Schedule: 2014 USATF Outdoor Track and Field Championship Schedule

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June 23, 2014

Entries can be found here. The tentative schedule as provided by USATF is below. Meet website here.

TV/Live streaming info here.

Tentative schedule as of 6/13/14; All times are in Pacific Time Zone

Day One – Wednesday, June 25

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Men’s and Women’s Shot Put will  be contested at the California State Capitol

time event gndr/class round
10:00am Shot Put women qualifying
11:30am Shot Put men qualifying
4:30pm Shot Put women trials/finals
6:15pm Shot Put men trials/finals


time event gndr/class round
12:00n 100m Hurdles jr. women heptathlon
12:20pm 100m jr. men decathlon
1:00pm High Jump jr. women heptathlon
1:15pm Long Jump jr. men decathlon
2:45pm Shot Put jr. men decathlon
4:00pm High Jump jr. men decathlon
4:00pm Shot Put jr. women heptathlon
5:15pm 200m jr. women heptathlon
6:30pm 400m jr. men decathlon

Day Two – Thursday, June 26

time event gndr/class round
10:00am 110m Hurdles jr. men decathlon
10:30am 100m men decathlon
10:30am Long Jump jr. women heptathlon
11:00am Discus Throw jr. men decathlon
11:30am Long Jump men decathlon
12:10pm Javelin Throw jr. women heptathlon
1:00pm Pole Vault jr. men decathlon
1:00pm Shot Put men decathlon
2:00pm 800m jr. women heptathlon
2:30pm High Jump men decathlon
3:00pm Hammer Throw men final
3:00pm Javelin Throw “a” jr. men decathlon
3:55pm Javelin Throw “b” jr. men decathlon
4:15pm 800m women 1st round
4:40pm 800m men 1st round
5:10pm 1500m jr. men decathlon
5:20pm 400m men decathlon
5:35pm Triple Jump women final
5:40pm 400m women 1st round
6:00pm Javelin Throw women final
6:05pm 400m men 1st round
6:30pm 1500m men 1st round
7:00pm 100m women 1st round
7:25pm 100m men 1st round
7:50pm 3000m St women 1st round
8:20pm 10,000m women final
9:00pm 10,000m men final
9:30pm end of day 2

Day Three – Friday, June 27

time event gndr/class round
11:45am 110m Hurdles men decathlon
12:15pm 100m Hurdles women heptathlon
1:00pm Discus Throw men decathlon
1:15pm High Jump women heptathlon
3:00pm Pole Vault men decathlon
3:15pm Discus Throw men final
3:30pm Shot Put women heptathlon
4:00pm 400m Hurdles women 1st round
4:30pm 400m Hurdles men 1st round
5:00pm Javelin Throw “a” men decathlon
5:05pm 200m women heptathlon
5:25pm 100m Hurdles women 1st round
5:50pm Pole Vault women final
5:51pm 100m women semi’s
6:00pm Javelin Throw “b” men decathlon
6:07pm 100m men semi’s
6:10pm Triple Jump men final
6:22pm 3000m St men 1st round
6:52pm 1500m men decathlon
7:03pm 1500m women 1st round
7:35pm 400m women semi’s
7:52pm 400m men semi’s
8:09pm 800m women semi’s
8:26pm 800m men semi’s
8:43pm 100m women final
8:52pm 100m men final
9:05pm 5000m women final
9:25pm 5000m men final
9:40pm End of day 3

Day Four – Saturday, June 28

time event gndr/class round
7:00am 20k RW women final
10:30am Long Jump women heptathlon
10:45am Masters 400mH men section
10:53am Masters 100m women section
11:00am Hammer Throw women final
11:00am 100m Hurdles women semi’s
11:20am 200m men 1st round
11:40pm Javelin Throw women heptathlon
11:45am High Jump men final
11:50am 110m Hurdles men 1st round
12:15pm Long Jump women final
12:20pm 200m women 1st round
12:45pm Ceremony cer cer
1:05pm 400m women final
1:13pm 400m Hurdles women semi’s
1:29pm 400m Hurdles men semi’s
1:56pm 3000m St women final
2:14pm 1500m men final
2:25pm 800m women heptathlon
2:42pm 400m men final
2:52pm 100m Hurdles women final
3:00pm End of day 4

Day Five – Sunday, June 29

time event gndr/class round
7:00am 20k RW men final
11:30am Pole Vault men final
11:30am 200m men semi’s
11:45am Discus Throw women final
11:50am 200m women semi’s
12:00pm Javelin men final
12:05pm High Jump women final
12:10pm Exhibition/LOC men exh.
12:15pm Long Jump men final
12:15pm Exhibition/LOC women exh.
12:25pm 110m Hurdles men semi’s
12:40pm Ceremony cer cer
1:05pm 400m Hurdles women final
1:30pm 800m women final
1:40pm 800m men final
1:52pm 3000m St men final
2:09pm 200m men final
2:19pm 400m Hurdles men final
2:29pm 200m women final
2:39pm 1500m women final
2:52pm 110m Hurdles men final
3:00pm End of day 5/meet



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