Reese Hoffa All But Gives the 2013 Shot Put Gold Medal to Ryan Whiting

August 15, 2013

The men’s shot put qualifying was on Thursday morning at the World Track and Field Championships in Moscow. Things went largely according to plan.

World leader Ryan Whiting led the qualifying throwing 21.51 on his first attempt. Whiting had the top 4 throws in the World coming in and now has 6 of the top 10 throws in the World, including the top 4.

Reese Hoffa has three of the top ten throws in the world this year. However, in the mixed zone after qualifying, Reese said something almost never heard at this level, that he’s competing for second place.

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Reese praised Whiting profusely and then when asked if he was giving the gold to Whiting said,  “We’ve (Christian Cantwell, Adam Nelson, John Godina) all put together seasons like this. Your’e going against a guy that can throw 22 meters walking into the ring.”

Reese then said, “I’m just going to do the best I can and hopefully beat the other guys (for silver).”

Reese didn’t sound like an athlete trying to play up the chances of his rival to psyche him out. He said being on a roll in the shot put is a rhythm thing and when an athlete is on the roll, they are hard to stop.

Reese said when he personally got on a roll in 2007 and won the World Championship, “Every time I touched the ball it just jumped out of my hands.” (Reese did lose 3 times in 2007).

As for the final Reese said, “You’ve got to respect the talent (of Whiting). I don’t want to go (say), ‘I’m going to win (the final), I’ve got a chance.’ I don’t want to lie…. He’s probably going to win.”

Reese said for Whiting not to win, “He’d have to foul out or it would have to rain… an external issue (is all that can prevent him from winning).”

For the record, Reese did beat Whiting in Birmingham on June 30th where Whiting only threw 20.89, his worse competition of the year. Whiting turned the tables on Hoffa in Lausanne winning 21.88 to 21.58.

The shot put final is definitely Whiting’s to lose.

Reese Tries to Give the Gold to Ryan Whiting

Brigetta Barrett and Reese Hoffa Entertain: “I thought you were going to slap my butt. I was like ‘girl I didn’t think we knew each other like that.'”
Prior to talking about Whiting, Reese hammed it up big time in the mixed zone with high jumper Brigetta Barrett.

The exchange was quite entertaining. We’ll just say it started with Reese saying to Brigetta, “I thought you were going to slap my butt. I was like ‘girl I didn’t think we knew each other like that.'”

*High Jump Qualifying Results

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