Isaac Wood Previews The 2013 NCAA Indoor Track And Field Meet For

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March 6, 2013

A few weeks ago, we had BYU senior Isaac Wood, who serves as the student manager for BYU, preview the NCAA conference action for us. He did such a good job that Florida State has said they want him to be his grad assistant for next year and we said we wanted him to preview the NCAA championships.

Wood breaks down all of the mid-d and distance action for you as well as the 4 x 400. Then tells you about the team battles.

Wood starts by providing you with the mid- and distance entrants’ seed times as well as their pbs in that event and the event above and below it – so this can truly serve as a distance guru’s almanac of sorts. You really have all of the stats you need to break down each race. He then talks about his event and then makes some predictions. After his predictions, provides our own comments for most events as we tried to make the previews be a sort of cyber conversation between LRC and Isaac Wood.

We preview  the events for you in the order they occur as thinking about who is doubling back and who is fresh is critical in analyzing the meet properly. The order of finals is 5000-DMR on day 1, then mile, 800, 3000 on day 2.

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