Led by Gladys Cherono’s Gold, Kenya Women Dominate 2014 IAAF World Half Marathon By Going 1 Through Five – Americans Bersagel and Kleppin Both in Top 15

by LetsRun.com
March 29, 2014

The Kenyan women put on a show today at the 2014 IAAF World Half Marathon  in Copenhagen as led by Gladys Cherono‘s gold they went one through five. The 30-year old Cherono, who won silver in the women’s 10,000 at the Moscow World Championships last summer, won gold in 67:28 as she turned the tables on Mercy Wacera (silver in 67:43) who had edged her for the title at the World’s Best 10k last month (32:06 to 32:09).

“I’m happy because of what I have achieved today,” said Cherono after the race.  “I was not expecting it.”

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The American women had a good day and finished fifth – just 1:15 away from bronze. Based on personal bests, the US’s top seed was just 35th but USA put two in the top 15 and made a run for a medal in the team competition. The Americans were led by Annie Bersagel and Lauren Kleppin who both prd to finished 13th and 14th. The 30-year Bersagel, who is a 2:30 marathoner, knocked more than 3 minutes off her half marathon pb of 73:16 nearly 2 minutes off her previous pb of 72:01 from last fall, by running 70:09. Kleppin, who surprisingly ran 2:28 in LA earlier this month, knocked nearly two minutes off her 72:12 pb running 70:15 today.

“I kind of stopped looking at my watch, I just felt good,” said Bersagel to David Monti after the race. “I saw Lauren went out pretty early and I just thought, I can run with her, so let’s just try this.”


With Bersagel and Kleppin totaling 2:20:34 (the team score is time of top three runners), the US was ahead of Japan in the battle for the team bronze after two runners (Japan had 2:20:46), but Japan got bronze as their top three were 15th, 17th and 19th. The final scorer for the US women, Clara Santucci, was 34th in a 72:21, an improvement over her previous pb of 72:41. Japan’s cumulative time was 3:31:33 to the US’s 3:32:48.

Full individual results appear below. Team results will eventually show up here.

The Messageboard discussion of this race is here: Official 2014 IAAF World Half Marathon Discussion Thread.

QT: Perfection by the Kenyan Women. Very, Very Impressive.

QT #2: Nice run by the American women.

QT #3: Stats by Ken Nakamura:For the first time in history of World Half Marathon Championships a nation (KEN) swept the medals in the women’s race.  67:28 is the fifth fastest time in World Half Marathon Championships.

Best ever marks for place for 7th, 8th, & 9th in the World Half Marathon were set in the women’s race
Gladys Cherono became the fifth World Championships track medalist to win World Half Marathon. She became the seventh woman to medal in both events.
For the seventh straight editions of World Half Marathon Championships either KEN or ETH won team gold while other won the silver.
For the eighth straight edition of World Half Marahton Championships, JPN won team bronze

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*Men: LRC Geoffrey Kipsang and Tiny Eritrea Have Days To Remember at 2014 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships

1 Gladys Cherono KENYA KEN 1:07:28 SB
2 Mary Wacera Ngugi KENYA KEN 1:07:43 PB
3 Selly Chepyego Kaptich KENYA KEN 1:07:51 PB
4 Lucy Wangui Kabuu KENYA KEN 1:08:36 SB
5 Mercy Jerotich Kibarus KENYA KEN 1:08:41 SB
6 Netsanet Gudeta ETHIOPIA ETH 1:08:45 PB
7 Christelle Daunay FRANCE FRA 1:08:47 SB
8 Valeria Straneo ITALY ITA 1:08:54 SB
9 Tsehay Desalegn ETHIOPIA ETH 1:09:03 PB
10 Genet Yalew ETHIOPIA ETH 1:09:14 PB
11 Krisztina Papp HUNGARY HUN 1:10:07
12 Mame Feyisa ETHIOPIA ETH 1:10:07 PB
13 Annie Bersagel UNITED STATES USA 1:10:09 PB
14 Lauren Kleppin UNITED STATES USA 1:10:15 PB
15 Sayo Nomura JAPAN JPN 1:10:17 SB
16 Hirut Alemayehu ETHIOPIA ETH 1:10:24 PB
17 Risa Takenaka JAPAN JPN 1:10:29
18 Alyson Dixon GREAT BRITAIN & N.I. GBR 1:10:37 PB
19 Reia Iwade JAPAN JPN 1:10:44 SB
20 Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal NORWAY NOR 1:10:52 SB
21 Alessandra Aguilar SPAIN ESP 1:10:55 PB
22 Veronica Inglese ITALY ITA 1:10:56 PB
23 Lisa Christina Stublic CROATIA CRO 1:11:08
24 Chieko Kido JAPAN JPN 1:11:16
25 Souad Aït Salem ALGERIA ALG 1:11:22
26 Gladys Tejeda PERU PER 1:11:23 NR
27 René Kalmer SOUTH AFRICA RSA 1:11:52 SB
28 Chaofeng Jia PR OF CHINA CHN 1:11:58
29 Nadia Ejjafini ITALY ITA 1:12:04 SB
30 Alexandra Louison FRANCE FRA 1:12:05 PB
31 Letekidan Gebreaman ERITREA ERI 1:12:12 PB
32 Isabellah Andersson SWEDEN SWE 1:12:15 SB
33 Yinli He PR OF CHINA CHN 1:12:17
34 Clara Santucci UNITED STATES USA 1:12:21 PB
35 Barkahoum Drici ALGERIA ALG 1:12:33
36 Mattie Suver UNITED STATES USA 1:12:41 SB
37 Luula Berhane ERITREA ERI 1:12:44 PB
38 Fatna Maraoui ITALY ITA 1:12:49 SB
39 Jessica Draskau-Petersson DENMARK DEN 1:12:51 PB
40 Susan Partridge GREAT BRITAIN & N.I. GBR 1:13:15
41 Verónica Pérez SPAIN ESP 1:13:25 PB
42 Yingying Zhang PR OF CHINA CHN 1:13:25
43 Linet Chebet UGANDA UGA 1:13:27 PB
44 Wendy Thomas UNITED STATES USA 1:14:06
45 Leila Luik ESTONIA EST 1:14:17 SB
46 Liina Luik ESTONIA EST 1:14:17 PB
47 Jenna Leigh Challenor SOUTH AFRICA RSA 1:14:19 PB
48 Rina Yamazaki JAPAN JPN 1:14:19
49 Veronika Brennhovd Blom NORWAY NOR 1:14:21 PB
50 Meixia Zhang PR OF CHINA CHN 1:14:23
51 Lena Eliasson SWEDEN SWE 1:14:27 PB
52 Lavinia Haitope NAMIBIA NAM 1:14:41 PB
53 Katarina Bérešová SLOVAK REPUBLIC SVK 1:15:02 SB
54 Soumaya Boussaïd TUNISIA TUN 1:15:11 NR
55 Corinne Herbreteau FRANCE FRA 1:15:26
56 Chao Yue PR OF CHINA CHN 1:15:52
57 Rocío Cántara PERU PER 1:15:53 PB
58 Elvan Abeylegesse TURKEY TUR 1:15:57 SB
59 Louise Langelund Batting DENMARK DEN 1:16:17 PB
60 Nicolasa Condori PERU PER 1:16:34 SB
61 Luminita Georgiana Achim ROMANIA ROU 1:16:44 PB
62 Bahar Dogan TURKEY TUR 1:16:59
63 Nebiat Habtemariam ERITREA ERI 1:16:59 SB
64 Volha Krautsova BELARUS BLR 1:17:04 SB
65 Anne Holm Baumeister DENMARK DEN 1:17:05 SB
66 Cornelia Joubert SOUTH AFRICA RSA 1:17:09 SB
67 Simone Christensen Glad DENMARK DEN 1:17:10 PB
68 Marthe Katrine Myhre NORWAY NOR 1:17:27
69 Aline Camboulives FRANCE FRA 1:17:45 SB
70 Liliana Maria Danci ROMANIA ROU 1:18:02 SB
71 Tonya Nero TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO TTO 1:18:25 SB
72 Annemette Aagaard DENMARK DEN 1:18:47 SB
73 Nilay Esen TURKEY TUR 1:19:07
74 Claudia Paula Todoran ROMANIA ROU 1:19:09
75 Gabriela Traña COSTA RICA CRC 1:19:24 SB
76 Arndi Háfdórsdóttir ICELAND ISL 1:20:01 PB
77 Kit Ching Yiu HONG KONG, CHINA HKG 1:20:27 PB
78 Kateryna Karmanenko UKRAINE UKR 1:20:52 SB
79 Elena Moaga ROMANIA ROU 1:22:44 SB
80 Giselle Camilleri MALTA MLT 1:23:40
81 Irina Moroz UZBEKISTAN UZB 1:23:45 PB
82 Martha Ernstsdóttir ICELAND ISL 1:24:23 SB
83 Sandrine Kengue GABON GAB 1:24:36 SB
84 Helen Olafsdóttir ICELAND ISL 1:24:40 SB
85 Carlie Pipe BARBADOS BAR 1:32:57 NR
86 Kathrin Gassner LIECHTENSTEIN LIE 1:36:12 PB
87 Pou I Chan MACAO MAC 1:36:34 PB
88 Shamha Ahmed MALDIVES MDV 1:42:03 NR


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