Alan Webb Talks After 2013 Pre Classic, He Will Not Be Running USAs

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June 1, 2013

Second to last in the international 1500m on Friday night at the Pre Classic was American record holder in the mile Alan Webb.

We talked to Webb post-race, and included Webb’s comments in our post-race analysis article, but we’re reposting them here because LRC is all things Alan Webb.

Full video with Webb at the bottom.

Post-Race Thought #2: As stunning as Webb’s race was, we were probably more stunned post-race when we encountered an upbeat Alan Webb in the post-race interview era.

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The famously impatient Webb was full of smiles after the race and finally seems to have found perspective and patience. Our full interview with him is embedded above but a few highlights.

“I had something left but I kind of lost my momentum (on the backstretch on the last lap) and tried to pick it back up. I felt like I actually, effort wise, that I closed decently well. But that’s kind of the way the 1500 goes. You make a mistake like that and it costs you a couple of seconds.

For me right now, I was thinking I could run right around 3:42ish, and I think If I hadn’t made that mistake, I could have been pretty close to that – and that (goal) was like on a perfect day –  I thought I was right around 4 flat for the mile.

So that being said, it wasn’t incredibly horrible. I’ve been focused more on strength stuff. I’ve done nothing more than 300 meters at that pace. Once I got beyond 300 meters, I was hurting.

Hopefully it will help me in some of the 5s I’m going to run later in the summer.

I haven’t raced that much. I’ve just got to keep putting myself in there and I feel like eventually it will stick. With training, it took me a while to get into a groove with the group and eventually that stuck. So I’ve just got to keep trying, keep trying, keep training.

But compared to a year ago, I’m at least healthy in training.

That’s the biggest positive for me. I know with the races things can change quickly so I’m positive.

When asked if Webb enjoyed the warm applause he got from the Hayward field, Webb said he did but in a way where he was full of self-deprecating humor.

“I haven’t been tearing it up exactly – I realize that –  but it’s not for a lack of effort. I’m trying and hopefully they appreciate that. It does feel good (to get recognized by the crowd). It’s a special place,” said Webb.

When asked about what’s next, Webb again was full of some good humor.

“For now, I’m hoping to run another 5(k) in July. (As for) USAs, I haven’t qualified yet so that’s not in the plans at this point,” said Webb laughing. “Maybe I’ll go commentate or something. My wife has a better chance of getting into the meet than I do.”

“The biggest thing that has helped me is just being with the group and being able to not think so much and kind of just follow along. I know if I just follow along I’m going to be pretty good. I’m only a couple seconds back – when it comes down to it. If I’m in the ball park and I keep plugging away, then eventually I won’t get dropped. On some runs, you get dropped but eventually you can maintain and then eventually you can kick with everybody. I’m just going through some of those growing pains.”

We then proceeded to ask Webb about an idea that was given to us by’s goodfriend, Chris Lear, who wrote the book Sub-4 about Webb’s freshman year at Michigan.  Has Webb, who was a good swimmer before starting to run, ever thought about picking up the triathlon?

Webb said he has, and as recently as January when he was hurt and not running, but said he’s happy with his current situation with Jerry Schumacher’s training group.

“I really want to give this (group a chance). I still got some time left in me. Once again, training with this group is so much fun. I can see myself doing it for a long time because I’m enjoying myself that much and these guys have helped me progress a ton. It’s been a pleasure and I’m (going to) keep on rocking it.”

It appears Webb, who only ran one year at Michigan, has found a team like environment and running on a team is way more enjoyable than running alone.

Full video with Webb:

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Alan Webb struggling at the 2013 USATF Oxy High Performance Meet
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