Preview Of Women’s Steeplechase At 2013 USA Outdoor Track And Field Championships

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With Defending Champ Emma Coburn Out, Moscow Spots Are There For The Taking

June 20, 2013

With last year’s champion Emma Coburn a scratch with a back injury and with her fellow Olympian and Colorado teammate Shalaya Kipp struggling this year (Kipp hasn’t broken 9:50 yet), there is a golden opportunity for a couple of women to earn a free trip to Moscow in the women’s steeplechase at the 2013 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Take a look at the top times for Americans in 2013:

America’s Sub-9:50 Steeplers For 2013

1    9:28.26                Emma Coburn   
2    9:29.13                Jamie Cheever  
3    9:35.42                Bridget Franek
4    9:38.23                Colleen Quigley 
5    9:39.36                Nicole Bush    
6    9:43.39                Amber Henry   
7    9:45.78                Stephanie Garcia 
8    9:45.83                Ashley Higginson 
9    9:46.73                Alexi Pappas    
10   9:47.58                Sara Vaughn   
11   9:48.32                Lindsey Anderson

Who is the favorite? Jamie Cheever had a HUGE breakthrough in April when she ran 9:29 (previous PR 9:51) and pushed Coburn at Stanford. However, she’s not the favorite as since then she’s battled injury and disappointing family news that left her wondering if she’d even make the final a few weeks ago. She’s a great story but it’s hard to have confidence in someone who had run 9:51 coming into the year and hasn’t steepled since April.

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Bridget Franek (Center) Is The Favorite

Since we are discounting Cheever, our favorite is Bridget Franek. The 2012 Olympian has the next best time and has the best PR of anyone in the field (9:29). She’ll be going to Moscow.

Who else will be joining her? We hope Nicole Bush. Bush, who famously broke her leg at the 2009 USAs when the officials put the barrier at the wrong height, is back in good form. She only ran 9:53 at Stanford but improved to 9:39 in May in Puerto Rico.

9:35 got third last year and 9:38 was fourth but we imagine in super-hot Des Moines that 9:39 will be good enough to make the team. So the fact she ran 9:39 in the heat of Puerto Rico is a great sign.  She deserves it and we hope she makes it.

Who Gets Third? Lots Of Choices.

We know the male track and field fans are upset that NCAA runner-up and model Colleen Quigley of Florida State scratched as she might be the leading candidate for third. With NCAA champ Coburn and Quigley both out, the top collegian in the race is NCAA third-placer Amber Henry of Weber St. We imagine when she was finishing more than 22 seconds behind Cheever and Coburn at Stanford that she wasn’t thinking she might be going to Moscow, but she very well could end up on the team.

If you are going by who is “deserving,” then the third-placer has to be former Princeton runner Ashley Higginson. Higginson was fourth at the Trials last year and we always like to see people bounce back from that agony. She hasn’t been running particularly well so far this year, but now that her first year of law school is over, it’s reasonable to think her form will improve.

The wild card choice for third would be to take Sara Vaughn. The 4:08 1,500 runner has done well in her first year of trying the steeple (10:07 in April, 9:47 in May) at age 27. 2008 Olympian Lindsey Anderson has run 9:30 in the past; Jordan Hasay‘s training partner Alexi Pappas barely broke 10:00 in her last steeple; Stephanie Garcia made the team in 2011 and has improved in all three of her steeples so far this year (10:04, 9:50, 9:45).

A few quick takes, heat sheets and a list of entrants appear below.

Quick Take #1: Mommy Power/Move Over Alan Webb And Brent Vaughn.

Neither the American record holder in the mile or 2011 US Cross-Country champion have qualified for this year’s meet but both of their wives, Julia Webb and Sara Vaughn (both of whom are mothers), are in the women’s steeple.

QT #2: We guess we’d probably pick Vaughn for third if you made us make a pick.

Event 20  Women 3,000 Meter Steeplechase Heat Sheets
14 Advance:  Top 4 Each Heat plus Next 6 Best Times
       World:  8:58.81  8/17/2008   Gulnara Samitova, RUS                      
    American:  9:12.50  8/17/2009   Jenny Barringer, Colorado                  
     Name                        Year Team                                  
Heat 1  Prelims
  1  Collier Lawrence                 Oiselle                     
  2  Sara Vaughn                      Unattached                  
  3  Alicia Nelson                    Adams State                 
  4  Ashley Higginson                 Saucony                     
  5  Sarah Pease                      adidas TmGreen              
  6  Kimber Mattox                    Bowerman AC                 
  7  Mary Ballinger                   ZAP Fitness                 
  8  Bridget Franek                   Nike / Oregon TC            
  9  Sara Hall                        Asics                       
 10  Grace Heymsfield                 Arkansas                    
 11  Amber Henry                      Weber State                 
 12  Ann Detmer                       Unattached                  
 13  Katie Fry                        Cal Davis                   
 14  Alexi Pappas                     Unattached                  
Heat 2  Prelims
  1  Carrie Dimoff                    Bowerman AC                 
  2  Mary Goldkamp                    adidas TmGreen              
  3  Jamie Cheever                    Brooks / TmUSAMn            
  4  Alexa Aragon                     Notre Dame                  
  5  Leslie Boozer                    Unattached                  
  6  Joanna Murphy                    New Balance                 
  7  Rachel Sorna                     Cornhusker Flyer            
  8  Aisha Praught                    Nike                        
  9  Stephanie Garcia                 New Balance                 
 10  Nicole Bush                      Unattached                  
 11  Shalaya Kipp                     Colorado                    
 12  Julia Webb                       Bowerman AC

Entrants For 2013 US Women’s Steeplechase

3,000m Steeplechase – Women
Name Affiliation Mark Status Declaration
Jamie Cheever Brooks / Team USA Minnesota 9:29.13 qualified declared
Bridget Franek Nike / Oregon TC Elite 9:29.53 qualified declared
Ashley Higginson Saucony 9:34.49 qualified declared
Shalaya Kipp University of Colorado 9:35.73 qualified declared
Nicole Bush 9:39.36 qualified declared
Amber Henry Weber State University 9:43.39 qualified declared
Sara Hall Asics 9:44.53 qualified declared
Carrie Dimoff Bowerman Athletic Club 9:45.01 qualified declared
Stephanie Garcia New Balance 9:45.78 qualified declared
Alexi Pappas 9:46.73 qualified declared
Sara Vaughn 9:47.58 qualified declared
Aisha Praught Nike 9:50.06 qualified declared
Rachel Sorna Cornell University 9:50.39 qualified declared
Mary Ballinger ZAP Fitness Reebok 9:51.33 qualified declared
Sarah Pease Adidas/TeamRogue 9:52.43 qualified declared
Julia Webb Bowerman Athletic Club 9:55.36 qualified declared
Alexa Aragon University of Notre Dame 9:56.21 qualified declared
Kimber Mattox Bowerman Athletic Club 9:57.12 qualified declared
Grace Heymsfield University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 9:57.18 qualified declared
Nicol Traynor 9:57.62 qualified declared
Mary Goldkamp Adidas/TeamRogue 9:57.66 qualified declared
Katie Fry University of California, Davis 9:58.97 qualified declared
Collier Lawrence Oiselle 10:00.35 accepted declared
Joanna Murphy New Balance Boston 10:01.00 accepted declared
Leslie Boozer 10:02.02 accepted declared
Ann Detmer 10:03.48 accepted declared
Alicia Nelson Adams State College 10:03.70 accepted declared
Juliane Masciana Adidas/TeamRogue 10:05.21 provisional not accepted
Jordan Hamric West Virginia University 10:06.47 provisional not accepted
Genna Hartung Cornell University 10:06.74 provisional not accepted
Natalie Bower The Pennsylvania State University 10:07.86 provisional not accepted
Caroline Austin Washington State University 10:08.49 provisional not accepted
Liberty Miller University of Washington 10:08.77 provisional not accepted
Megan Patrignelli University of Oregon 10:09.83 provisional not accepted
Emma Coburn New Balance 9:23.54 qualified scratched
Colleen Quigley Florida State University 9:38.23 qualified scratched
Marisa Vander Malle 10:01.12 provisional scratched
Bethany Nickless Nike Team Run LA 10:06.23 provisional scratched
Marie Lawrence 10:07.78 provisional scratched
KaraLyn DeWalt Bay Area Track Club (BATC) 10:03.72 provisional
Megan Rolland 10:12.94 provisional
Laura Cummings 10:10.94 not qualified
Jacqueline Huben 10:50.87 not qualified


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