Flash 2014 NCAA Men’s Indoor Mile Interviews: Anthony Rotich, Lawi Lalang, Mac Fleet & Rich Peters

by: LetsRun.com
March 15, 2014

We’ve got our full mile recap at this link and also have some interviews below. (We might try to transcribe some of these later, but for now here are the vidoes.)

Afterwards, Lawi Lalang spoke to us before deciding not to start the 3,000m. He said coming in it was his plan to push the pace from the start. He thought this was the best strategy for him, and good practice for big international races where he’ll face the fastest runners in the world. He said, “I want to learn because when you go to European races and all those things it’s going to be fast races. So teaching my body to adapt to fast races is something that’s good for me because I know when you go to European races it’s going to be a pacesetter setting, the race and if you cannot hold on to that, it’s going to be a problem. So it’s a lesson for me to learn.”

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Lawi also said he wasn’t sure if he’d do the 3K (he didn’t do it) and was going to talk to his coach as he didn’t want to “kill himself” indoors when there was still a lot of racing to be done outdoors. Interview below.

Anthony Rotich (1st)

Mac Fleet (3rd)

Rich Peters

Will Geoghegan (5th)