Source: IAAF To Legalize EPO Later This Week

April 1, 2013 has learned that later this week after the April first holiday is over, the IAAF will announce it will legalize EPO starting in July.

“We saw what happened to cycling and don’t want to happen to us,” said an unidentified IAAF spokesman who spoke on the condition we not reveal his name, as the IAAF isn’t officially announcing the legalization of EPO until later this week. “Taking down a bunch of no-names, we were fine with that, but when they took down the big fish Lance Armstrong, we got scared one of our big fish might go down and that would be a disaster PR-wise.”

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“Plus, to be truthful, our legal team has been telling us for years that not allowing EPO was discriminatory. Up until now, only the rich have been able to do high/low training. Rich people can afford to use altitude tents or live in Flagstaff and drive to Phoenix to train – that’s not possible for the poor. So by allowing it, we are just leveling the playing field between the third world and developed world.”

No word yet on whether any of this was related to the recent doping positives in Kenya and the allegations of lax out-of-competition testing in Kenya.

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