2012 NCAA Outdoor Track And Field Men's Preview

By LetsRun.com
June 5, 2012

The 2012 NCAA outdoor track and field championships begin on Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa and run through Saturday. The meet can be watched on ESPN3 live on Wednesday and Thursday starting at 5:15 pm ET and 6:15 pm ET on Friday. On Saturday, the broadcast will also appear live on ESPN U and it starts at 12 noon.

Everyone take a minute and think what this means about the status of track and field with ESPN. ESPN has ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU on cable, yet track and field will only be on TV on their least popular channel, only one day. Thursday and Friday night instead of showing the NCAA meet, ESPNU will be showing the NBA draft combine. Last year the meet was on CBS.

To help you better enjoy the meet whether you are watching in person, on the Internet or simply following the meet online, we have previewed all of the mid-d and distance action for you. Then we give you a quick take on the team battle. For us, track and field is very exciting if you know the story lines. If you don't, then we must admit it's often pretty boring. We start with the 10,000 as that final is first and then present you the other events in order of shortest to longest.

Schedule/Results appear below (all times ET).

June 06 | June 07 | June 08 | June 09 | Multi Events
Wednesday Field Wednesday June 06
 Status Start Time Event Round Start List Results
 Not Started 3:30pm Men's Discus Throw Final Start List
 Not Started 3:40pm Women's Javelin Throw Final Start List
 Not Started 6:30pm Men's Long Jump Final Start List
 Not Started 6:30 pm Women's Pole Vault Final Start List
 Not Started 6:30 pm Women's Discus Throw Final Start List
Wednesday Running Wednesday June 06
 Status Start Time Event Round Start List Results
 Not Started 6:30pm Men's 400 Meter Relay Prelim Start List
 Not Started 6:45pm Women's 400 Meter Relay Prelim Start List
 Not Started 7:15pm Men's 800 Meter Run Prelim Start List
 Not Started 7:30pm Women's 800 Meter Run Prelim Start List
 Not Started 7:45pm Men's 400 Meter Dash Prelim Start List
 Not Started 8:00pm Women's 400 Meter Dash Prelim Start List
 Not Started 8:15pm Men's 100 Meter Dash Prelim Start List
 Not Started 8:30pm Women's 100 Meter Dash Prelim Start List
 Not Started 8:45pm Women's 3000 Meter Steeplechase Prelim Start List
 Not Started 9:15pm Men's 400 Meter Hurdles Prelim Start List
 Not Started 9:30pm Women's 400 Meter Hurdles Prelim Start List
 Not Started 9:45pm Men's 10000 Meter Run Final Start List










Note: All times have been changed to ET.

2012 NCAA Outdoor Track And Field Women's Preview Here *Meet Website/More Info

Men's 10,000: Will Chris Derrick Or Cam Levins Win NCAA Title #1?

Chris Derrick has seemingly done it all during his collegiate career.

Four top-10 NCAA finishes in cross-country, 13 All-American honors, an American junior record in the 5,000, an American collegiate record in the 10,000 and IAAF "A" qualifiers in both the 5,000 (13:19.56) and 10,000 this year (27:31.38). Oh, wait - there is one thing he's never done: win an NCAA title.

Derrick's last bid for NCAA glory takes place at 8:45 pm on Wednesday night. And the sad thing is, his #1 rival in the 10,000 in fellow senior Cam Levins of Southern Utah has also never won an NCAA title. Levins certainly is no slouch as his PRs at 5,000 (13:18.47) and 10,000 (27:27.96) are better than Derrick's and Levins handled Derrick over the final 400 in the 10,000 at Stanford earlier this year.

Levins has another shot at NCAA glory in the 5,000, but for Derrick this is it.

Could anyone else win? Yes, Arizona's Stephen Sambu, who was third last year, has PRs in the same range as Derrick and Levins (13:13.75 and 27:28.64). Derrick beat him indoors in the 5,000 and at PAC-12s at the 5,000, but Sambu still beat Lawi Lalang in that PAC-12 5,000 and he ran 13:13 indoors.

LRC Analysis: It's hard not to root for both Levins and Derrick.

Levins is so very old-school that he won the 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 at his conference meet and was third in the 800 in 1:51.39.

A just outcome would be a Derrick victory here and a Levins win in the 5,000. Derrick did get the best of Levins indoors in both the 3,000 and 5,000, so we'll give him the slight edge here despite the loss at Stanford.

It's weird that only five of the 10 fastest in the NCAA are in the NCAA finals in the 10,000 this year (see chart below).

LRC Prediction: 1) Derrick 2) Levins 3) Sambu

Event 8  Men 10000 Meter Run
 Final only. Random draw. Double waterfall. 2/3 on main
    American:  26:48.00  9/16/2011   Galen Rupp, Nike                          
College Best:  27:08.49  5/1/2010    Sam Chelanga, Liberty                     
   NCAA Meet:  28:01.30  6/1/1979    Suleiman Nyambui, Texas-El Paso           
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Alexander Lundy               SR Georgetown         30:18.89 
  2  Ben Cheruiyot                 SR East Kentucky      30:17.44 
  3  Brendan Gregg                 SR Stanford           30:19.62 
  4  Luke Puskedra                 SR Oregon             30:01.35 
  5  Tito Medrano                  JR Syracuse           30:05.75 
  6  Chris Derrick                 SR Stanford           30:04.61 
  7  Soufiane Bouchikhi            JR East Kentucky      30:11.21 
  8  Zachary Mayhew                JR Indiana            30:26.10 
  9  Brian Leung                   SR Princeton          30:17.64 
 10  Mark Dennin                   JR Georgetown         30:09.74 
 11  Paul Katam                    SO UNC-Greensboro     30:05.74 
 12  Miles Unterreiner             SR Stanford           30:15.20 
 13  Cameron Levins                SR So. Utah           29:58.44 
 14  Martin Grady                  SO Notre Dame         30:37.85 
 15  Alden Bahr                    SR BYU                30:09.35 
 16  Girma Mecheso                 JR Okla. State        30:20.15 
 17  Sean Keveren                  JR Virginia           30:13.50 
 18  Stephen Sambu                 SR Arizona            30:04.59 
 19  Elliot Krause                 JR Wisconsin          30:16.61 
 20  Scott Fauble                  FR Portland           30:12.64 
 21  Daniel Mutai                  JR UL-Monroe          30:32.43 
 22  Jared Ward                    JR BYU                30:16.33 
 23  Ryan Dohner                   SO Texas              30:14.17 
 24  Michael Fout                  JR Florida State      30:11.21                

Top 10 Seasonal Best Times

1 Levins, Cameron SR-4 Southern Utah 27:27.96
2 Derrick, Chris SR-4 Stanford 27:31.38
3 Ahmed, Mohammed SO-2 Wisconsin 27:34.64
4 Sambu, Stephen SR-4 Arizona 28:06.16
5 Mead, Hassan SR-4 Minnesota 28:12.74
6 Puskedra, Luke SR-4 Oregon 28:13.91
7 Mecheso, Girma JR-3 Oklahoma State 28:16.97
8 Bouchikhi, Soufiane JR-3 Eastern Kentucky 28:35.91
9 Kogel, Bill JR-3 Oklahoma 28:39.54
10 Chenoweth, Daniel SR-4 Wisconsin 28:46.87

Men's 800: Can We Get A Repeat Of Last Year's Epic Final

2011 NCAA Outdoor Results

Robby Andrews SO Virginia 1:44.71
Charles Jock JR UC Irvine 1:44.75
Elijah Greer SO Oregon 1:45.06
Casimir Loxsom SO Penn State 1:45.31
Edward Kemboi FR Iowa State 1:46.82
Cory Primm SR UCLA 1:47.01
Willie Brown SO Akron 1:47.02
Ryan Martin JR UC Santa Barbara 1:47.62

2012 NCAA Indoor Results


    Mason McHenry


    Arizona State


 2 Michael Preble SR Texas A&M 1:48.11
 3 Erik Sowinski SR Iowa 1:48.93
 4 Aaron Evans SR Georgia 1:48.95
 5 Patrick Schoenball FR Baylor 1:49.25
 6 David Pachuta SR Minnesota 1:49.47
 7 Sean Obinwa SO Florida 1:49.52
 8 Ricky West JR Missouri 1:49.75

In case you missed it, last year's NCAA men's 800 final was one of the greatest NCAA finals in history. The race was certainly legendary and if you didn't see it, we suggest you take three minutes to re-live it here (race video and recap at link).

Many of the leading protagonists from last year's race are back, so this year's race certainly is a must-watch. There are five finalists back from last year - runner-up Charles Jock, third placer Elijah Greer, fourth placer Casimir Loxsom, fifth placer Edward Kemboi and eighth placer Ryan Martin.

We're ruling out Kemboi for the win, so there are four guys to pay attention to. And guess what? The leading three in our minds in Jock, Loxsom and Martin are all in heat 1 of the prelims.

Hello, NCAA, something needs to be done with your seeding. It's an absolute travesty that all three of those guys are in the same heat. Now it probably won't matter, as Jock is a known frontrunner, so all three should be able to get in on time but no one can take that for granted so you'd really better be paying attention to heat 1.

The way the seeding works is all of the heat winners are put in different heats based on time, 2nd placers, etc. Well, that's ridiculous. The seasonal best times are what should be used in the mid-d races - not the time of the qualifying race - which might have been tactical.

Jock and Martin have run 1:44 this year. Loxsom is a former World Junior Championships bronze medallist and they are all in the same heat. Crazy.

LRC Analysis: Jock made the World Championships after just missing out on winning NCAAs last year, so in our minds he's the man to beat. But none of the other three should be ruled out. Martin almost beat him this year at their conference meet and did beat him there last year. Greer, who couldn't get the job done at Penn Relays, won PAC-12s. Loxsom was having a horrible year until Big 10s when he set a new meet record. The reason for the turnaround? They found out he had low ferritin.

Heat three isn't actually chopped liver as it has three scorers from the NCAA indoor meet and Greer. Heat 2 is by far the easiest.

It's worth pointing out that the top two finishers from NCAA indoors didn't make it to Des Moines.

LRC Prediction: Jock deserves it. We hope he gets it. That being said, we think it's asking a lot of him to have to do it twice - once in the prelims and once in the final.

1) Jock 2) Martin 3) Loxsom

PS - If you don't know much about Jock, you need to read this profile of him by Scott Reid of the Orange County Register: UCI's Jock driven to write perfect ending to incredible journey

Men's 1,500: Someone's Got To Win It, But Who Is The Favorite?

2011 NCAA Outdoor Results

1 Matthew Centrowitz JR Oregon 3:42.54     10         
 2 Dorian Ulrey SR Arkansas 3:43.06            
 3 Abdi Hassan JR Arizona 3:43.95            
 4 Matthew Gibney SR Villanova 3:44.38            
 5 Dumisane Hlaselo JR Florida 3:44.59            
 6 Erik van Ingen JR Binghamton 3:44.71            
 7 Miles Batty JR BYU 3:45.07            
 8 Patrick Casey SO Montana State 3:45.19          

2012 NCAA Indoor Results

1 Chris O'Hare JR Tulsa 4:01.66            
 2 Rich Peters SO Boston U. 4:01.78            
 3 Miles Batty SR BYU 4:01.86            
 4 Sam McEntee SO Villanova 4:01.91            
 5 Andrew Bayer JR Indiana 4:02.13            
 6 Peter Callahan JR Princeton 4:02.66            
 7 Erik van Ingen SR Binghamton 4:02.70            
 8 Raul Botezan JR Oklahoma State 4:02.90            
 9 David McCarthy SR Providence 4:04.05            
 10 Kirubel Erassa SO Oklahoma State 4:04.36            
 11 Robby Creese FR Penn State 4:11.45  


With only three scorers back from last year, this race seems to be wide open. That being said, the top five finishers are all back from indoors, so those facts seem to balance themselves out. It does seem, though, that there is no clear favorite.

The leader on the year is Columbia's Kyle Merber thanks to his 3:35.59 at Swarthmore. He's battled back after missing all of 2011 and certainly has a very good shot of taking down the title even though he's never scored at NCAAs. If Merber doesn't do it, then the leading candidate might be Villanova's Sam McEntee. Yes, we know according to the NCAA McEntee is only #79 in the country but they don't count Swarthmore and McEntee ran 3:36.81 there.

The collegian who was unbeatable for most of the year was Arizona's Lawi Lalang. But the indoor 3,000 and 5,000 champion seems to have lost a bit of his edge of late. That's probably unfair, as all he's done is lose four very high quality races - one of which was won in 3:35.19 and another that was won in 13:18. Lalang's bad days are better than virtually everyone else in the field's good days.

Collegiate indoor record holder Miles Batty also hasn't been running great but can't be totally discounted. There are a number of talented more 5,000 types in this race like Andy Bayer and Ryan Hill.

Indoor champ Chris O'hare has run 3:37.95 as well and indoor runner-up Rich Peters has great speed.

Hard to believe we wrote our preview and German Fernandez - the guy who won the NCAA 1,500m title as a true freshman and now is a senior - did not get mentioned. We're mentioning him now because we said talent doesn't go away, but Fernandez has shown nothing this year to indicate he should win this race.

LRC Analysis: We don't think Lalang really is a 1,500 guy but we certainly wouldn't be shocked if he won it. Merber is the guy we'd like to see win it but we kind of fear this race will end up being "He who gets in shape last wins" - sort of like "He who kicks last wins" - and that would mean McEntee, but McEntee is even more inexperienced than Merber.

In the end, the title will mean more to Merber than it will for McEntee.

LRC Prediction: 1) Merber 2) Lalang 3) McEntee

Event 5  Men 1500 Meter Run
 2 Heats.  Advance top 5 from each heat plus next best 2 times
    American:  3:29.30  8/28/2005   Bernard Lagat, Nike                        
College Best:  3:35.30  6/6/1981    Sydney Maree, Villanova                    
   NCAA Meet:  3:35.30  6/6/1981    Sydney Maree, Villanova                    
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
Heat 1  Prelims
  1  Zach Dahleen                  JR So. Illinois        3:46.83 
  2  Josh Munsch                   SO Kansas              3:45.11 
  3  Erik Berg                     JR Brown               3:46.95 
  4  German Fernandez              JR Okla. State         3:46.58 
  5  Duncan Phillips               SR Arkansas            3:46.21 
  6  Andrew Bayer                  JR Indiana             3:45.44 
  7  Kyle Merber                   SR Columbia            3:45.89 
  8  Chris O'Hare                  JR Tulsa               3:46.37 
  9  Johnathan Shawel              SR Notre Dame          3:46.26 
 10  Michael Hammond               JR Virginia Tech       3:46.31 
 11  Ryan Hill                     JR N.C. State          3:45.62 
 12  Miles Batty                   SR BYU                 3:45.88 
Heat 2  Prelims
  1  Patrick McGregor              JR Texas               3:44.26 
  2  Patrick Casey                 JR Oklahoma            3:44.34 
  3  Lawi Lalang                   SO Arizona             3:43.12 
  4  Eric Harasyn                  SR Oklahoma            3:43.55 
  5  Patrick Todd                  JR Virginia            3:46.96 
  6  Trevor Van Ackeren            SR Princeton           3:48.73 
  7  Rich Peters                   SO Boston U.           3:48.36 
  8  Rob Finnerty                  JR Wisconsin           3:42.93 
  9  Erik van Ingen                SR Binghamton          3:48.37 
 10  Nick Hutton                   JR Minnesota           3:44.64 
 11  Brett Johnson                 JR Virginia            3:48.99 
 12  Sam McEntee                   SO Villanova           3:48.73    

Top 5 Times On Year
1    Merber, Kyle    Jr-3    Columbia     3:35.59
2   Lalang, Lawi    SO-2    Arizona       3:36.77
3  McEntee, Sam    SO-2    Villanova    3:36.81    
4   O'Hare, Chris   JR-3    Tulsa           3:37.95     
5   van Ingen, Erik SR-4    Binghamton  3:38.06

Men's Steeple: Donn Cabral Gets His 1st NCAA Title

2011 NCAA Outdoor Results

1 Matt Hughes SR Louisville 8:24.87              
 2 Donn Cabral JR Princeton 8:32.14              
 3 Andrew Poore JR Indiana 8:36.40              
 4 John Sullivan SR Stanford 8:37.74              
 5 Brett Hales SR Weber State 8:37.96              
 6 De'Sean Turner JR Indiana 8:39.12              
 7 Benjamin Johnson JR Stanford 8:40.75              
 8 Justin Tyner SR Air Force 8:40.83              
 9 Craig Forys JR Michigan 8:44.88              
 10 Andy Weatherford JR Indiana 8:47.72              
 11 Travis Mahoney JR Temple 8:52.54              
 12 Hillary Bor SR Iowa State 8:54.93              
 13 Steve Finley SR Oregon 9:05.94              
 14 Ryan McDermott SR Duke 9:14.28              

2012 Top 10 Times

2 Cabral, Donn SR-4 Princeton 8:19.15
  2 Forys, Craig SR-4 Michigan 8:28.90
  3 Leslie, Cory SR-4 Ohio State 8:32.48
  4 Poore, Andrew SR-4 Indiana 8:35.77
  5 Turner, De'Sean SR-4 Indiana 8:36.39
  6 Brill, Alexander SO-2 Wisconsin 8:37.62
  7 Lelei, Henry JR-3 Texas A&M 8:38.90
  8 Dannemiller, Adrien SR-4 Indiana 8:40.42
  9 Cleaver, Matt SR-4 Georgia 8:42.64
  10 Weatherford, Andy SR-4 Indiana 8:42.77

LRC Analysis:
Princeton's Donn Cabral has been the runner-up the last two years. He just ran 8:19 at the Occidental meet and is without a doubt the biggest favorite in a mid-d or distance event on the men's side in our book.

Since he has the best time in the field by 9 seconds, we have few doubts about his fitness. Remember, he is a legit distance stud who normally comes back and scores in the 5,000 but is only doing the steeple this year to stay fresh for the US Olympic Trials (and also this year the men's 5,000 is before the steeple).

But what if it's tactical, you say? Well, first of all, steeples normally aren't really very tactical, but if it's tactical then we know he's the best guy as well. We watched this guy absolutely blow the doors off of the NCAA #3 in the 1,500 in Sam McEntee at Princeton in a 1,500 and then dismiss NCAA #1 in Kyle Merber at Penn Relays in both the DMR and 4 x mile. Our only question about his speed is, "Could he possibly win the NCAA 1,500 if he was in it?" And that's a crazy thought as this is a guy who regularly runs the 10,000 at his conference meet and is a guy who couldn't break 4:00 in the indoor mile this year. He was known for running the 10,000m in high school.

Cabral clearly has had a plan to peak late in the year at the NCAAs and USAs and it seems to be working.

But they run races for a reason. Super talent Craig Forys has seen his career by rejuvenated by new Michigan coach Alex Gibby as he's gone from 8:48 to 8:28. If Cabral somehow loses, we think Forys is your man.

LRC Prediction: The odds of Cabral losing this race are only slightly less than the odds of him getting the American record in the steeple later this year. Okay, that may be a bit of hyperbole but not much. It should be pointed out that this race will be run on Saturday in something like 90 degree heat - sort of when the 5,000 has been run in years past. Cabral has shown he can handle the heat in that event the last two years, so he should be fine.

1) Cabral 2) Forys 3) Leslie

PS - If Cabral does lose, blame the Princeton reunions as their senior week and reunions go on before graduation and took place last week.

Men's 5,000: Some Stud Will Win It But Who Is The Favorite?

2011 NCAA Outdoor Scorers

1 Sam Chelanga SR Liberty 13:29.30     10         
 2 Lawi Lalang FR Arizona 13:31.69            
 3 Leonard Korir SR Iona 13:35.71            
 4 Chris Derrick JR Stanford 13:36.17            
 5 Diego Estrada JR Northern Arizona 13:38.36            
 6 Rory Fraser SR New Mexico 13:39.40            
 7 Cameron Levins JR Southern Utah 13:40.30            
 8 Donn Cabral JR Princeton 13:40.62            

2012 NCAA Indoor Scorers

1 Lawi Lalang SO Arizona 13:25.11   10       
 2 Chris Derrick JR Stanford 13:26.88        
 3 Stephen Sambu JR Arizona 13:33.61          
 4 Cameron Levins SR Southern Utah 13:38.12          
 5 Diego Estrada JR Northern Arizona 13:38.45          
 6 Leonard Korir SR Iona 13:45.15          
 7 Hassan Mead SR Minnesota 13:51.98          
 8 Donn Cabral SR Princeton 13:53.14          

It's kind of hard to break this down as some of the leading contenders are doubling. The 5,000 comes after the 10,000 final and after the 1,500 prelims but the day before the 1,500 final.

To us, a victory in this event often depends on what happens in the other events. Desire goes a long way.

In our minds, there are only four guys that can win this race and three of them are running other events. Cam Levins and Stephen Sambu are in the 10,000 and Lawi Lalang is in the 1,500. As a result, UNC-Greensboro's Paul Chelimo could win. Chelimo isn't well known, but he's run 13:21 and he smoked Donn Cabral in a 1,500 at the Raleigh Relays. Now that was before Cabral became superman, but Chelimo is no slouch as he was 4th indoors in the 3,000.

At PAC-12s, Sambu was second and Lalang third (Derrick won).

LRC Analysis Prediction: Making a prediction in this event this far out is almost stupid. Chelimo seems to be on the upswing but it's hard to go against Lalang or Levins. But Sambu beat Chelimo in a 5,000 early and Sambu beat Lalang at PAC-12s.

1) Chelimo (if you can dust Cabral, you should be able to win). 2) Sambu 3) Lalang

LRC Prediction: If Levins wins the 10,000, we may pick him to go to legendary status and win here.

Event 7  Men 5000 Meter Run
 Final only. Random draw. Double waterfall. 2/3 on main
    American:  12:53.60  7/22/2011   Bernard Lagat, Nike                       
College Best:  13:08.4h  5/13/1978   Henry Rono, Washington State              
   NCAA Meet:  13:20.63  6/2/1979    Sydney Maree, Villanova                   
     Name                        Year School                 Seed           
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Dan Quigley                   JR Missouri           14:12.99 
  2  George Alex                   SR Oklahoma           14:08.41 
  3  William Mulherin              JR Virginia Tech      14:17.45 
  4  Joe Stilin                    SR Princeton          14:01.37 
  5  Bobby Moldovan                SR N.C. State         14:03.05 
  6  Paul Chelimo                  SO UNC-Greensboro     14:00.51 
  7  Sandy Roberts                 SR N.C. State         14:17.94 
  8  Chris Kwiatkowski             SR Oregon             14:07.19 
  9  Lawi Lalang                   SO Arizona            14:28.41 
 10  Ben Hubers                    SR Indiana            14:17.59 
 11  Dan Lowry                     SR Brown              14:02.36 
 12  David Rooney                  JR McNeese State      14:17.69 
 13  Mitch Goose                   SR Iona               14:17.74 
 14  Hassan Mead                   SR Minnesota          14:16.06 
 15  Cameron Levins                SR So. Utah           14:04.75 
 16  Mohammed Ahmed                SO Wisconsin          14:07.45 
 17  Trevor Dunbar                 SO Oregon             14:17.81 
 18  Joseph Chebet                 JR West Kentucky      14:03.86 
 19  Parker Stinson                SO Oregon             14:23.64 
 20  Girma Mecheso                 JR Okla. State        14:07.73 
 21  Soufiane Bouchikhi            JR East Kentucky      14:05.69 
 22  Stephen Sambu                 SR Arizona            14:17.21 
 23  Brendan Gregg                 SR Stanford           14:11.16 
 24  Terefe Ejigu                  JR East Michigan      14:01.88   

Top 2012 NCAA Times

1 Levins, Cameron  Southern Utah  13:18.5
2 Lalang, Lawi  Arizona  13:18.9
3 Chelimo, Paul  UNC-Greensboro  13:21.9
4 Sambu, Stephen  Arizona  13:31.5
5 Hill, Ryan  North Carolina St.  13:33.2
6 Bayer, Andrew  Indiana  13:33.2
7 Goose, Mitch  Iona  13:34.4
8 Lowry, Dan  Brown  13:34.5
9 Mecheso, Girma  Oklahoma State  13:34.8
10 Alex, George  Oklahoma  13:35.3

Men's Team Battle: Three Teams Have A Chance

Track & Field News does the best job of analyzing it. They have three teams finishing within 5 points of each other. You can see their event-by-event prediction by clicking on that link as well.

1. Florida State 52
2. Florida 50
3. Texas A&M 47


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