Usain Bolt Opens 2013 Season With A Less Than Impressive 10.09

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Seemingly beaten at 90 meters by his training partner, Bolt is given victory in photo finish after his training partner appeared to let up at the line

May 8, 2013

*Update May 9, 2013: Full race video and picture of photo finish have been released.

On Saturday, American record holder Tyson Gay ran his 100 meter season opener and laid down a world leading 9.86 on Usain Bolt‘s home turf in Jamaica. Bolt, who opened up himself last year in 9.82 in Jamaica, failed to come close to matching Gay tonight at the 2013 Cayman Invitational.

Shockingly, Usain Bolt failed to break 10.00 as he ran 10.09 (slight .3 m/s tailwind). Even more shocking was the fact that it appeared as if Bolt was going to lose the race to his 21-year old training partner Kemar Bailey Cole who has a pb of just 9.97 (Bolt’s WR is 9.58).

Usain Bolt (in green on right) is clearly behind just meters from the finish

Usain Bolt (in green on right) is clearly behind just meters from the finish

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You can see in the screen grab on the left that Bolt was way behind just meters before the finish line. It appeared to many that Kemar Bailey Cole let up before the finish which allowed Bolt to catch up. In the end, it was a photo finish and Bolt was given the victory by .006 over Cole although both were given the identical time of 10.09.

Quick Take #1: Since becoming a 100 meter man in 2008, Bolt has opened up at 100m in the following times (moving backwards 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009): 9.82, 9.91, 9.86, and 9.93.

So by those standards, today’s run was very poor. That being said, despite the fast opening times in the past, twice in the past Bolt has run over 10.00 later in the year in a one-off race like the Cayman Invitational. Last year in Ostrava, he ran 10.04 at the end of May. In 2009, he ran 10.00 in Toronto. And both years, he ended up doing just fine. But other than those two races, Bolt has never run over 10.00 in a race since his 10.03 2008 season opener except for heats when he has often run over 10.00.

It also should be pointed out that in 2008, before Bolt was officially a 100 meter man, Bolt opened up in 10.03 and went on to run 9.69 in Beijing.

QT #2: Bolt and his fans can’t use the excuse that the conditions for some reason caused him to run slow. We say that because the second and third place finishers tonight also raced against Tyson Gay on Saturday and they both ran faster tonight than they did when the faced Gay.

In Jamaica, Kemar Bailey Cole ran 10.16. Tonight, he ran 10.09.

3rd placer Daniel Bailey ran 10.25 against Gay and tonight he ran 10.23.

Gay has a .2 m/s tailwind. Tonight’s tail wind was .3 m/s.

Men’s and women’s 100 meters results below. May 9 Update: We’ve also added in the photo finish and full race replay:

*Full 2013 Cayman International Invitational Results Here.

More: MB: Bolt 10.09 at Cayman Invitational *Full race video and picture of photo finish have been released.

Jamaica National Championship Meet 
       CAYMAN INTERNATIONAL INVITATIONAL MEET - 5/8/2013 to 5/9/2013        
                             GEORGETOWN, CAYMAN                             

Event 9  Men 100 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind       
  1 Bolt, Usain                  Jamaica                  10.09   0.3 10.083
  2 Bailey Cole, Kemar           Jamaica                  10.09   0.3 10.089
  3 Bailey, Daniel               Antigua                  10.23   0.3       
  4 Jelks, Mark                  United States OF         10.28   0.3       
  5 Kwow Richards, Dontae        Canada                   10.29   0.3       
  6 Hayman, Kemar                Cayman Islands           10.33   0.3       
  7 Roach, Kimmari               Jamaica                  10.36   0.3       
  8 Bailey, Oshane               Jamaica                  10.54   0.3

2013 Cayman Invitational Men's 100m Photo Finish

2013 Cayman Invitational Men’s 100m Photo Finish

Is Bolt the winner?

Is Bolt the winner?

Women’s 100: Carmelita Jeters Wins in World Leading 10.95

Event 8  Women 100 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind
  1 Jeter, Carmelita             United States OF         10.95   0.4
  2 Pierre, Barbara              United States OF         11.02   0.4
  3 Stewart, Kerron              Jamaica                  11.10   0.4
  4 Calvert, Schillonie          Jamaica                  11.29   0.4
  5 Brooks, Sheri Ann            Jamaica                  11.32   0.4
  6 Asumnu, Gloria               Nigeria                  11.49   0.4
  7 Barber, Me'Lisa              United States OF         11.54   0.4
  8 Whitehorne, Deandre          Jamaica                  11.60   0.4

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