Hampton M28 USA Boston Athletic Association 0:20:20
4 4 4396 Thomas Porter M27 USA 0:20:37
5 5 4762 Zartosht Ahlers M22 USA 0:20:47
6 6 4163 Reid Hawkins M22 USA Jacuzzi Boys Athletic Club 0:20:54
7 7 2720 Timothy Milenkevich M35 USA 0:21:17
8 8 3176 Jonas Simon M21 GER 0:21:18
12 9 5514 Matthew Beamer M30 USA 0:21:38
13 10 5649 Alain Dutton M22 AUS 0:22:05

Top 10 Results Women

Bib Name Age IAAF Team Name Overall Time
9 1 14 Molly Seidel F23 USA Saucony 0:21:21
10 2 11 Sarah Pagano F26 USA Boston Athletic Association 0:21:29
11 3 15 Stephanie Bruce F33 USA Oiselle 0:21:36
17 4 16 Kira Garry F24 USA CPTC New Balance 0:23:05
33 5 4171 Marie-Ange Brumelot F24 FRA Queens Distance Runners 0:24:49
35 6 5900 Adriana Piekarewicz F29 USA 0:24:54
36 7 2101 Rinchen Pelden F29 BHU Queens Distance Runners 0:24:58
56 8 3055 Alexandra Alpaugh F26 USA 0:26:50
64 9 3677 Sonja Basara F30 CRO 0:27:11
88 10 1451 Whitney Mcfadden F31 USA November Project 0:28:01

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