The Most Popular Shoe on is…. Not Made Anymore – The Nike Pegasus+ 30

March 21, 2015

Update: June 19, 2015 The LRC Better Running Shoe Site Is Here. Check it out.

We are proud to announce the most popular shoe for visitors (LRCers) in 2014 was the Nike Pegasus+ 30. There is a reason there have been 31 iterations of the Pegasus line, it is a good solid, all around running shoe priced reasonably (under $100). It makes a lot of sense LRCers  (and pros like Eliud Kipchoge) would wear the Pegasus.

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Congratulations to Nike. More LRCers who filled out running shoe survey ran in the Pegasus+ 30 than any other shoe. Cut apart the Pegasus 31 in its review

Want to go out and buy it? You can’t unless you look on ebay or get lucky on amazon as it has been discontinued by Nike and replaced with the Nike Pegasus+ 31. The Pegasus 31 is a similar shoe but has some major differences from the 30. It is lower to the ground, has a firmer ride, and more subtle changes which you can see in this crazily detailed review from Change in a running shoe can be a good thing or a bad thing for runners and likely is very specific to the type of runner. Millions of runners each year have their shoe discontinued, and have to decide do they go into the updated model of their current shoe or try something new completely.

In this case, overall on our beta shoe site LRCers gave the 31 slightly higher reviews than the 30, but what does that mean for you? Wouldn’t you like to know if fifty people switched to the Saucony Kinvara and which they liked better?

That’s why our shoe survey is back and open to the public again.  We at are trying to improve the running shoe buying/discovery process. Mainly we’re trying to do this with data and link running shoe satisfaction/reviews to types of runners. Are you 5’10’ 160lbs with a flat foot? What shoes do other people similar to you like best?

We’ve improved our running shoe survey by now specifically asking you which shoe you previously ran in  and which shoe you liked better. We want to help all of you like the Pegasus+ 30 owners who have to look for a new shoe every year.

The fact you can no longer buy the Pegasus 30+ shows everything that is wrong with the shoe industry. Help us make the process better. Fill out the shoe survey here. It takes 3+ minutes. And if you saved a profile from last time it takes even less time.

Disclosure: If you buy shoes from our partners, does get a commission.

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