Running In The Real World: How Damn Expensive The Sport Is And “You Put A Running Store Somewhere – Let Me Tell You Something – You’re Whitening It Up”

September 1, 2014

At little LRC, we said we were going to start two new series, one,  LRCers in the Real World, that shows you, the loyal LRC visitors braving the big, bad non-running world, and Running in the Real World, which shows how the public at large talks about running. We debuted LRCers in the Real World last year with our very own founder Rojo, calling into sports radio and being told, “Robert, on a stupid scale of 1 to a 100, that’s at least a 99.”

Today we unveil our first episode of Running in the Real World.

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This one also involves sports radio and our beloved 1310 The Ticket, the best sports radio station in the country. (The Ticket is a lot like the LRC message boards, but on the radio, about 60% sports talk, the rest pure unfiltered entertainment).

A few of the hosts on The Ticket are runners, and this clip involves one of the hosts, Corby Davidson, discussing an upscale running store, Luke’s Locker, going into a new development in a formerly run down area. We’ve got the whole clip for you to listen to at the bottom but want to give you a few highlights to make sure you actually end up listening.

“You put a running store somewhere – let me tell you something – you’re whitening it up”
Corby first says, “So they’re whitening it up a little bit … You put a running store somewhere – let me tell you something – you’re whitening it up,” before changing direction and talking about how damn expensive he thinks running is.

On the cost of running he says, “What should be the cheapest sport is running. A good pair of shoes, a decent pair of shorts (is all you need), but you know what a good pair of shoes now that you need to be a serious runner are probably 140 bucks.”

A co-host, Danny Balis, throws out that the New Balance 993s as the best running shoes on the market and then they start discussing running shorts, the high prices of Lululemon, and it starts going downhill fast. We don’t want to ruin it, but here are some quotes sure to entertain along the way, “It’s not like I’m crapping my pants” and “if  a ball falls out the side so be it.”

The audio is below. 7 minutes total and if you don’t get a chuckle, we’ll give you your money back (it’s free). Audio is comliments of which has tons of highlight clips from 1310 The Ticket. If you’d like to listen to the Ticket, you can download their app here. Great app for DFW sports fans as it has sports news from the Dallas Morning News as well. If you’d like to read about the crazy first 20 years of the Ticket click here.

As we said above the hosts talk about how expensive running is. At one point they hypothesize basketball is the cheapest sport to play. It got us thinking and prompted us to start this discussion on our world famous messageboard: “How Expensive is the Sport of Running?”

Feel free to chime in on what you spend on your running. It certainly can be an expensive sport. Gear isn’t cheap and then if you are running a major marathon, you can tack on a $200 entry fee, $500 for a flight, another $500 for hotel. It adds up quick.

We still think of it as one of the more accessible sports.

Got an example of running being portrayed in the real world or of an LRCer in the real world? Email us at

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