Coming This April: Armory Announces The NYC Indoor Marathon

Press Release
February 17, 2016

NEW YORK – Armory Foundation President Dr. Norbert Sander announces the launch of the inaugural Armory NYC Indoor Marathon to be held from April 8-10, which is expected to attract thousands of participants and spectators.

The Armory 2016 NYC Indoor Marathon revives, and provides a new twist on, the original indoor marathon that sold out Madison Square Garden in 1906.  The 2016 Armory NYC Indoor Marathon will consist of 14 separate and sequential round-the-clock relay marathons, including World Record challenge races for individual Men and Women, and 12 heats of corporate-oriented team marathons.  In total, more than 2,500 runners are expected over the 3-day event.  Relay team size will vary from two people to eight people.

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“This will be a unique experience for both seasoned marathoners and weekend runners,’’ said Dr. Sander, winner of the 1974 New York City Marathon. “While the elite individual competitors may set World Records at The Armory, we designed the marathon relay rules to foster creativity, teamwork and fun.”

The Armory will open its New Balance Track & Field Center 24 hours around the clock for the three-day event. Cost for each participant is $100 and will increase to $150 after March 15.  Registration is now open at

Different divisions within the Armory NYC Indoor Marathon will create a unique race-within-a-race atmosphere. The field will comprise of relay groups representing healthcare, law, finance, media, athletic clubs, universities and others as well an “open” category for teams not able to fit into pre-arranged categories.

Money raised by the relay race will benefit the non-profit Armory Foundation The Armory Foundation is dedicated to serving youth by promoting fitness and education through a broad range of athletic, educational and community programs.