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One Of The Most Exciting Men's 5,000s We've Ever Seen; Alan Webb Doubles; And Chris Derrick And Cam Levins Battle It Out With Sam Chalanga

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By LetsRun.com
April 30, 2012

What a night of great men's distance action.

A much-improved Alan Webb came through with a very encouraging double, the American collegiate record in the men's 10,000 fell, and all of that was overshadowed by one of the most exciting 5,000s we've ever seen in our lives.

Where to begin?

How about with Alan Webb? We guess we'll start with him because the only fair way is to recap things in chronological order (saving the steeple for last).

Is Alan Webb Back (Or At Least On His Way Back)?

Written off for dead by many running aficionados just over three weeks ago when he ran a 1:54/3:54 double at the Florida Relays on April 6th, Alan Webb didn't give up on himself and was vastly improved just a week later on April 14th when he ran a 3:43/14:15 double at George Mason.

Well, if Webb can improve that much in one week, we imagine some of you were wondering, "How much can he improve in two weeks?" The answer? A ton.

On Sunday, in the span of 40 minutes, Alan Webb ran a 3:38.86/13:49.70 double (the 5,000 was scheduled to start 23 minutes after the 1,500 ended). Making the feat more impressive than the short rest was the fact that at Stanford in the 5,000, Webb started the race simply as the rabbit but he felt good at halfway and fell back to the middle of the pack and finished it and ran 25+ seconds faster than he did two weeks ago at George Mason, where he was towed along in the 5,000 until a mile to go.

We recap all of the big men's races below, starting with the most exciting race of the night - section one of the men's 5,000 (Webb was in section 2).

More: MB: *Alan Webb 3:38.99...good!! but not enough to make the team. *WEBB PACING 5K, DECIDES TO STAY IN RACE, HE IS A GOD!!! *ALAN WEBB 3:39 LOW OR 3:38 HIGH!

Men's 1,500: Alan Webb Finishes 3rd-To-Last & Many Rejoice

The rabbit Matt Scherer got things going fast from the start and Alan Webb aggressively was the one to get right behind him. At 400, Webb was in 2nd place (56-high according to the announcers), but he'd soon start to fade. With 400 remaining (2:39 for the leaders), Webb was 2nd-to-last in the large 13-person field. At the finish, Webb was third to last.

A disaster, right?

Not so fast, as 12 of the 13 guys in the race broke 3:40, including Webb, who improved his seasonal best by 4.42 seconds from 16 days ago as he went from 3:43.28 to 3:38.86 tonight.

Up front, there was one dominant performer as Britain's Andy Baddeley crushed the field and dipped under the Olympic A standard of 3:35.50 as he ran 3:35.19 to get the win with his fastest time since 2010.

The runner-up, Norway's Henrik Ingebrigtsen, was very happy in defeat as the 21-year-old set a new Norwegian record of 3:36.39, a huge improvement of his PR of 3:38.61, which was Norway's junior record. The record he broke was almost 36 years old, as Lars Martin Kaupang ran 3:37.4 back on June 30th, 1976.

Kiwi Zane Robertson, one of the twins who raised eyebrows when he chose to move to Africa to train instead of coming to college in America, found that a trip to America was just what he needed, as he got a big PR to finish third in 3:36.53. His previous 1,500 best of 3:39.39 came en route in his 3:56.13 mile last week at Mt. SAC.

Arizona's Lawi Lalang set a new collegiate leader in fourth at 3:36.77. NCAA indoor mile champ Chris O'Hare of Tulsa, whose PR was just 3:40.62 (coming during his 3:56.63 indoor mile at Millrose), ran 3:37.95 for 7th.

More: MB: *Alan Webb 3:38.99...good!! but not enough to make the team. *WEBB PACING 5K, DECIDES TO STAY IN RACE, HE IS A GOD!!! *ALAN WEBB 3:39 LOW OR 3:38 HIGH!

Event 8  Men 1500 Meter Run Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Andy Baddeley                New Balance            3:35.19
  2 Henrik Ingebrigtsen          Aam                    3:36.39
  3 Zane Robertson               Unattached             3:36.53
  4 Lawi Lalang                  Arizona                3:36.77
  5 John Bolas                   Melbourne Tr           3:37.31
  6 Craig Miller                 Melbourne Tr           3:37.48
  7 David Bishop                 Unattached             3:37.51
  8 Jeff See                     Saucony                3:37.60
  9 Chris O'Hare                 Tulsa                  3:37.95
 10 Taylor Milne                 Speed River Tfc        3:38.07
 11 Alan Webb                    Nike                   3:38.86
 12 Geoff Martinson              Prince George T&F      3:39.67
 13 Jeremy Roff                  Nswis Sydney           3:40.73
 -- Matt Scherer                 Unattached                 DNF

Heat 2

A 56-second last lap gave Ohio State's Cory Leslie a brief collegiate leader.

Event 9  Men 1500 Meter Run Section 2
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Cory Leslie                  Ohio State             3:39.00
  2 Michael Hammond              Virginia Tech          3:39.22
  3 Liam Boylan-Pett             New Jersey-N           3:39.65
  4 Stephen Pifer                Otc                    3:39.97
  5 Kristopher Gauson            Unattached             3:40.16
  6 Reed Connor                  Wisconsin              3:40.46
  7 Tyler Stutzman               Stanford               3:40.53
  8 Andrew Graham                Adams State            3:40.95
  9 Rob Finnerty                 Wisconsin              3:41.07
 10 Jermaine Mays                Great Britain          3:41.57
 11 Michael Atchoo               Stanford               3:42.36
 12 Pablo Solares                Nike/Mexico            3:48.35
 -- ryan witt                    VT Elite                   DNF

Heat 3
Wisconsin's Austin Mudd unleashed a ferocious kick over the last 150 meters to dominate in 3:40.87.

Event 10  Men 1500 Meter Run Section 3
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Austin Mudd                  Wisconsin              3:40.87
  2 Elliott Heath                Unattached             3:41.55
  3 Billy Nelson                 New Balance            3:41.57
  4 Ross Proudfoot               Speed River Tfc        3:41.86
  5 Ryan McNiff                  Adidas Team Green      3:42.19
  6 Chris Walizer                Virginia Tech          3:42.61
  7 Darren McBrearty             Dcu/Letterkenny AC     3:42.92
  8 David Forrester              Florida State          3:44.67
  9 Jordan Chipangama            Northern Arizona       3:45.43
 10 Carlos Jamieson              Cptc New Balance       3:46.19
 11 Adam Cotton                  Harvard                3:47.52
 -- Danny Buechel                Wisconsin                  DNF
 -- Andrew Berberick             Stanford                   DNF

5,000: One Of The Funnest Races We've Ever Watched In Our Lives - Don't Worry; We Won't Spoil It For You

If you didn't watch this race live, you have watch one of the greatest races we've ever seen. If you haven't seen it, please watch it below. We haven't mentioned what happens in the race as we don't want to kill the suspense for you. Just don't scroll down too far, as we tell you what happens below the video.


Watch More Video Of 2012 Stanford Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational On flotrack.org

Evan Jager did a nice job of rabbitting the field through 1,600 in 4:15.6 and 3,200 in 8:32. After he stopped towing the field along, Brit Chris Thompson took over the duties. With 1,300 meters to go, American Matt Tegenkamp went to the lead but with 3 laps to go (10:10), the real racing began as the third-to-last lap was covered in 61. Things would only get faster to the finish, as on the backstretch of the next lap, Americans Lopez Lomong and David Torrence, who before tonight were known primarily as milers (Torrence had a 13:55 road PR and Lomong a 14:04 PR from the road as well) really started hammering on the backstretch. Suddenly the lead field was obliterated as Lomong and Torrence started showing some of their 1:45 800 speed. Coming off the turn, the speed of Lomong was mind-boggling.

As he approached the homestretch, we thought to ourselves, "Oh my god. He thinks he's fiinishing. There is no way he can keep up this full sprint for another lap."

Lomong went through the finish line in 12:05 - meaning he'd run a 54 - and he pumped his fist in celebration. Everyone in attendance - spectators, commentators and photographers - started screaming at Lomong, trying to tell him he had one more lap to go. After a few painful seconds, Lomong hopped back in and started running again. He was going so fast on the final 200 of his next-to-last lap that when he hit 200 to go on his ACTUAL final lap, he'd still run the 400 meters from 600 to 200 out in 59 seconds even after stopping for several seconds, and his lead was so big he still managed to hold off everyone in the field thanks to a 66 final lap.

Now that was certainly the most impressive and unbelievably exciting 13:11.63 that we've ever seen.

"Oh my god. When someone said you got one more lap to go, I thought, 'No way," said Lomong. "(When I hopped back in) I couldn't kick the way I wanted to kick. (But) I'm excited."

When asked if he'd run the 1,500 or 5,000 at the US trials, Lomong answered coyly: "Everything is on the table right now."

Behind Lomong, the top seven all got the "A" standard of 13:20, including Americans Matt Tegenkamp (13:15.00), Andrew Bumbalough (13:16.26) and David Torrence (13:16.53). Even though Torrence kicked on the backstretch with Lomong with a lap and half to go, he said he didn't miscount the number of laps but was just trying to win the race and match Lomong's move.

"I didn't really miscount. I just kind of misjudged the effort. (Lomong) made a hard move (and) I thought I can go with it," said Torrence. "Lopez to his credit, I can't believe he held on for the win."

Coming into the race, only four Americans had the "A" standard. Bernard Lagat (12:53.60), Galen Rupp (13:06.86), Matt Tegenkamp (13:14.75) and Chris Derrick (13:19.58).

People coming up short of the "A" standard included 2008 Olympic silver medallist at 1,500, Nick Willis, who ran 13:29.56 for 10th.

Event 18  Men 5000 Meter Run Section 1

    Name                    Year School                  Finals

  1 Lopez Lomong                 Nike Otc              13:11.63
  2 Kevin Chelimo                Otc                   13:14.57
  3 Matt Tegenkamp               Nike Otc              13:15.00
  4 Chris Thompson               Otc                   13:15.21
  5 Thomas Farrell               Unattached            13:15.31
  6 Andrew Bumbalough            Nike Otc              13:16.26
  7 David Torrence               Nike                  13:16.53
  8 Paul Chelimo                 Unc-Greensboro        13:21.89
  9 Garrett Heath                Saucony               13:27.07
 10 Nick Willis                  Reebok                13:29.56
 11 Ryan Hill                    North Carolina St.    13:33.23
 12 Mitch Goose                  Iona                  13:34.41
 13 Jordan McNamara              Otc                   13:34.64
 14 Sindre Buraas                Aam                   13:34.72
 15 Yosef Ghebray                Unattached            13:35.29
 16 Ian Dobson                   Otc                   13:35.82
 17 Mark Christie                Ireland               13:37.32
 18 Chris Barnicle               New Balance           13:42.46
 19 Jeroen D'Hoedt               Golazo Sports         13:42.72
 20 Aldo Vega                    Unattached            13:45.85
 21 Brenton Rowe                 Unattached            14:08.70
 22 Ross Millington              Unattached            14:11.75
 23 Kyle Boorsma                 Speed River Tfc       14:13.93
 -- Reed Connor                  Wisconsin                  DNF
 -- Evan Jager                   Nike Otc                   DNF
 -- Jake Robertson               Unattached                 DNF
 -- José Mauricio González G     Colombia                   DNF

Section 2: Alan Webb Rabbits & Then Races

Jake Hurysz is going to be a great addition to Mark Wetmore's Colorado program in the near future. The NC transfer, who is sitting out this spring, just exploded over the final 200 to get the win in 13:38.59, but the story here was how Alan Webb stayed in the race after towing the field through halfway.

The rabbit-turned-racer closed his last 800 in about 2:09 to run 13:49.70.

More: MB: *Alan Webb 3:38.99...good!! but not enough to make the team. *WEBB PACING 5K, DECIDES TO STAY IN RACE, HE IS A GOD!!! *ALAN WEBB 3:39 LOW OR 3:38 HIGH!

Event 19  Men 5000 Meter Run Section 2
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Jake Hurysz                  Unattached            13:38.59
  2 Kevin Williams               Oklahoma              13:39.87
  3 Kenyon Neuman                Nike                  13:40.38
  4 William Mulherin             Virginia Tech         13:41.06
  5 Breandan O'Neill             Florida State         13:41.56
  6 Elliot Krause                Wisconsin             13:42.38
  7 matthew tebo                 Boulder Track Club    13:43.05
  8 Brendan Gregg                Stanford              13:46.49
  9 Kirubel Erassa               Oklahoma State        13:47.26
 10 Ben Cheruiyot                Eastern Kentucky      13:47.62
 11 Michael Fout                 Florida State         13:47.76
 12 Jonathan Peterson            UC Davis              13:48.43
 13 Daniel Chenoweth             Wisconsin             13:49.41
 14 Andrew Colley                North Carolina St.    13:49.61
 15 Alan Webb                    Nike                  13:49.70
 16 Ryan Collins                 Wisconsin             13:50.62
 17 Miles Unterreiner            Stanford              13:50.90
 18 Matt Bond                    Adams State           13:51.03
 19 Diego Alberto Borrego        Mexico                13:53.73
 20 Ryouhei Kawakami             Kanebo                13:54.91
 21 Nicholas Kipruto             New Mexico            13:59.56
 22 Jonathan Hay                 Nike                  13:59.97
 23 Kevin Castille               John's Run/W          14:00.09
 24 Lex Williams                 Unattached            14:24.00
 25 Steve Murdock                adidas/Movin Shoes    14:29.16
 -- Chris Rombough               Team Usa Minnesota         DNF
 -- Michael Coe                  Unattached                 DNF
 -- Giliat Ghebray               Transports R               DNF

Mens 10,000: Chris Derrick Sets The American Collegiate 10,000 Record & Loses To Another Collegian Not Born In America

The men's 10,000 was hyped as a chase for the Olympic "A" Standard of 27:45.00 and a clash between the two collegians who had recently beaten the seemingly unbeatable Lawi Lalang - Chris Derrick (who beat lalang in a 1,500 three weeks ago) and Cam Levins (who beat him in a 5,000 last week at Mt. SAC).

The race lived up to the to the hype as the first eight across the line all got the Olympic "A" and Derrick and Levins were battling for the lead late.

The race started off right at the Olympic "A" standard pace as Tim Nelson rabbitted the field through 4,800 as the leaders went through 5k in 13:52. Just after 5,000, Sam Chelanga, who set the collegiate record of 27:08.39 in this race in 2010, took the lead as he and Aaron Rono did a lot of the work to keep the pace honest. The pace would stay would right on 27:45 pace through 6,400 (17:45 is 27:45 pace and they hit 6,400 in 27:46). Shortly thereafter, Derrick, who had started off next to last and gone through 5,000 in about 13:55, finally made his appearance known up front when he made a big move to the lead from sixth to first with 7.5 laps to go as the pace dipped under 4:25 for the 5th and 6th 1,600 segments before the race was decided on one last glorious lap.

With 500 meters to go, Chelanga and Derrick were battling side-by-side. After a 63.6 penultimate lap, Chelanga took the lead but on the backstretch it soon became apparent who the victor was going to be.

Southern Utah's Cam Levins!!!

With 250 meters to go, he took the lead and his last 200 was a thing of beauty. A 26-point final 200 and 55 final 400 gave him the victory in 27:27.96. Chelanga ended up second in 27:29.82. Derrick eclipsed Galen Rupp's five-year-old American collegiate record of 27:33.48 by running 27:31.38, proving that our plea from earlier in the year that people should compare Derrick to Rupp was correct.

Despite the new American collegiate record, Derrick sounded far from satisfied in his post-race interview on the flotrack broadcast.

"It's always less good when you lose - especially to someone in college, but I'm pretty stoked and it just shows you what attitude and expectations can do. I saw that (Stephen) Sambu and (Leonard) Korir did it last year (got the "A" standard in the race) so I thought I can do it too," said Derrick.

"Obviously the goal was to run under 27:45 to give me some options for the Trials and such so I'm pleased with that. I felt pretty good in the race."

"I got worried with like 8 laps to go. I was pretty far back and the pace was slowing so I went to the lead and I may have shot my (chances)."

***Stanford is all about hitting the Olympic "A" standard of 27:45. Italy's World Championship 5000m finalist Daniele Meucci already had the standard and was 3rd. Also getting the standard were former redshirting NAU star and recent American citizen Diego Estrada 27:32.90 (a huge pr, old best 28:40), the University of Wisconsin's and Canada's Mohammed Ahmed (27:34.64), former USATF XC champ Brent Vaughn (27:40.21), and former Dartmouth runner Ben True. Before this race 4 Americans (Galen Rupp, Matt Tegenkamp, Tim Nelson, and Bobby Curtis) had the standard. Now it's 8. The bigger news might be who missed. There aren't many top notch 10,000m races on the track and the ones in Europe are often too fast for guys just trying to hit the standard. Amongst those coming up short were Aaron Braun, Ryan Vail, Bobby Mack, Simon Bairu, Collis Birmingham, Brett Gotcher, David McNeil, Alistair Cragg and Scott Bauhs. Making the Olympics became very difficult for these guys.

1,600 - 4:27
3,200- 8:53 (4:25-6)
4,800 - 13:19 (4:25-6)
5k - 13:52
6,400 - 17:46 (4:26-7)
8,000 - 22:08 (4:21-2)
9,600 - 26:32 (4:24)
55 last lap

Event 21  Men 10000 Meter Run Kim McDonald
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Cameron Levins               Southern Utah         27:27.96
  2 Sam Chelanga                 Otc                   27:29.82
  3 Chris Derrick                Stanford              27:31.38
  4 Daniele Meucci               Unattached            27:32.86
  5 Diego Estrada                Unattached            27:32.90
  6 Mohammed Ahmed               Wisconsin             27:34.64
  7 Brent Vaughn                 Nike Otc              27:40.21
  8 Ben True                     Saucony               27:41.17
  9 Brian Olinger                Reebok                27:50.58
 10 Akinobu Murasawa             Tokai University      27:50.59
 11 Aaron Braun                  adidas                27:51.01
 12 Ryan Vail                    Brooks                27:51.07
 13 Tsuyoshi Ugachi              Konica Minolta        27:52.79
 14 Bobby Mack                   Unattached            27:53.52
 15 Andy Vernon                  Melbourne Tr          27:53.65
 16 Yuki Sato                    Nissin Foods          27:57.07
 17 Simon Bairu                  Nike Otc              27:58.05
 18 Collis Birmingham            Melbourne Tr          28:06.63
 19 Aron Rono                    Unattached            28:06.74
 20 David McNeill                Unattached            28:09.58
 21 Harry Summers                Melbourne Tr          28:13.23
 22 Stefano LaRosa               Italy                 28:13.62
 23 Luke Puskedra                Oregon                28:13.91
 24 Kensuke Takezawa             S&B                   28:15.79
 25 Brett Gotcher                adidas - McM          28:21.43
 26 Robert Cheseret              US Army               28:53.51
 27 Juan Carlos Romero           Mexico                28:54.59
 28 Yuki Matsuoka                Otsuka Pharm          28:55.90
 29 Yusuke Takabayashi           Toyotabw              29:12.69
 30 Yufu Ikuto                   Komazawa University   29:21.29
 31 Tomoyuki Morita              Kanebo                29:25.55
 -- Alistair Cragg               adidas                     DNF
 -- Scott Bauhs                  Mammoth TC                 DNF
 -- Tim Nelson                   Nike Otc                   DNF
 -- Rory Fraser                  Unattached                 DNF
 -- Adrian Blincoe               Melbourne Tr               DNF

Men's Steeple

Josh McAdams
dropped out in the second-to-last lap and Kyle Alcorn went to the lead in last 100m to get the win. Despite the win, Alcorn wasn't happy with the time as he came up short of the "A" standard of 8:23.10.

"I'm happy with the win but a little disappointed I didn't get the 'A' (standard)," Alcorn told flotrack. "I feel like I'm finally ready to break 8:20. I've been in the low 8:20s for years (Alcorn ran his 8:21.46 PR in 2008)."

Event 14  Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase Section 1
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Kyle Alcorn                  Nike                   8:26.66
  2 Alex Genest                  Speed River Tfc        8:27.41
  3 Donald Cowart                Rmr                    8:29.05
  4 Matt Hughes                  Unattached             8:31.77
  5 Jose Pena                    venezuela              8:31.97
  6 Rob Mullett                  Saucony                8:32.80
  7 Chris Winter                 Speed River Tfc        8:33.68
  8 David Adams                  Unattached             8:35.59
  9 Augustus Maiyo               US Army                8:35.98
 10 Peter Nowill                 Melbourne Tr           8:36.92
 11 Steve Slattery               Unattached             8:38.05
 12 Cameron Bean                 Zap Fitness            8:38.27
 13 Kyle Heath                   Wcap -army             8:41.19
 14 mario bazan                  Unattached             8:41.28
 15 Luke Gunn                    Asics                  8:43.05
 16 Corey Nowitzke               Unattached             8:44.16
 17 Luis Ibarra                  Nike Run LA            8:45.57
 18 Aoi Matsumoto                Otsuka Pharm           9:01.23
 -- Joshua McAdams               New Balance Memphis        DNF

Complete Results Can Be Found Here

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