The Least Boring Press Conference Ever: Top NCAA Coaches Robert Johnson, Chris Bucknam, Mike Holloway, Pat Henry, Lance Harter Talk State of NCAA Track and Field

Robert Johnson, Arkansas’ Chris Bucknam, Florida’s Mike Holloway, Texas A&M’s Pat Henry, and Arkansas’ Lance Harter held court in an entertaining press conference. Seriously.

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June 10, 2015

Some of the top coaches in the NCAA Oregon’s Robert Johnson, Arkansas’ Chris Bucknam, Florida’s Mike Holloway, Texas A&M’s Pat Henry, and Arkansas’ Lance Harter addressed the media before the start of the 2015 NCAA Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

This is the first year the men and women will compete on separate days at NCAAs with the hope to make the meet more friendly for fans and TV. It is the second of eight straight years NCAAs will be in Eugene.

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The coaches were a bit leery of the new format, but most of them said they’d support what makes the sport more popular with fans. The coaches expressed dissatisfaction that they seem to have very little voice in decisions made about NCAA track and field or even the meet management. For example, for some unknown reason, the jump finals will be held on 2 different runways. As a result the athletes, won’t even be competing on the same runway. Very strange indeed.

The coaches didn’t agree on everything but there was great camaraderie between them and some memorable lines. Chris Bucknam said, “NCAA track is not Olympic Track” and he advocated just having a team championship for the top teams.

But the line of the afternoon went to Texas A&M’s Pat Henry who when asked what he thought about NCAAs being in Eugene said, “”I wasn’t a proponent of it being here until the end of my life” and got a big high five handshake from Florida coach Mike Holloway (NCAAS are in Eugene for 8 straight years). Henry then added, “but I was a proponent (of it being in Eugene) because if you open the door (in Eugene) people are here. There isn’t another venue that can do that right now. That is the challenge.”

Video clips below starting with Pat Henry’s: (video link fixed)

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