2013 Women’s NCAA Division 1 Indoor Track And Field Championship Preview

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By Isaac Wood for LetsRun.com
March 6, 2013

For the introduction to this article, please see here.

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*2013 NCAA Indoor Track And Field Women’s Preview
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Women’s 5,000: A True Classic – Saina, Hasay And D’Agostino Renew Their Rivalry

Women 5,000 Meter Seed Times And Personal Bests
Name                       Year School                  Seed
1  Betsy Saina             SR Iowa State          15:21.66 (9:04.57) (4:40.98) (33:13.31)
2  Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton SR Wichita State        15:25.47 (9:07.21) (4:47.96) (32.39.35)
3  Emily Sisson            SO Providence          15:44.40 (15:34.54 PR) (9:06.04) (4:38.49)
4  Katie Matthews         SR Boston U.           15:46.13 (9:05.73) (4:46.95) (33:16.97)
5  Jordan Hasay           SR Oregon              15:46.30 (15:37.29 PR) (8:57.46) (4:33.01)
6  Abbey D’Agostino     JR Dartmouth           15:47.02 (15:19.98 PR) (8:55.41) (4:30.03)
7  Emma Bates            JR Boise State         15:50.78 (9:13.63) (4:42.49)
8  Juliet Bottorff            JR Duke                15:52.38 (9:25.44) (33:18.45)
9  Sara Sutherland       SR Texas               15:52.99 (9:18.67) (4:18.62 1500m)
10  Katie Conlon            SR Oregon              15:53.73 (9:18.91)
11  Rachel Sorna           JR Cornell             15:53.76 (9:12.97) (4:47.32)
12  Gina Valgoi               SR Loyola (Ill.        15:54.37 (9:30.05) (4:43.69) (33:53.81)
13  Alexi Pappas            SR Oregon              15:54.64 (9:55.89 Steeple) (4:18.41 1500m)
14  Jennifer Bergman    SR Arizona             15:55.60 (9:19.93) (33:10.87)
15  Corey Conner          SR Maine               15:55.60 (9:24.14) (4:43.36)
16  Jessica Tonn           JR Stanford            15:56.42 (9:10.16) (4:23.77 1500m)

Similar to the 3k, but on Day 1, the 5k is going to be the most exciting of the women’s distance races. With everyone having fresh legs and with some of the best 5k runners in NCAA for the last few years this race will be fun. Jordan Hasay is looking for her first national title in a race above a mile (she has only won it one time). With fresh legs and some senior motivation she might have a shot. Abbey D’Agostino of Dartmouth has the fastest PR (and is the returning champ from outdoors) of the bunch and is in a similar spot to Hasay where she has not won a single national title and this could also be her time. Betsy Saina has the second best PR of the field and the fastest seed time and should be considered the favorite although, I’m not convinced she is going to win this one. This race could go tactical, and become a kickers race, which could benefit Saina (she outkicked the field at NCAA XC). If the race goes hard Saina still can hang with anyone, but if it goes hard I like Abbey D’ for the win. Here are some other women that could give them a “run:”

Emily Sisson- Providence-Sisson has won every single individual race she has run all season and that should provide some momentum going into her only second ever 5000 meters indoors. Fourth outdoors in 2012, Sisson is an experienced and savvy racer who always seems to find herself in the right place at the right time, if the pace is fit for her style, she can give any of the main four a surprise up front.

Emma Bates– Boise State- Bates is kind of a sleeper in this group and before this past weekend of last chance meets, Bates was not even in the picture of going to nationals. Bates was 12th outdoors for 5000m and PR’d by :26 seconds to get into the meet. Maybe she peaked early, but she could just be starting to realize her talent and could be in the mix.

Predicted Place and Time
1. Abbey D’Agostino- Dartmouth- 15:32.49
2. Betsy Saina-Iowa State- 15:32.97
3. Emily Sisson- Providence- 15:33.83
4. Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton- Wichita State-15:34.21
5. Jordan Hasay- Oregon- 15:34.88
6. Katie Matthews- Boston U.- 15:45.48
7. Emma Bates- Boise State- 15:48.10
8. Rachel Sorna- Cornell- 15:50.04

Betsy Saina pulls away from Jordan Hasay and Abbey D'Agostino to win the 2012 NCAA cross country title *2012 NCAA Cross Country Photos

Betsy Saina pulls away from Jordan Hasay and Abbey D’Agostino to win the 2012 NCAA cross country title
*2012 NCAA Cross Country Photos

LRC Comment: This race is going to be awesome as it’s on the first day, everyone is fresh and there are no excuses.  On paper, this race is coming down to Abbey D’Agostino versus Betsy Saina. Jordan Hasay can’t be ignored as she’s risen to the occasion indoors in the past (correction to Mr. Wood: Hasay has won an indoor 3,000 title)  and neither can Tuliamuk-Bolton given her PR but we don’t see them contending.

Having watched D’Agostino dominate the Ivy League in person a few weeks ago, it’s hard to imagine that person losing but then we remind ourselves everything is relative to the level of competition as she lost to  Mary Cain at Millrose.

We actually think the opposite of Mr. Wood. If it’s slow, D’Agostino has a good chance as her mile PR is 10 seconds faster than Saina’s. But in the end, our main thought is what it was about NCAA cross-country. Let’s don’t complicate this. There is a 31:15 female who is in the race. She is undefeated on the year and the reigning NCAA cross-country champion. She outkicked them there. She’ll outkick them here. Saina FTW.

PS. We’re a bit surprised D’Agostino didn’t let the others tire themselves out here and just save herself for the 3,000.

Women’s DMR: Michigan FTW

Women Distance Medley Seed Time And Personal Bests
School                                                   Seed
1  Michigan                                             10:56.66
1) Rebecca Addison SR (2:03.79)              2) Maya Long FR (55.09)
3) Jillian Smith JR (2:04.20)                  4) Amanda Eccleston SR (4:37.33)
2  Villanova                                            10:56.74
1) Angel Piccirillo FR (2:09.44)              2) Michaela Wilkins FR (55.98)
3) Nicky Akande JR (2:04.56)                  4) Emily Lipari JR (4:37.43)
3  Florida State                                        10:57.41
1) Amanda Winslow SR (4:13.08)             2) Sage Watson FR (54.36)
3) Georgia Peel FR (2:08.01)                  4) Colleen Quigley SO (4:37.55)
4  Georgetown                                           10:57.95
1) Rachel Schneider SR (4:16.15)            2) Deseree King JR (55.08)
3) Chelsea Cox JR (2:04.76)                   4) Katrina Coogan FR (4:39.74)
5  Notre Dame                                           10:59.08
1) Kelly Curran JR (2:08.27)                  2) Margaret Bamgbose FR (54.41)
3) Danielle Aragon FR (2:07.58)               4) Alexa Aragon JR (4:43.88)
6  Kentucky                                             11:00.33
1) Cally Macumber SR (4:24.32)               2) Morganne Phillips FR (54.37)
3) Allison Peare JR (2:06.03)                 4) Chelsea Oswald JR (4:51.23)
7  Duke                                                 11:01.50
1) Gabby Levac SO (4:26.84)                   2) Elizabeth Kerpon SO (54.38)
3) Cydney Ross SR (2:04.79)                   4) Anima Banks FR (4:46.71)
8  Connecticut                                          11:02.05
1) Brigitte Mania SR (2:04.86)                2) Celina Emerson JR (53.10)
3) Ana Groff SR (2:06.57)                     4) Lindsay Crevoiserat SO (4:41.49)
9  Oregon                                               11:02.18
1) Annie Leblanc FR (4:37.93)                 2) Phyllis Francis JR (51.22)
3) Laura Roesler JR (2:02.09)                 4) Anne Kesselring SR (4:32.61)
10  Georgia                                              11:03.27
1) Stella Christoforou JR (4:27.46)           2) Tynia Gaither SO (23.66)
3) Megan Malasarte JR (2:03.57)               4) Carly Hamilton SO (4:36.06)
11  Arkansas                                             11:04.93
1) Grace Heymsfield JR (4:21.62)             2) Regina George SR (51.40)
3) Martine Borge SR (2:05.29)                 4) Dominique Scott SO (4:44.78)
12  Stanford                                             11:06.46
1) Amy Weissenbach FR (2:02.04) 2) Kori Carter JR (55.92)
3) Joy O’Hare SR (2:04.29)                    4) Jessica Tonn JR (4:53.80)

Michigan has decided to put all their eggs in one basket and has loaded up their DMR (Addison, Smith and Eccleston all experienced and talented 800-Milers). Michigan has a tradition for having a great middle distance program and has put its best athletes on this relay. Florida State broke the ACC record in the DMR at the ACC Championships and with Quigley and Winslow opening and anchoring, they will always be in the mix. Villanova is another team to mention that is a favorite with Emily Lipari on the anchor leg. Lipari is an incredibly savvy racer and always finds herself in the mix and with a chance for the win, this will be the case here as well.

Predicted Place and Time
1. Michigan- 10:55.99
2. Florida State- 10:56.24
3. Villanova- 10:56.83
4. Oregon- 10:56.99
5. Georgetown-10:57.10

Women’s Mile: Is Emma Coburn Just As Good As Jenny Simpson?

Women 1 Mile Run Seed Times And Personal Bests
Name                       Year School                  Seed
1  Emma Coburn        SR Colorado             4:29.86 (2:09.81) (9:40.51 Steeple)
2  Cory McGee            JR Florida              4:32.10 (2:05.39) (9:15.67)
3  Amanda Winslow   SR Florida State         4:33.22 (2:06.61) (9:08.13)
4  Rebecca Tracy       SR Notre Dame           4:33.53 (2:06.44) (4:13.48) (9:40.27)
5  Jillian King               SR Boston College         4:34.19 (2:06.64) (9:12.51)
6  Laura Roxberg        SR Missouri             4:34.59 (2:10.18) (4:16.71)
7  Vicky Fouhy             SR Virginia             4:34.87 (2:10.27)
8  Anne Kesselring      SR Oregon               4:35.33 (4:32.61 PR) (2:02.15)
9  Becca Friday           SR Oregon               4:35.34 (2:05.34) (4:13.06)
10  Amanda Mergaert   SR Utah                 4:35.35 (2:06.34) (4:13.63)
11  Carly Hamilton        SO Georgia              4:36.06 (2:11.12) (9:20.89)
12  Kelly Williams         FR West Virginia         4:36.77 (2:11.88)
13  Rachel Schneider   SR Georgetown           4:37.08 (2:06.15) (9:17.58)
14  Christine Babcock   SR Washington           4:37.57 (2:13.29) (9:11.02)
15  Agata Strausa          JR Florida              4:37.58 (4:36.39 PR) (2:09.30) (9:16.25)
16  Shannon Osika        SO Michigan             4:37.91 (9:21.09)

All things considered, Emma Coburn is the favorite not just because she has the fastest seed time, but because she has the fastest in the field by two and a half seconds. She does not have the best speed and will therefore need to push the pace, but if run right, this is Coburn’s race to lose. Cory McGee was sixth outdoors in the 1500m run in 2012 and has looked good all season long. The only mile race (of two) that McGee did not win, she was beaten by Geena Gall. McGee has solid leg speed and should be considered one of the favorites. Others to consider are:

Amanda Winslow– Florida State- Winslow finished sixth (right behind McGee) outdoors for 1500m in 2012 and has excellent wheels. If she can be race savvy, she could have a shot to knock off Coburn and possibly outkick McGee.

Anne Kesselring– Oregon- Although she is a bit down on the qualifying chart, Kesselring can not be counted out of the picture as a contender in this race. Kesslering has the best speed of the entire field and will be looking to improve from her tenth place (last) finish in the mile indoors in 2012.

Amanda Margaert- Utah- My wild card for this race is Amanda Margaert. Margaert has been under the radar all season long, but is slowly becoming one of the elite middle distance runners in the country. She had a great XC season (14th at Nationals) and has made big improvements all season long (two seconds in the 800m and four seconds in the mile).

Becca Friday- Oregon- Friday is the top returner in the field from 2012 where she placed fourth overall. If the DMR does not take too much of a toll on her legs (if she runs it) then she is another capable runner who is definitely a contender to win the race.

Predicted Place And Time
1. Emma Coburn- Colorado- 4:30.89
2. Amanda Winslow- Florida State- 4:31.72
3. Anne Kesselring- Oregon- 4:32.39
4. Cory McGee- Florida- 4:33.82
5. Becca Friday- Oregon- 4:35.11
6. Amanda Margaert- Utah- 4:36.02
7. Jillian King- Boston College- 4:36.53
8. Agata Strausa- Florida- 4:36.86

picture of Emma Coburn

Emma Coburn competing at Stanford in 2011
*More 2011 Stanford Photos

LetsRun.com Comment: We also don’t really think of Coburn as a miler either and given her 2:09 800 PR she could be vulnerable, but one thing Mr. Wood didn’t mention about her – she’s a freaking Olympic steepler – and thus is our pick also here. Plus anyone remember how another former Colorado steepler – Jenny Simpson – used to be viewed? Much as Coburn is today.

Here is an incredible stat for you.
Below are 800/1,500/steeple PRs of Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn heading into their last years at Colorado. Simpson in 2009 when she too was an Olympian and Coburn this year.

Simpson: 2:09/4:11/9:22
Coburn: 2:09/4:09/9:23

Coburn FTW.

Women’s 800: Last year’s indoor & outdoor NCAA champ Nachelle Mackie isn’t back to defend, who will take advantage of her absence? 

Women 800 Meter Run Seed Times And Personal Bests
Name                        Year School                 Seed
1  Charlene Lipsey       SR LSU                 2:02.48 (2:01.40 PR) (54.84) (4:18.16)
2  Natoya Goule            JR LSU                  2:03.08 (54.05) (4:54.98)
3  Samantha Murphy    JR Illinois             2:04.17 (1:28.87 600m)
4  Natalja Piliusina        JR Oklahoma State         2:04.35 (2:02.16 PR) (4:09.51)
5  Laura Roesler          JR Oregon               2:04.66 (2:02.09 PR) (54.63)
6  Shelby Houlihan       SO Arizona State       2:04.94 (2:03.85 PR) (4:22.95)
7  Kelsey Brown           JR BYU                  2:04.94 (4:51.31)
8  Vanessa McLeod      FR Purdue               2:05.21 (1:32.09 600m)
9  Cydney Ross            SR Duke                 2:05.27 (2:04.79 PR) (55.42) (4:34.94)
10  Ejiroghene Okoro     SR Iowa State           2:05.54 (2:04.72 PR) (4:28.00)
11  Amy Weissenbach   FR Stanford             2:05.56 (2:02.04 PR) (55.41)
12  Benita Taylor             SR Hampton              2:05.67 (55.95)
13  Erika Veidis               SO Harvard              2:05.70
14  Melinda Sawnor        SR Kent State           2:05.95 (56.06) (4:33.63)
15  Nijgia Snapp             SR Tennessee            2:05.97 (2:03.88 PR) (54.07)
16  Kendra Chambers   SR Texas                2:06.03 (2:03.91 PR) (53.23)

Nachelle Mackie of BYU, the 2012 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor 800m Champion, who ran 2:01.02 outdoors last year, is currently expecting and teaching 5th grade and will not be around to defend her title. Natalja Piliusina is the top returner and although does not have the fastest PR or seed time in the mix, she does have the best mile time by far and in my opinion is the one to beat. Charlene Lipsey finished seventh in 2012 and has the fastest PR of the group. If Lipsey and teammate Natoya Goule can use some team tactics that could give one of these girls the edge. Here’s a list of some other runners to be considered:

Laura Roesler-Oregon- Was fourth outdoors in 2012 and has some solid wheels. Her ability to run well in big races has gotten better as of late and she will be a factor in this race.

Shelby Houlihan- Arizona State- In the three races she has run indoors this season Shelby has finished first, second, first and ran 2:06.27, 2:04.94, and 4:42.32, respectively. She has been on a roll this season and should not surprise anyone when she is still around with 200 50 meters to go.

Kelsey Brown- BYU- A transfer from Oklahoma this season, Brown has immediately emerged as the next great female middle distance runner at BYU (Bleazard, Palmer, Mackie). Her seed time of 2:04.94 she ran all  by herself and Brown has run only one other race the entire season (another 800). If she is healthy and ready to roll, she is a tenacious racer and can challenge any girl up front.

Amy Weissenbach– Stanford- Weissenbach is the wildcard for me in this race. Her 2:02.04 PR is elite level and she ran that as a prep. If she can find the same kind of race savvy she had as a freshman, look out because Weissenbach has a legit kick.

Predicted Place And Time
1. Natalja Piliusina- Oklahoma State- 2:04.12
2. Charlene Lipsey- LSU- 2:04.76
3. Kelsey Brown- BYU- 2:04.99
4. Laura Roesler- Oregon- 2:05.43
5. Shelby Houlihan- Arizona State- 2:05.86
6. Amy Weissenbach- Stanford- 2:06.76
7. Natoya Goule- LSU- 2:07.31
8. Samantha Murphy- Illinois- 2:07.74

LRC Comment: Wow. You crazy (in a good way) Mormons. The double NCAA champ is out expecting a baby!!! Congrats for her (On a serious note, please don’t think we are making fun of Mormons. We don’t want to turn political here, but have never understood why Mormons are mocked/ridiculed so often by the public. If everyone in the US had their family values, this country would have a TON fewer problems).

It’s hard to believe she’s out of the sport and there has been no mention of it on LetsRun.com about it. Of course, it was pointed out last year that her double victories didn’t get a lot of publicity and now she’s out of the sport and no mention of it at all. And the ironic thing is, the whole episode just proves this knucklehead on the message board was right last June as he predicted Mackie would be expecting a child within six months.

Moving on, Piliusina is a decent pick to win but Lipsey beat her head to head this year and has run 2:02.48 indoors already this year and was the outdoor runner-up to Mackie last year in 2:01.40. She’s our pick to win.

Women’s 3,000: The Women’s 5,000 Round II

Women 3,000 Meter Seed Times And Personal Bests
Name                       Year School                 Seed
1  Abbey D’Agostino      JR Dartmouth         8:55.41 (4:30.03 Mile) (15:19.98)
2  Jordan Hasay             SR Oregon              8:57.46 (4:33.01 Mile) (15:37.29)
3  Cally Macumber         SR Kentucky           8:59.98 (4:42.34 Mile)
4  Betsy Saina                SR Iowa State         9:04.57 (4:40.98 Mile) (15:21.66)
5  Hannah Kiser              JR Idaho            9:04.74 (4:37.55 Mile)
6  Katrina Coogan           FR Georgetown       9:04.85 (4:39.74 Mile)
7  Katie Matthews           SR Boston U.           9:05.73 (4:46.95 Mile) (15:46.13)
8  Lauren Penney            SR Syracuse            9:06.32 (4:37.41 Mile) (16:09.44)
9  Josephine Moultrie       SR New Mexico        9:06.35 (4:36.59) (2:07.55)
10  Chelsea Oswald         JR Kentucky             9:06.64 (4:51.23 Mile)
11  Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton SR Wichita State       9:07.21 (4:47.96 Mile) (15:25.47)
12  Alexi Pappas                 SR Oregon                9:07.97 (4:44.56 Mile) (15:54.64)
13  Amanda Winslow          SR Florida State        9:08.13 (4:33.22 Mile) (2:06.61)
14  Emily Lipari                   JR Villanova              9:08.91 (4:37.43 Mile) (2:07.77)
15  Madeline Chambers      JR Georgetown         9:09.20 (4:39.63 Mile)
16  Lindsay Crevoiserat      SO Connecticut         9:09.48 (4:41.49 Mile) (15:58.47)

The 3k and 5k are in essence a rematch of the final duel from NCAA XC this past fall. Betsy Saina of Iowa State, Abbey D’Agostino of Dartmouth, Jordan Hasay of Oregon and Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton of Wichita State are the favorites in both races. They also make up four of the top eight returners from the 3k in 2012. Saina was 3rd, Hasay 4th, Tuliamuk 7th and Abbey D’ 8th. Beyond these four athletes here are some others to consider:

Hannah Kiser-Idaho- Kiser comes into the race with the fifth fastest qualifying time and placed 13th in 2012. WIth some solid leg speed and opting out of the mile, Kiser is going to be ready to roll and put herself in the mix.

Josephine Moultrie-New Mexico- Another runner that is focusing purely on one event, Moultrie is going to be fresher than the majority of the athletes in the field. Moultrie has some of the best wheels in the field, right next to Winslow, and if the pace is right, she could sneak up on the front four.

Katie Matthews-Boston U.- Matthews is doubling up and could feel the effects of a hard 5k the night before. Matthews is tough when she wants to be and if the pace is right, she could out-tough the majority of the field.

Predicted Place and Time
1. Betsy Saina-Iowa State-9:08.21
2. Abbey D’Agostino- Dartmouth-9:09.10
3. Jordan Hasay-Oregon-9:10.34
4. Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton- Wichita State- 9:10.88
5. Hannah Kiser-Idaho- 9:12.42
6. Katie Matthews-Boston U. 9:12.73
7. Josephine Moultrie-New Mexico- 9:14.59
8. Alexi Pappas-Oregon- 9:15.00

LRC Comment: Isaac, we don’t get the logic. You have the more distance-oriented Saina winning the 3k but losing the 5k? And the more speed-oriented D’Agostino winning the 5k but losing the 3k? We guess it’s possible, as Saina is stronger and probably better at doubling back and if D’Agostino wins the 5k, she would be less motivated by this race, whereas Saina would be really angry. Now we are almost talking ourselves into your logic.

If D’Agostino wins the 5k, we think she’ll be the star of the meet and also win the 3k. Saina was only third last year in this event, so we’ll pick D’Agostino here.

Women’s 4 x 400: Arkansas FTW

Women 4×400 Meter Relay Seed Time And Personal Bests
School                                                   Seed
1  Arkansas                                              3:29.60
1) Regina George SR (51.40)                   2) Sparkle McKnight JR (52.77)
3) Gwendolyn Flowers SR (53.48)            4) Chrishuna Williams SO (54.64)
2  Texas                                                 3:30.95
1) Danielle Dowie JR (52.82)                2) Briana Nelson JR (52.18)
3) Kendra Chambers SR (53.23)     4) Courtney Okolo FR (52.72)
3  Florida                                               3:31.68
1) Lanie Whittaker SR (52.06)               2) Destinee Gause FR (23.72)
3) Kyra Jefferson FR (23.43)                4) Ebony Eutsey JR (52.07)
4  Illinois                                              3:33.30
1) Asia Thomas SO (54.04)                   2) Morolake Akinosun FR (23.47)
3) Marissa Golliday SR (54.12)              4) Ashley Spencer SO (50.95)
5  Texas A&M                                            3:33.57
1) Janeil Bellille JR (54.48)               2) Ibukun Mayungbe JR (52.63)
3) Olivia Ekponé SO (53.29)                 4) Kamaria Brown SO (52.16)
6  South Carolina                                        3:33.68
1) Erika Rucker SO (52.22)                  2) Kierre Beckles SR (24.79)
3) Tyler Brockington FR (24.21)             4) Christal Green SO (55.00)
7  Kansas                                                3:33.71
1) Denesha Morris SR (54.61)                2) Paris Daniels SR (53.88)
3) Taylor Washington SR (53.50)             4) Diamond Dixon JR (51.09)
8  Texas Tech                                            3:33.72
1) Amoy Blake JR (54.42)                    2) Cierra White SO (23.44)
3) Christen Rivers SO (53.66)               4) Candace Jackson SR (52.60)
9  LSU                                                   3:33.91
1) Siedda Herbert SR (53.59)                2) Kimberlyn Duncan SR (22.19)
3) Montene’ Speight SO (54.61)              4) Natoya Goule JR (54.05)
10  Oregon                                                3:34.63
1) Chizoba Okodogbe JR (52.71)              2) Phyllis Francis JR (51.22)
3) Laura Roesler JR (54.63)                 4) English Gardner SO (53.73)
11  Notre Dame                                           3:34.67
1) Jade Barber SO (54.90)                   2) Michelle Brown JR (53.30)
3) Megan Yanik JR (56.22)                   4) Margaret Bamgbose FR (54.41)
12  Arizona State                                         3:35.17
1) Sarah Geren JR (54.66)                   2) Alycia Herring JR (56.06)
3) Keia Pinnick SR (53.73)                  4) Brianna Tate SO (53.57)

This race really comes down to the anchor leg (like the majority of relays do) and therefore puts the race in the hands of Arkansas and their killer anchor leg in Regina George. George has been unstoppable as of late and that gives the edge to Arkansas. I do like Diamond Dixon from Kansas and if she gets the baton within any kind of range of George, she could upset the Razorbacks. Also, Ashley Spencer of Illinois has sub-51 wheels and if the baton gets to her within any distance of the front group, she could bring them home the “w.”

Predicted Place and Time
1. Arkansas-3:30.29
2. Florida- 3:31.87
3. Illinois-3:32.01
4. Kansas-3:32.42
5. Texas- 3:32.80

Team Battle (By LetsRun.com)

We scored the descending order list for the top 5 teams in the coach’s association rankings. The results show that it looks like Oregon‘s 3-year reign as the champs is about to come to an end unless the Ducks come up huge in the distances. LSU is set to win it’s first indoor title since it won its last of 3 in a row in 2004.

You can see where the projected points are coming from below.

1. LSU – 55 points. Big-time favorite.

60 (10 points, 2nd/7th), 60h (6 points, 3rd), 200 (10 points, 1st), 800 (18 points, 1st/2nd), TJ (9 points, 3rd/6th), WT (2 points, 7th)

2. Kansas – 45 points. Lots of field event points.

200 (3 points, 6th), 4 x 400 (2 points, 7th), Pole Vault (6 points, 3rd), Long Jump (18 points, 1st/2nd), Triple Jump (8 points, 2nd), WT (5 points, 4th), Pentathlon (3 points, 6th)

3. Arkansas – 40 points. Potentially 3 victories.

400 (10 points, 1st), 4 x 400 (10 points, 1st) , HJ (5 points, 4th), PV (5 points, 4th), Pentathlon (10 points, 1st)

4. Texas A&M – 34 points.

60 (3 points, 6th), 200 (15 points, 3rd/4th/5th),  400 (5 points, 4th), 4 x 400 (4 points, 5th), LJ (2 points, 7th), TJ (5 points, 4th)

5. Oregon – 31 points. No field eventers even in the meet.

60 (6 points, 3rd), 400 (8 points, 2nd), 800 (4 points, 5th), Mile (1 points, 8th), 3000 (8 points, 2nd), 5000 (4 points, 5th)

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