Abbey D’Agostino Is An Olympian – Emily Infield and Molly Huddle Will Only Race The 10,000 in Rio

July 10, 2016

EUGENE, Ore — Abbey D’Agostino is Olympian. New Balance coach Mark Coogan just walked up to our table at Agate Alley and said that Bowerman Track Club coach Jerry Schumacher had told him that Infeld won’t be racing in the 5000 at the Trials.

“Abbey’s an Olympian,” beamed Coogan.

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“I just got off the phone with Jerry and he said Emily’s not doing the 5000 so they are in [Olympic team] processing now,” said Coogan.

Mark Coogan

Mark Coogan

Infeld was in line to earn the third spot on the Olympic team as Trials champ Molly Huddle is only running the 10,000 in Rio. But Infeld’s decision to follow suit gave the final spot to the fifth placer, D’Agostino.

MB: Breaking: Abbey D’Agostino is an Olympian. Infeld won’t race the 5000 in Rio