Australian Scientists Michael Ashenden And Robin Parisotto Criticize Latest IAAF Statement About Blood Doping

November 28, 2015

Below are the two statements released today by Australian scientists Michael Ashenden and Robin Parisotto (the two scientists in the original ARD report/Sunday Times article), criticizing the IAAF after its latest press release. In that release, the IAAF once again defends itself against claims made by Asheden, Parisotto, ARD and The Sunday Times saying it did all it could to combat blood doping. Ashenden and Parisotto disagree and respond in their statements below.

Michael Ashenden’s statement:

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Some choice quotes: “The irony of a disgraced federation casting aspersions is not lost on me. But their deliberately bloated document, no doubt intended to muddy the waters, cannot go unanswered. … The IAAF pleads that it could not have done more. Faced with the life threatening blood values which they knew existed among their athletes I say they should have tried to push the legal envelope. … the blood values were so extreme, over such an extended period, that they should have tried to do something, anything. The IAAF were legally timid when tehy should have been morally strong. … [Lord Coe] was particularly vocal about my criticism of the IAAF, and defended its anti-doping department while regarding Lamine Diack as his spiritual president. I say the IAAF failed their athletes. Let’s wait and see who is sitting on the right side of history.”

Statement from Robin Parisotto:

Choice quotes: “I ask the IAAF to perhaps stop shooting the messenger(s) and begin addressing the glaringly obvious problem of not only blood doping in athletics (made evident in the Wada IC first report) but also the potential effects of blood doping on the health of their constituency. As a final statement, perhaps the IAAF should take a ‘cold shower’ and refrain from taking pot-shots until the second Wada IC investigation is over.”

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