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Every Song on The Album “Run, Run, Run”  Is About Running

December 11, 2013

There are lot of songs that runners can relate to but few if any actually about running…until NOW!

Former Foot Locker finalist and Wisconsin Badger Ryan Craven has just released an album where each and every song is actually about running. As Craven explained to us:

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I realized running fans don’t really have many songs that capture that which is so near and dear to them. Runners can identify with lyrics in Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty” or Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream” or Springsteen’s “Born to Run”, but at the end of the day those songs really have nothing to do with the physical act of running. Feeling hopelessly nostalgic about my whole running experience, I got to work crafting songs and scribbling lyrics. I ultimately decided to combine my two biggest passions in life; running and music.

Craven has come through with songs like ““, “” and “.”

Run, Run, Run” Music Video Below

Check out and listen to the whole seven song album on the left. Like what you hear? You can purchase it now. The price? Whatever you want to pay. Yes that’s right, you just hit “download”and then input the price and they send you the whole album for that price. Are you a cheap college student with only $5 to spend? Well you can be a cheapskate. Are you feeling generous and want to pay a more reasonable $10? It’s up to you. Yes, if you have zero to spend, you can even actually do that.

Christmas is only two weeks away. So if you are looking for a neat gift for a running friend, this seems ideal. Plus you’ll be supporting a fellow runner.

As a Merry XMAS gift to you, we’re going to give you the listener exclusively a copy of the bonus track “Run Before You Walk” for free. Just email us and we’ll send it to you via email for free. That song is appropriate as it’s about seizing the day and running fast before you get old. Carpe Diem before you find yourself to be over 40 as was the case for some on the LRC staff in 2013.

Note: is receiving zero for promoting this. We just wanted to help Ryan out and give you guys a free song for xmas. (Editor’s note: We are receiving zero but Ryan we want a cut if this thing goes viral).

If you like the songs on the left, consider Purchasing the Album by hitting “download.” If you want to get a text copy of all the lyrics, you need to go to Ryan Craven’s Band Camp page.

Like what you hear and want to contact Ryan? Email him.