2017 NCAA Indoor Entries – Edward Cheserek Is Running Mile-3K-5K Triple; What Did It Take To Get Into NCAAs & How Does It Compare To Past Years?

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by LetsRun.com
February 28, 2017

By 10 pm tonight, the NCAA will officially release the 16 individuals and 12 relay teams accepted for every event at the 2017 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships. We got impatient and haven taken a look at the preliminary entries for the distance events and figured out who will be dancing and who will be staying home. For the women, it was the hardest year ever to qualify in the 3000 (you had to run 9:07.22 or faster) and the DMR (11:02.32 or faster). We’ll dive into our analysis of the events later, but for now the headline is that Oregon’s Edward Cheserek, who won the 3000-5000-DMR triple last year, is entered in the mile, 3000 and 5000. No one has ever won all three events at the same NCAA Championships.

UPDATE: Official entries are out (and updated below). Men here, women here. The only change is that Houston’s Brian Barraza has scratched from the mile (he’ll run the 3k only), replaced by Middle Tennessee State’s Sampson Laari.

Women’s Cutoff For NCAA Indoors


Men’s Cutoff for NCAA Indoors


Red = Fastest Year Ever

Runners that will get into the meet appear below.

Women ‘s 800

Event 20  Women 800 Meter Run (75) Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Jazmine Fray                  SO Texas A&M           2:00.69A
  2  Shea Collinsworth             SR BYU                 2:01.42A
  3  Raevyn Rogers                 JR Oregon              2:01.75A
  4  Hanna Green                   SR Virginia Tech       2:01.91A
  5  Aaliyah Miller                FR Baylor              2:02.89A
  6  Siofra Cleirigh Buttner       JR Villanova           2:02.97S
  7  Morgan Schuetz                SR LSU                 2:03.01A
  8  Jasmine Staebler              SO Iowa State          2:03.08A
  9  Rachel Weber                  SR Ohio State          2:03.40A
 10  Olivia Baker                  JR Stanford            2:03.41A
 11  Ruby Stauber                  FR LSU                 2:03.87A
 12  Sadi Henderson                JR Boise State         2:04.01A
 13  Elinor Purrier                JR New Hampshire       2:04.02S
 14  Danae Rivers                  FR Penn State          2:04.04S
 15  Courtney Clayton              JR Vanderbilt          2:04.24A
 16  Abike Egbeniyi                SO Mid. Tenn. St       2:04.45A
 17  Madeline Kopp                 SR Duke                2:04.60A
 18  Agnes Abu                     JR Mid. Tenn. St       2:04.63A
 19  Kaylee Dodd                   JR Okla State          2:04.68A

Women’s Mile

Event 21  Women 1 Mile Run (75) Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Kaela Edwards                 SR Okla State          4:28.75A
  2  Elinor Purrier                JR New Hampshire       4:29.44A
  3  Danae Rivers                  FR Penn State          4:32.55A
  4  Dani Jones                    SO Colorado            4:32.68S
  5  Siofra Cleirigh Buttner       JR Villanova           4:33.16A
  6  Grace Barnett                 JR Clemson             4:33.40A
  7  Nicole Hutchinson             SO Villanova           4:33.46A
  8  Jessica Harris                JR Notre Dame          4:33.80A
  9  Amy-Eloise Neale              JR Washington          4:34.15A
 10  Millie Paladino               JR Providence          4:34.49A
 11  Frances Schmiede              SR Yale                4:34.54A
 12  Nikki Hiltz                   JR Arkansas            4:35.10A
 13  Karisa Nelson                 JR Samford             4:35.55A
 14  Katie Rainsberger             FR Oregon              4:35.60S
 15  Karissa Schweizer             JR Missouri            4:35.61S
 16  Shea Collinsworth             SR BYU                 4:35.76S
 17  Megan Moye                    SR NC State            4:36.32A
 18  Gina Sereno                   JR Michigan            4:36.68S
 19  Sophie Connor                 SR New Mexico          4:36.86A
 20  Lilli Burdon                  SO Oregon              4:36.98S
 21  Erin Finn                     JR Michigan            4:37.02S
 22  Therese Haiss                 SR Arkansas            4:37.27A
 23  Samantha Nadel                SR Oregon              4:37.48S
 24  Kennedy Weisner               JR Georgetown          4:37.92A

Women’s 3000

Event 22  Women 3000 Meter Run (75)
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Katie Rainsberger             FR Oregon              9:01.21A
  2  Allie Buchalski               JR Furman              9:02.04A
  3  Dani Jones                    SO Colorado            9:02.22A
  4  Katherine Receveur            SO Indiana             9:03.71A
  5  Vanessa Fraser                JR Stanford            9:04.78A
  6  Rachel Koon                   SO NC State            9:05.32A
  7  Samantha Nadel                SR Oregon              9:05.62A
  8  Katie Jensen                  JR Rice                9:05.66A
  9  Erin Clark                    SR Colorado            9:05.93A
 10  Claire Green                  JR Arizona             9:05.94A
 11  Taylor Werner                 FR Arkansas            9:06.34A
 12  Elise Cranny                  JR Stanford            9:06.35A
 13  Karissa Schweizer             JR Missouri            9:06.60A
 14  Alli Cash                     JR Oregon              9:06.91A
 15  Gina Sereno                   JR Michigan            9:07.00A
 16  Tessa Barrett                 SO Penn State          9:07.22A

Women’s 5000

Event 23  Women 5000 Meter Run (75)
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Katherine Receveur            SO Indiana            15:28.89S
  2  Tessa Barrett                 SO Penn State         15:28.99A
  3  Erin Finn                     JR Michigan           15:32.45A
  4  Karissa Schweizer             JR Missouri           15:37.40A
  5  Anna Rohrer                   SO Notre Dame         15:38.11A
  6  Allie Buchalski               JR Furman             15:46.86A
  7  Jordann McDermitt             JR E Michigan         15:50.16A
  8  Erin Clark                    SR Colorado           15:50.96S
  9  Maggie Schmaedick             JR Oregon             15:52.28A
 10  Judy Pendergast               FR Harvard            15:52.64A
 11  Grayson Murphy                JR Utah               15:53.24A
 12  Chelsea Blaase                SR Tennessee          15:53.73A
 13  Lauren LaRocco                SO Portland           15:54.26A
 14  Sarah Collins                 SR Providence         15:54.46S
 15  Anne-Marie Blaney             SR UCF                15:55.69A
 16  Brianna Ilarda                JR Providence         15:55.91A
 17  Erika Kemp                    JR NC State           15:56.52A
 18  Vanessa Fraser                JR Stanford           15:56.89S
 19  Alice Wright                  JR New Mexico         15:56.94A
 20  Olivia Pratt                  SR Butler             15:57.41A

Women’s DMR

Event 26  Women Distance Medley (75)
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Oregon                                              10:48.77A
  2  Indiana                                             10:55.94A
  3  BYU                                                 10:56.93A
  4  LSU                                                 10:57.66A
  5  Arkansas                                            10:57.93A
  6  Michigan                                            10:58.02A
  7  Colorado                                            10:58.68A
  8  Stanford                                            10:59.82A
  9  Villanova                                           11:01.14A
 10  Penn State                                          11:01.16A
 11  Stanford  'B'                                       11:01.39S
 12  Kansas                                              11:01.85A
 13  Notre Dame                                          11:02.32A
Men's 800
Event 4  Men 800 Meter Run (75) Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Emmanuel Korir                FR UTEP                1:46.15A
  2  Patrick Joseph                JR Virginia Tech       1:46.23A
  3  Michael Saruni                FR UTEP                1:46.30A
  4  Daniel Kuhn                   JR Indiana             1:46.42A
  5  Drew Piazza                   SR Virginia Tech       1:46.42A
  6  Joseph White                  JR Georgetown          1:46.44A
  7  Isaiah Harris                 SO Penn State          1:46.65A
  8  Eliud Rutto                   SR Mid. Tenn. St       1:46.70A
  9  Robert Heppenstall            SO Wake Forest         1:46.71A
 10  Andres Arroyo                 SR Florida             1:47.18A
 11  Avery Bartlett                SO Georgia Tech        1:47.32A
 12  Carter Lilly                  JR Iowa                1:47.33A
 13  Blair Henderson               SR LSU                 1:47.34A
 14  Abraham Alvarado              SR BYU                 1:47.46A
 15  Craig Engels                  SR Ole Miss            1:47.54A
 16  Ryan Manahan                  SR Ole Miss            1:47.76A

Men’s Mile

Event 5  Men 1 Mile Run (75) Prelims
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Edward Cheserek               SR Oregon              3:52.01A
  2  Ben Saarel                    SR Colorado            3:55.60A
  3  Joe Klecker                   SO Colorado            3:55.82S
  4  Zach Perrin                   JR Colorado            3:56.36A
  5  Joshua Thompson               SR Okla State          3:56.89A
  6  Cole Rockhold                 SO Colo State          3:57.19A
  7  Jonah Koech                   SO UTEP                3:57.30A
  8  Adam Palamar                  SR Syracuse            3:57.39A
  9  Josh Kerr                     FR New Mexico          3:58.04A
 10  Ned Willig                    SR Michigan            3:58.09A
 11  Neil Gourley                  JR Virginia Tech       3:58.11A
 12  Liam Dee                      SO Iona                3:58.19A
 13  Dillon Maggard                JR Utah State          3:58.23A
 14  Matthew Maton                 SO Oregon              3:58.34A
 15  Thomas Joyce                  SR California          3:58.47A
 16  Matthew Fayers                JR Okla State          3:58.53A
 17  Brian Barraza                 SR Houston             3:58.66A
 18  Sampson Laari                 SR Mid. Tenn. St       3:58.75

Men’s 3000

Event 6  Men 3000 Meter Run (75)
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Colby Gilbert                 JR Washington          7:45.71A
  2  Edward Cheserek               SR Oregon              7:46.85A
  3  Marc Scott                    SR Tulsa               7:47.57A
  4  Justyn Knight                 SO Syracuse            7:47.82A
  5  Clayton Young                 SO BYU                 7:49.76A
  6  Morgan McDonald               JR Wisconsin           7:51.19A
  7  Jack Keelan                   JR Stanford            7:51.20A
  8  Erik Peterson                 SR Butler              7:51.21A
  9  Joe Klecker                   SO Colorado            7:51.43A
 10  John Dressel                  SO Colorado            7:51.44A
 11  Scott Carpenter               JR Georgetown          7:51.51A
 12  Garrett Corcoran              SO California          7:52.10A
 13  Matthew Maton                 SO Oregon              7:52.51A
 14  Brian Barraza                 SR Houston             7:53.60A
 15  Ben Saarel                    SR Colorado            7:53.74A
 16  Amon Terer                    SR Campbell            7:54.40A

Men’s 5000

Event 7  Men 5000 Meter Run (75)
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
  1  Edward Cheserek               SR Oregon             13:32.59A
  2  Colby Gilbert                 JR Washington         13:34.85A
  3  Marc Scott                    SR Tulsa              13:38.87A
  4  Erik Peterson                 SR Butler             13:40.90A
  5  John Dressel                  SO Colorado           13:42.57A
  6  Amon Terer                    SR Campbell           13:42.78A
  7  MJ Erb                        SR Ole Miss           13:43.55A
  8  Matthew Baxter                JR No Arizona         13:44.27A
  9  Jerrell Mock                  SR Colo State         13:44.65A
 10  Clayton Young                 SO BYU                13:45.25S
 11  Zach Herriott                 SR Virginia           13:45.37A
 12  Jonathan Green                JR Georgetown         13:45.73A
 13  Grant Fischer                 JR Colo State         13:46.58A
 14  Alex Short                    SR San Francisco      13:47.57A
 15  Alfred Chelanga               JR Alabama            13:48.12A
 16  Rory Linkletter               SO BYU                13:49.00A
 17  Tyler Day                     SO No Arizona         13:49.53A

Men’s DMR

Event 10  Men Distance Medley (75)
     School                                                  Seed           
  1  Ole Miss                                             9:26.55A
  2  Indiana                                              9:28.14A
  3  Stanford                                             9:28.72A
  4  Oklahoma State                                       9:28.83A
  5  Arkansas                                             9:30.04A
  6  New Mexico                                           9:30.07A
  7  Villanova                                            9:30.16A
  8  Minnesota                                            9:30.48A
  9  Oregon                                               9:30.86A
 10  Virginia Tech                                        9:31.05S
 11  UTEP                                                 9:31.13A
 12  Virginia Tech  'B'                                   9:31.15A
 13  Georgetown                                           9:31.26A