America’s Muslim Olympic Champion Dalilah Muhammad Reacts to Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration – “It’s Just Unfortunate”

February 10, 2017

NEW YORK — America’s first-ever women’s Olympic 400 hurdles champ, Dalilah Muhammad, will be competing at Saturday’s NYRR Millrose Games. Today at the pre-race press conference, we asked the Muhammad, a Muslim-American, what she thought about President Donald Trump‘s recent executive order on immigration.

“I think it’s unfortunate and it kind of makes me a little bit worried just because we travel so much back and forth out of the country – and having the name Muhammad attached to me – it’s a little scary almost. It’s just unfortunate,” said Muhammad.

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We also asked Muhammad if she was upset that the media gave a lot of attention to the veiled Muslim-American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad in Rio but much less to Muhammad even though Muhammad accomplished much more. We wanted to know if she was upset or if she thought the media was stereotyping the way Muslim women should appear. Muhammad said she wasn’t offended.

“A lot of people did say to me (after Rio), ‘You’re not the stereotypical Muslim’ and I think them just saying that kind of [reminds everyone] there are different types of Mulsims in the world – not even different types – just different people and we express our religion in different ways,” said Muhammad.

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