Some Interesting Statistic From The Berlin Marathon

Courtesy of Ken Nakamura
September 25, 2016

Top 10 performance average for Berlin Marathon is now 2:03:35,
nearly one minute better than the top 10 average (2:04:34) for London.
Top 5 performance average for 2016 is now 2:03:31 and
top 10 performance average for 2016 is now 2:04:18.
They are both fastest in history.
Kenenisa became 10th runner to crack 2:04 for the marathon.
Kipsang has three sub-2:04 & six sub-2:05 performances, most in history.
He also has six sub-2:06 which ties Eliud Kipchoge
Kenenisa improved ETH national record from 2:03:59 (Haile) to 2:03:03
Top 5 performance average for Kipsang is now 2:03:54, the best in history.
Kipchoge is second with 2:04:01.
Kenenisa with 2:03:03 and Kipsang with 2:03:13 are fastest and second fastest
marathon time by 34 years old, replacing 2:04:26 by Haile
Aberu Kebede now has four sub-2:21 performance, second only to Paula Radcliffe
who has five. She also has five sub-2:22 performances, which tied Radcliffe
and Catherine Ndereba.
2:03:13 by Kipsang tied the second fastest (fastest on Standard course)
second place time in history.