What’s Your 2013 Running Photo Of The Year?

by: LetsRun.com
January 21, 2014

As 2014 is now in full force, were clearing out some old folders and files and we saw this photo of LRC’s Rojo, Wejo and Yohan Blake from the adidas-sponsored media race at the World Championships in Moscow.

The photo never made it up on LetsRun.com, but it’s a good one with Rojo, Wejo (apparently he doesn’t know where to find a barber shop anymore) and Blake performing The Beast.

Rojo, Yohan Blake, and Wejo

Rojo, Yohan Blake And Wejo

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It got us thinking. What’s your 2013 Running Photo of the Year?

We believe that you, the amazing LetsRun.com visitors (all 11.1 million of you in 2013. We averaged a million unique visitors a month for the first time ever – thank you very much), took some amazing photos in 2013 and we want to see them. And we imagine the LRC faithful want to see them as well. So submit your entry(ies) in the form below or tweet your entries to our unofficial twitter account @letsrundotcom with #lrcphoto13. The best photo as judged by us will win a cool $100.

Note: The photo can be of you, but doesn’t have to be of you. It doesn’t have to be of someone famous.  You’ve got to own the rights to use the photo to enter. By entering, you acknowledge you own the rights to the photo and you are giving us the right to use the photo in whatever shape or fashion we so please.

We hope to make this a more regular part of LetsRun.com so start thinking about “Best Winter 2014” or “Coldest Running 2014″ as something along those lines will be our next contest. And since we’re 21 days into LRC we’ll let you submit any photos you’ve taken this year as well.

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We will post the best photos on LetsRun.com.

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