2012 NCAA Outdoor Track And Field Women's Preview

By LetsRun.com
June 5, 2012

The 2012 NCAA outdoor track and field championships begin on Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa and run through Saturday. The meet can be watched on ESPN3 live on Wednesday and Thursday starting at 5:15 pm ET and 6:15 pm ET on Friday. On Saturday, the broadcast will also appear live on ESPN U and it starts at 12 noon.

To help you better enjoy the meet whether you are watching in person, on the Internet or simply following the meet online, we have previewed all of the mid-d and distance action for you. Then we give you a quick take on the team battle. For us, track and field is very exciting if you know the story lines. If you don't, then we must admit it's often pretty boring. We start with the 10,000 and then present you the other events in order of shortest to longest.

Schedule/Results appear below (all times ET).

June 06 | June 07 | June 08 | June 09 | Multi Events
Wednesday Field Wednesday June 06
 Status Start Time Event Round Start List Results
 Not Started 3:30pm Men's Discus Throw Final Start List
 Not Started 3:40pm Women's Javelin Throw Final Start List
 Not Started 6:30pm Men's Long Jump Final Start List
 Not Started 6:30 pm Women's Pole Vault Final Start List
 Not Started 6:30 pm Women's Discus Throw Final Start List
Wednesday Running Wednesday June 06
 Status Start Time Event Round Start List Results
 Not Started 6:30pm Men's 400 Meter Relay Prelim Start List
 Not Started 6:45pm Women's 400 Meter Relay Prelim Start List
 Not Started 7:15pm Men's 800 Meter Run Prelim Start List
 Not Started 7:30pm Women's 800 Meter Run Prelim Start List
 Not Started 7:45pm Men's 400 Meter Dash Prelim Start List
 Not Started 8:00pm Women's 400 Meter Dash Prelim Start List
 Not Started 8:15pm Men's 100 Meter Dash Prelim Start List
 Not Started 8:30pm Women's 100 Meter Dash Prelim Start List
 Not Started 8:45pm Women's 3000 Meter Steeplechase Prelim Start List
 Not Started 9:15pm Men's 400 Meter Hurdles Prelim Start List
 Not Started 9:30pm Women's 400 Meter Hurdles Prelim Start List
 Not Started 9:45pm Men's 10000 Meter Run Final Start List










Note: All times have been changed to ET.

2012 NCAA Outdoor Track And Field Men's Preview Here *Meet Website/More Info

Women's 10,000: Another "Upset" In The Making?

  Event 28  Women 10000 Meter Run
 Final only. Random draw. Double waterfall. 2/3 on main
    American:  30:22.22  8/15/2008   Shalane Flanagan, Nike                    
College Best:  31:18.07  3/26/2010   Lisa Koll, Iowa State                     
   NCAA Meet:  32:28.57  6/1/1998    Sylvia Mosqueda, Cal State La   
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Caitlin Comfort               JR Wisconsin          34:09.99 
  2  Juliet Bottorff               JR Duke               34:25.78 
  3  Elaina Balouris               SO William & Mary     34:29.88 
  4  Natosha Rogers                JR Texas A&M          33:47.12 
  5  Meaghan Nelson                JR Iowa State         34:06.79 
  6  Sarah Waldron                 SR New Mexico         33:54.56 
  7  Holly Knight                  SR Louisville         34:29.77 
  8  Emma Kertesz                  SO Toledo             34:36.34 
  9  Florence Ngetich              SO Florida            34:26.88 
 10  Elvin Kibet                   SO Arizona            34:09.81 
 11  Deborah Maier                 JR California         33:59.90 
 12  Katie Kellner                 JR Cornell            34:22.98 
 13  Aliphine Tuliamuk             JR Wichita State      33:31.54 
 14  Sarah Pagano                  SO Syracuse           34:41.58 
 15  Rose Tanui                    SR Texas Tech         34:07.94 
 16  Olivia Mickle                 JR Brown              34:30.12 
 17  Morgan Powers                 SR Vermont            34:19.38 
 18  Allison Woodward              FR Oregon             33:51.70 
 19  Andie Cozzarelli              JR N.C. State         34:25.66 
 20  Jennifer Bergman              JR Arizona            34:19.15 
 21  Jessica Rydberg               JR Notre Dame         34:36.86 
 22  Sarah Sumpter                 JR UC Davis           34:24.87 
 23  Becky Wade                    JR Rice               34:19.76 
 24  Catherine White               SR Virginia           34:18.82                                                        

Top 10 Seasonal Best Times

1 Maier, Deborah  California  32:12.5
2 Nelson, Meaghan  Iowa State  32:14.3
3 Waldron, Sarah  New Mexico  32:36.1
4 Tuliamuk, Aliphine  Wichita State  32:39.4
5 Wade, Becky  Rice  32:40.8
6 Callister, Sarah  Weber State  32:51.2
7 Stack, Dani  Iowa State  32:51.3
8 Kellner, Katie  Cornell  32:58.7
9 Tanui, Rose  Texas Tech  33:08.7
10 Knight, Holly  Louisville  33:09.0

Last Year's Scorers

1 Juliet Bottorff SO Duke 34:25.86     10         
 2 Kate Harrison JR West Virginia 34:30.35            
 3 Jennifer Bergman SO Arizona 34:31.69            
 4 Dani Stack SO Iowa State 34:32.28            
 5 Aliphine Tuliamuk SO Wichita State 34:32.77            
 6 Stephanie Marcy SR Stanford 34:35.18            
 7 Tonya Nero SR Wichita State 34:39.56            
 8 Katie Matthews JR Boston U. 34:45.77          


Last year's surprise winner in everyone's eyes but ours - Juliet Bottorff (she was our darkhorse pick) - is back but won't be a contender as her fitness is lacking this year (16:43 in 5,000 versus 16:10 last year).

So who will win? Well, the leading two people in terms of time are Cal's Deborah Maier and Iowa State's Meaghan Nelson. Of the two, Maier is your pick no matter how you look at it. Head to head? Maier beat Nelson at Payton Jordan. 5,000 PRs? Maier's is 15:29.24 and Nelson's is 15:51. Credentials? Maier was second in the indoor 5,000 and Nelson was 4th.

If there is going to be an upset like last year, we might go with Wichita State's Aliphine Tuliamuk. She has a better 5,000 PR than Maier (15:26 versus 15:29) and much better speed  She has run 4:25 for 1,500 this year.

LRC Analysis:  An upset isn't out of the question here as neither Maier nor Nelson ran their conference meets. Maier has been battling a glute strain and has been biking a lot and had to take three weeks totally off at one point. Nelson didn't do workouts for a number of weeks. Without rabbits, will they really be able to run away from Tuliamuk? No - and we're not sure if it's an upset anyway, particularly with Maier having been hurt. Tuliamuk is very good.

LRC Prediction: 1) Tuliamuk 2) Maier 3) Waldron

Women's 800: The Indoor Champ Versus Last Year's Champ

2011 NCAA Outdoor Results

 1 Anne Kesselring SO Oregon 2:02.15
 2 Natalja Piliusina FR Oklahoma State 2:02.16
 3 Chanelle Price JR Tennessee 2:03.02
 4 Charlene Lipsey SO LSU 2:03.73
 5 Kate Grace SR Yale 2:04.22
 6 Lea Wallace SR Sacramento St. 2:04.56
 7 Kenyetta Iyevbele FR North Carolina St. 2:05.74
 8 Cydney Ross SO Duke 2:06.83

2012 NCAA Indoor Results

 1 Nachelle Mackie JR BYU 2:03.30        
 2 Natalja Piliusina SO Oklahoma State 2:04.48        
 3 Katie Palmer SR BYU 2:04.56        
 4 Kathy Klump SR Cincinnati 2:04.70        
 5 Heather Wilson SR Connecticut 2:05.19        
 6 Boglarka Bozzay SR Kansas State 2:06.00        
 7 Charlene Lipsey JR LSU 2:06.44        
 8 Rebecca Addison JR Michigan 2:08.62    

With 2011 outdoor and 2012 indoor runner-up Natalja Piliusina opting for the 1,500, the women's 800 looks like an matchup between last year's champion Anne Kesserling of Oregon/Germany and indoor champion Nachelle Mackie of BYU, who leads the NCAA this year with a 2:01.11 seasonal best.

Kesselring has been running mainly 1,500s at the NCAA level this year (4th in PAC-12s) but don't let that or the fact her seasonal best according to the NCAA is just 2:05.46 fool you. Kesselring ran the 800 at the Prefontaine Classic over the weekend and ran a PR of 2:02.72, which would make her #3 in the NCAA this year.

The #2 person on the NCAA list is SEC champ Charlene Lipsey of LSU, who was 7th indoors.

LRC Analysis: Since we've spent a lot of our time during our NCAA preview talking about seniors who have never won NCAA titles, the fourth-fastest person in the field for 2012 is Tennessee senior Chanelle Price. Given the fact she ran 2:01.61 in HS, how many people would have bet she'd never win an NCAA title?

LRC Prediction: Kesselring is the defending champion but Mackie hasn't lost to a collegian at 800 all year so we'll stick with the hot runner Mackie.

1) Mackie 2) Kesselring

Top 10 Seasonal Best Times

1 Mackie, Nachelle JR-3 BYU 2:01.11 54th Annual Mt. SAC Relays 04/19/12
  2 Lipsey, Charlene JR-3 LSU 2:02.60 SEC Outdoor Track & Field Championship 05/10/12
  3 Price, Chanelle SR-4 Tennessee 2:03.15 SEC Outdoor Track & Field Championship 05/10/12
  4 King, Caroline SR-4 Boston College 2:03.21 IC4A/ECAC Outdoor Track & Field Championships 05/11/12
  5 Miller, Ashley SR-4 Nebraska 2:03.33 33rd Sun Angel Classic - Invited College 04/05/12
  6 Stanley, Tasha SR-4 North Carolina 2:03.52 ACC Outdoor Track & Field Championships 04/19/12
  7 Feldman, Greta JR-3 Princeton 2:03.65 IC4A/ECAC Outdoor Track & Field Championships 05/11/12
  8 Houlihan, Shelby FR-1 Arizona State 2:03.85 33rd Sun Angel Classic - Invited College 04/05/12
  9 Iyevbele, Kenyetta SO-2 North Carolina St. 2:03.88 Wolfpack Last Chance (College) 05/13/12
  9 Snapp, Nijgia JR-3 Tennessee 2:03.88 SEC Outdoor Track & Field Championship 05/10/12
  11 Piliusina, Natalja SO-2 Oklahoma State 2:04.01 Stanford Invitational 04/06/12

Women's 1,500: Might Jordan Hasay Surprise?

2011 NCAA Outdoor Results

1 Sheila Reid JR Villanova 4:14.57     10         
 2 Lucy Van Dalen JR Stony Brook 4:15.33            
 3 Kate Van Buskirk SR Duke 4:15.37            
 4 Renee Tomlin SR Georgetown 4:16.17            
 5 Becca Friday SO Oregon 4:16.76            
 6 Hannah Brooks SR Florida State 4:16.81            
 7 Morgane Gay JR Virginia 4:17.40            
 8 Jordan Hasay SO Oregon 4:17.67            
 9 Lea Wallace SR Sacramento St. 4:18.73              
 10 Cory McGee FR Florida 4:19.18              
 11 Kristen Gillespie JR Arkansas 4:21.75              
 12 Brittany Sheffey JR Tennessee 4:22.50            

2012 NCAA Indoor Scorers

1 Lucy Van Dalen SR Stony Brook 4:39.76   10       
 2 Aisha Praught SR Illinois State 4:39.85        
 3 Jordan Hasay JR Oregon 4:40.09        
 4 Becca Friday JR Oregon 4:40.24          
 5 Morgane Gay JR Virginia 4:40.62          
 6 Hannah Brooks SR Florida State 4:40.96          
 7 Agata Strausa SO Florida 4:41.74          
 8 Kristen Gillespie SR Arkansas 4:42.62        

With last year's champ Sheila Reid in the 5,000, the women's 1,500 has a lot of potential winners. One of  the leading contenders is indoor mile winner and last year's runner-up Lucy Van Dalen of Stony Brook. She's in good shape as shown by her 15:23.54 and she is a proven racer.

But this certainly won't be an easy cakewalk for Van Dalen. The NCAA leader by more than 2 seconds is Oklahoma State's Natalja Piliusina, who has run 4:09.51 this year. Piliusina was the NCAA runner-up last year and this year indoors at 800. Normally when someone is 2+ seconds better than everyone else, we pick them for the win, but Piliusina didn't look good in running 4:13.95 at the Occidental meet recently.

Oregon's Jordan Hasay has re-found her love for running and beat the NCAA #2 in Washington's Katie Flood at PAC-12s. Hasay, sort of like Galen Rupp, has consistently silenced her doubters. After her 15:44.87 debacle in the 5,000 at Stanford, has she found a second life back in the 1,500?

NCAA indoor 3,000 champ Emily Infeld has the third-fastest time and can't be totally discounted, but she lost the Big East title to Notre Dame's Rebecca Tracy.

LRC Prediction: This will be a big part of the telecast on ESPN U and should be a great one to watch.

 1) Van Dalen 2) Hasay 3) Tracy

Event 25  Women 1500 Meter Run
 2 Heats.  Advance top 5 from each heat plus next best 2 times
    American:  3:57.12  7/26/1983   Mary Slaney, Athletics West                
College Best:  3:59.90  6/7/2009    Jenny Barringer, Colorado                  
   NCAA Meet:  4:06.19  6/14/2008   Hannah England, Fla State                  
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
Heat 1  Prelims
  1  Lucy Van Dalen                SR Stony Brook         4:17.03 
  2  Rebecca Tracy                 JR Notre Dame          4:16.94 
  3  Hannah Brooks                 SR Florida State       4:18.72 
  4  Jillian Smith                 SO Michigan            4:15.08 
  5  Emily Infeld                  JR Georgetown          4:19.14 
  6  Greta Feldman                 JR Princeton           4:15.00 
  7  Cory McGee                    SO Florida             4:16.36 
  8  Amanda Winslow                JR Florida State       4:19.47 
  9  Brittany Sheffey              SR Tennessee           4:17.8
 10  Sophie Curl                   SO San Francisco       4:21.68 
 11  Kristen Gillespie             SR Arkansas            4:21.24 
 12  Nicole Bowler                 SR San Francisco       4:22.26 
Heat 2  Prelims
  1  Violah Lagat                  SR Florida State       4:19.49 
  2  Becca Friday                  JR Oregon              4:16.79 
  3  Amanda Mergaert               JR Utah                4:19.23 
  4  Laura Carlyle                 SR Oregon State        4:20.32 
  5  Natalja Piliusina             SO Okla. State         4:16.61 
  6  Morgane Gay                   JR Virginia            4:20.49 
  7  Katie Flood                   SO Washington          4:17.05 
  8  Rachel Schneider              JR Georgetown          4:19.73 
  9  Laura Roxberg                 JR Missouri            4:18.81 
 10  Ashley Miller                 SR Nebraska            4:17.42 
 11  Jordan Hasay                  JR Oregon              4:16.29 
 12  Marielle Hall                 SO Texas               4:20.87                    

Top 5 Times On Year

1 Piliusina, Natalja  Oklahoma State  04:09.5
2 Flood, Katie  Washington  04:11.7
3 Infeld, Emily  Georgetown  04:12.4
4 McGee, Cory  Florida  04:12.6
5 Hasay, Jordan  Oregon  04:13.3

Women's Steeple: Colorado Wins Again

2011 NCAA Scorers

1 Emma Coburn JR Colorado 9:41.14     10         
 2 Stephanie Garcia SR Virginia 9:47.29            
 3 Shalaya Kipp SO Colorado 9:56.37            
 4 Alyssa Kulik JR Clemson 9:57.51            
 5 Genevieve LaCaze JR Florida 9:59.44            
 6 Ashley Higginson SR Princeton 10:03.15            
 7 Rebeka Stowe JR Kansas 10:07.63            
 8 Claire Michel SR Oregon 10:10.27            

2012 Top 10 Times

1 Kipp, Shalaya  Colorado  09:43.1
2 Praught, Aisha  Illinois State  09:51.3
3 Stowe, Rebeka  Kansas  09:52.8
4 Kulik, Alyssa  Clemson  09:52.9
5 Henry, Amber  Weber State  09:53.9
6 LaCaze, Genevieve  Florida  09:55.4
7 Pappas, Alexi  Dartmouth  09:58.1
8 Krchova, Eva  San Francisco  10:02.2
9 Quigley, Colleen  Florida State  10:02.5
10 Traynor, Nicol  Richmond  10:04.2

LRC Analysis: Last year, Colorado had a steepler who was a class above everyone else in Emma Coburn. Well, Coburn is redshirting to focus on the Olympic Trails but her role as heavy favorite has been taken on by her Colorado teammate in Shalaya Kipp, who was third last year. At  9:43, Kipp leads the NCAA by 8 seconds and seems to have the victory in hand.

The question is who gets second.

We're certainly not betting against Illinois State's Aisha Praught. The Mt. SAC champion came out of nowhere to be the NCAA runner-up in the mile indoors. She didn't run at the Missouri Valley Conference meet due to a hamstring issue, but ran the Regional.

Besides Praught, there are seven others who could finish anywhere from 2nd to not scoring at all. The safe pick behind Praught might be Clemson's Alyssa Kulik, who was 4th last year, but SEC champion Genevieve LaCaze has really impressed us. She has run 4:13 for 1,500 this year and won SECs in both the 1,500 and steeple. Many of the other women in the 9:50-10:00 range have 1,500 PRs of 4:18, 4:19 and 4:22.

If there is an upset for the win, it means LaCaze is the winner.

LRC Prediction: 1) Kipp 2) LaCaze 3) Praught

Women's 5,000: Sheila Reid Tries To Repeat

2011 NCAA Outdoor Scorers

 1 Sheila Reid JR Villanova 15:37.57     10         
 2 Emily Infeld SO Georgetown 15:38.23            
 3 Abbey D'Agostino FR Dartmouth 15:40.69            
 4 Jordan Hasay SO Oregon 15:41.00            
 5 Kathy Kroeger SO Stanford 15:45.55            
 6 Megan Goethals FR Washington 15:47.79            
 7 Emily MacLeod SR Michigan State 15:48.20            
 8 Aliphine Tuliamuk SO Wichita State 15:51.37            

2012 NCAA Indoor Scorers

 1 Betsy Saina JR Iowa State 15:38.83   10       
 2 Deborah Maier JR California 15:40.74          
 3 Aliphine Tuliamuk JR Wichita State 15:50.12          
 4 Meaghan Nelson JR Iowa State 15:52.37          
 5 Sara Sutherland SO Texas 15:53.73          
 6 Elvin Kibet SO Arizona 16:00.91          
 7 Natosha Rogers JR Texas A&M 16:04.06          
 8 Sarah Waldron SR New Mexico 16:07.04          

Defending champ Sheila Reid of Villlanova was the darling of the NCAA last year. An easy victory for her this year? Not so fast.

This year, she didn't run indoors and when she showed up outdoors she ran a PR at Mt. SAC but was only the third collegian there, as she lost to Dartmouth's Abbey D'Agostino and Stony Brook's Lucy Van Dalen (who is in the 1,500). She even ran a PR of 4:10 at Pre last week.

So what's there not to like? Her not liking the heat in Florida and collapsing at the finish after finishing third in the regional and having to be escorted off the track with a trainer.

Yes, she responded last week at Prefontaine but it's going to be hot as heck - maybe 90 - when this race is run on Saturday.

As a result, we don't think she'll repeat. As a result, who will win?

Well, Colorado coach Mark Wetmore has the fastest NCAA runner in the field in Jessica Tebo, who has run 13:19 this year and it's hard to bet against Wetmore in this type of situation. He's proven time and time again that he can get people to peak when it counts most.

Tebo has good speed as she's run 4:15 this year. That could be very important as it's going to be so hot, this race is likely to be tactical.

Dartmouth' s Abbey D'Agostino took down Jordan Hasay last year as a freshman and has run 15:23.3 this year and 4:16 and was the top collegian at Mt. SAC. She likely will be in the hunt as well. Could 2012 be the year of the Ivy League with Merber (men's 1,500), Cabral (steeple) and D'Agostino winning NCAA titles?

LRC Prediction: LetsRun.com co-founder Robert Johnson has been watching D'Agostino all year and she's really good and could win. To us it's D'Agostiono or Tebo or Reid.
We'll go with Tebo. She won PAC-12s by almost 10 seconds and the 2nd placer Kathy Kroeger of Stanford is no slouch. Plus, Wetmore is famous for peaking people when it counts. Of course, no one is perfect - anyone remember when Jenny Barringer melted down at NCAA cross-country when she was a 3:59 1,500 runner? If Reid is in the top three, we think she wins it. Maybe she was sick or something at Regionals.

1) Tebo 2) D'Agostino 3) Tuliamuk

Event 27  Women 5000 Meter Run
 Final only. Random draw. Double waterfall. 2/3 on main
    American:  14:44.76  8/27/2010   Molly Huddle, Saucony                     
College Best:  15:07.64  5/2/2009    Jenny Barringer, Colorado                 
   NCAA Meet:  15:15.08  6/13/2008   Sally Kipyego, Texas Tech                 
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Allison Woodward              FR Oregon             16:17.38 
  2  Emma Bates                    FR Boise State        16:16.74 
  3  Corey Conner                  JR Maine              16:22.77 
  4  Aliphine Tuliamuk             JR Wichita State      16:16.87 
  5  Alex Kosinski                 SR Oregon             15:56.39 
  6  Megan Goethals                SO Washington         15:46.82 
  7  Jessica O'Connell             SR West Virginia      16:26.18 
  8  Abbey D'Agostino              SO Dartmouth          16:15.35 
  9  Bogdana Mimic                 JR Villanova          16:28.14 
 10  Madeline Chambers             SO Georgetown         16:23.12 
 11  Jessica Tebo                  SR Colorado           15:54.13 
 12  Charlotte FfrenchO'Carroll    JR Providence         16:23.81 
 13  Lauren Penney                 JR Syracuse           16:24.96 
 14  Sara Sutherland               SO Texas              16:18.17 
 15  Sheila Reid                   SR Villanova          16:13.47 
 16  Chelsea Reilly                SR California         16:15.89 
 17  Kayleigh Tyerman              JR Florida State      16:06.28 
 18  McKenzie Melander             SR Iowa               16:26.06 
 19  Kathleen Stevens              FR Virginia           16:26.91 
 20  Kathy Kroeger                 JR Stanford           16:16.07 
 21  Chelsea Ley                   FR Virginia           16:15.11 
 22  Elvin Kibet                   SO Arizona            16:20.88 
 23  Natosha Rogers                JR Texas A&M          15:50.13 
 24  Emily Sisson                  SO Providence         15:53.62   

Top 2012 NCAA Times

1 Tebo, Jessica  Colorado  15:19.4
2 D'Agostino, Abbey  Dartmouth  15:23.3
3 Van Dalen, Lucy  Stony Brook  15:23.5
4 Reid, Sheila  Villanova  15:23.6
5 Tuliamuk, Aliphine  Wichita State  15:26.1
6 Kroeger, Kathy  Stanford  15:33.8
7 Infeld, Emily  Georgetown  15:34.3
8 Sisson, Emily  Providence  15:34.5
9 Kosinski, Alex  Oregon  15:36.9
10 Waldron, Sarah  New Mexico  15:37.5

Women's Team Battle: LSU Or Oregon?

Track & Field News does the best job of analyzing it. They have it being a two-team battle between LSU and Oregon.

1. Oregon 72
2. LSU 68


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