Results, Start Lists, Television and Streaming Information for 2013 Belgacom Memorial Van Damme

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September 6, 2013

The IAAF Diamond League (DL) track and field series came to an end on Friday with the 2013 Belgacom Memorial Van Damme meet in Brussels.

Individual event results can be found below as well as the DL standings.

17:50 100m Girls F Results
17:56 High jump Boys M Results
17:58 100m Boys M Results
18:08 400m Girls F Results
18:14 1.000m Boys M Results
18:15 Triple Jump Women F Results Standings
18:20 Discus Throw Women F Results Standings
18:21 1000m Girls F Results
18:30 Shot put Men M Results Standings
18:34 4 x 100m Boys M Results
18:43 4 x 100m Girls F Results
18:53 100m T11 M Results
19:14 100m of your life Women F Results
19:21 100m of your life Men M Results
19:30 Pole Vault Men M Results Standings
19:31 1000m Women F Results
19:40 High Jump Women F Results Standings
19:42 800m B Men M Results
19:53 200m T43/T44 Women F Results
20:04 400m Hurdles Men M Results Standings
20:13 100m Women F Results Standings
20:20 200m Men M Results Standings
20:26 3000m Steeple Women F Results Standings
20:28 Triple Jump Men M Results Standings
20:30 Javelin Throw Men M Results Standings
20:45 100m Men M Results
20:55 400m Women F Results Standings
21:03 800m Men M Results Standings
21:15 100m Hurdles Women F Results Standings
21:21 1500m Women F Results Standings
21:30 5000m Men M Results Standings
21:50 400m Men M Results

The 1:59:40 GOAT shirts are here
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