Part Four Of A Detailed Look At The Wilson Or "24/8" Plan For Qualifying For The NCAA Outdoor Track And Field Championships

Part 4: Women's Field Events

By LetsRun.com
May 28, 2010

This is the fourth of a five part series examining the 24/8 or Wilson Plan which may be used to determine the qualifiers for the 2011 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Today's events are the women's field events. If you missed our initial first three days of coverage, which included our introduction to the series, please click on the links below. Also we're sure we might have made a mistake somewhere along the way as it took hours to do all the research. So if you have corrections, email them here. Comments? Email them here.

Wednesday- Introduction/Men's Running Events
Thursday - Men's Field Events
Friday -
Women's Running Events
Coming Sunday - Relays + Analysis/Aggregation B
y Conference Affiliation.

Below you will find a list of the athletes who would make this year's NCAA Championships under next year's "24/8" rule, in which the athletes with the top 24 seasonal bests and the conference champions with the next 8 seasonal bests qualify for the Championships.

A "D" after a mark indicates the athlete has declared entry to this year's NCAA first round. Red indicates an athlete who had one of the top 48 marks in the East or West region for the 2010 outdoor season but is not entered in the NCAA first round in that event. The top 24 national marks of all athletes are listed plus the marks of athletes who make the top 24 when the undeclared athletes are removed from the list. Conference champions with the next 8 seasonal bests are then listed. Conference champions who would be outside of the top 24 if everyone on the descending order list declared entry to the NCAA meet are indicated as such, so you can figure out who would make the NCAA meet this year under next year's "24/8" rule if no one scratched.

Women's High Jump

Top 24 (Actually 31 as 2 didn't declare and several tied for the final spot)

1. Amber Kaufman (Hawaii) 1.91mD
2. Epley Bullock (Nebraska) 1.90mD
3. Brigetta Barrett (Arizona) 1.89mD
4. Jane Doolittle (UC-Santa Barbara) 1.87mD
5. Elizabeth Patterson (Arizona) 1.86mD
6. April Sinkler (Clemson) 1.86mD
7. Brianne Theisen (Oregon) 1.86m
8. Brittani Carter (LSU) 1.84mD
9. Priscilla Frederick (St. John's) 1.84mD
10. Carin Knight (Connecticut) 1.84mD
11. Krystle Schade (Alabama) 1.83mD
12. Ke'Airra Jones (Southern. Mississippi) 1.82mD
13. Ada Robinson (BYU) 1.82mD
14. Toni Tollefson (North Dakota State) 1.82mD
15. Patience Coleman (North Carolina) 1.81mD
16. Jasmine Cribb (Connecticut) 1.81mD
17. Terri-Ann Grant (Georgia Tech) 1.81mD
18. Uhunoma Osazuwa (Syracuse) 1.81mD
19. Ashley Rhoades (Indiana) 1.81mD
20. Chealsea Taylor (Alabama) 1.81mD
21. Emily Breslin (Purdue) 1.80mD
22. Rebecca Buchholtz (Michigan State) 1.80mD
23. Desirae Gonder (Cal State-Northridge) 1.80m
24. Erynn James (Marquette) 1.80mD
25. Victoria Lucas (Texas) 1.80mD
26. Kristen Meister (California) 1.80mD
27. Holly Parent (Washington State) 1.80mD
28. Maya Pressley (Auburn) 1.80mD
29. Sarah Saddleton (Hawaii) 1.80mD
30. Megan Seidl (Wisconsin) 1.80mD
31. Whitney Sisler (Cal Poly-SLO) 1.80mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 11 as 3 didn't declare)

1. Shayna Daugherty (Rhode Island) 1.79mD
2. Erika Schroll (Central Michigan) 1.79mD
3. Elise Trexler (North Florida) 1.78mD
4. Tynita Butts (East Carolina) 1.75mD
5. Monique Roberts (Columbia) 1.75mD
6. Jesse Labreck (Maine) 1.74m
7. McKenzie Majchrzak (Army) 1.73m
8. Moira Robinson (Sacramento State) 1.73m
9. Lisa Bingham (Texas State) 1.72mD
10. Veronica Bryant (Troy) 1.72m
(did not make first round this year)
11. Chennelle Martin (Indiana State) 1.71m (did not make first round this year)

Women's Pole Vault

Top 24 (Actually 26 as 3 tied for the final spot)

1. Kylie Hutson (Indiana State) 4.51mD
2. Katie Stripling (Arkansas) 4.41mD
3. Melissa Gergel (Oregon) 4.35mD
4. Stephanie James (San Diego State) 4.35mD
5. Shade Weygandt (Texas Tech) 4.34mD
6. Katy Viuf (UCLA) 4.32mD
7. Tina Sutej (Arkansas) 4.31mD
8. Leslie Brost (North Dakota State) 4.30mD
9. Tori Pena (UCLA) 4.30mD
10. Katerina Stefanidi (Stanford) 4.30mD
11. Natalie Willer (Nebraska) 4.30mD
12. Brysun Stately (USC) 4.27mD
13. Kari Clark (BYU) 4.25mD
14. Carrie Kayes (Akron) 4.25mD
15. Rachel Laurent (LSU) 4.25mD
16. Janice Keppler (Arkansas) 4.21mD
17. Jenny Soceka (Wisconsin) 4.21mD
18. Brianna Neumann (Purdue) 4.20mD
19. Jade Reibold (Georgia) 4.17mD
20. Alicia Rue (Minnesota) 4.16mD
21. Katie Morgan (San Diego State) 4.15mD
22. Vica Shobe (South Carolina) 4.13mD
23. Samantha Sonnenberg (Minnesota) 4.12mD
24. Rita Ciambra (New Hampshire) 4.11mD
25. Rachel Brooke Fisher (BYU) 4.11mD
26. Stephanie Foreman (Arkansas State) 4.11mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Amy Fryt (Duke) 4.10mD
2. Tiffany Maskulinski (Buffalo) 4.10mD
3. Elizabeth Norvell (Sacramento State) 4.10mD
4. Carrie Burggraf (Austin Peay) 4.09mD
5. Nicole Kazuba (William & Mary) 4.00mD
6. Lacey Sanchez (Southeast Louisiana) 4.00mD
7. Tory Worthen (Princeton) 4.00mD
8. K.C. Dahlgren (Idaho) 3.97mD

Women's Long Jump

Top 24

1. Blessing Okagbare (UTEP) 6.88mD
2. Shara Proctor (Florida) 6.69mD
3. Mindy McClurkin (BYU) 6.63mD
4. Jamesha Youngblood (Oregon) 6.63mD
5. Whitney Gipson (TCU) 6.60mD
6. Whitney Carlson (North Dakota State) 6.44mD
7. Sarah Matthew (Stanford) 6.44mD
8. April Sinkler (Clemson) 6.43mD
9. Chantel Malone (Texas) 6.41mD
10. Eleni Kafourou (Boise State) 6.39mD
11. Arantxa King (Stanford) 6.37mD
12. Nina Kokot (Kansas State) 6.37mD
13. Brittany Bozeman (Mississippi) 6.36mD
14. La'Taish Brown (Wichita State) 6.36mD
15. Vashti Thomas (Texas A&M) 6.36mD
16. Wendy Copeland (Mississippi) 6.35mD
17. Sasha-Kay Matthias (Texas A&M) 6.34mD
18. Brittni Dixon-Smith (Stanford) 6.33mD
19. Danielle Watson (UCLA) 6.33mD
20. Todea-Kay Willis (Minnesota) 6.33mD
21. Neidra Covington (TCU) 6.32mD
22. Kassandrea Son (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi) 6.31mD
23. Deandra Doyley (Miami) 6.30mD
24. Malin Marmbrandt (Manhattan) 6.30mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Ashley Austin (North Texas) 6.28mD
2. Ashley Hunault (Western Michigan) 6.22mD
3. Shakia Forbes (North Carolina A&T) 6.18mD
4. Shelese Ruffin (Cal State-Northridge) 6.12mD
5. Melissa Hewitt (Cornell) 6.11mD
6. Whitney Holder (Connecticut) 6.11mD
7. Moira Robinson (Sacramento State) 6.06mD
8. Christiana Taylor (Temple) 6.06mD

Women's Triple Jump

Top 24

1. Kimberly Williams (Florida State) 13.52mD
2. Neidra Covington (TCU) 13.46mD
3. Andrea Geubelle (Kansas) 13.39mD
4. Deanna Young (New Mexico) 13.38mD
5. Patricia Mamona (Clemson) 13.30mD
6. Jamesha Youngblood (Oregon) 13.30mD
7. Eleni Kafourou (Boise State) 13.29mD
8. Shara Proctor (Florida) 13.29mD
9. Ashley May (Southern Mississippi) 13.26mD
10. Lauren Martin (Indiana State) 13.25mD
11. Melissa Ogbourne (LSU) 13.25mD
12. Deandra Doyley (Miami) 13.22mD
13. Sarah Nambawa (Middle Tennessee State) 13.21mD
14. Leandra McGruder (Nebraska) 13.16mD
15. Lauren Reid (UC-Riverside) 13.16mD
16. Danielle Thorpe (Appalachian State) 13.16mD
17. Tracey Stewart (California) 13.09mD
18. April Sinkler JR Clemson 13.08mD
19. Ashika Charan (Texas A&M) 13.04mD
20. Tiffany Peters (Texas A&M) 13.04mD
21. Vashti Thomas (Texas A&M) 13.03mD
22. Maria Augutis (Georgia) 13.00mD
23. Chavon Robinson (Wisconsin) 12.95mD
24. Nkeiru Ugwoaba (Purdue) 12.95mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Brenda Baar (Kent State) 12.82mD
2. Moira Robinson (Sacramento State) 12.81mD
3. Brittney Cloudy (St. Louis) 12.70mD
4. Namatirai Grace Mavugara (George Mason) 12.66mD
5. Malin Marmbrandt (Manhattan) 12.65mD
6. Jill Arthur (Kennesaw State) 12.60mD
7. Jasmine Smith (South Carolina State) 12.57mD
8. Kristen Killoran (North Dakota State) 12.53mD

Women's Shot Put

Top 24 (Actually 26 as 1 didn't declare and 2 tied for the final spot)

1. Mariam Kevkhishvilli (Florida) 18.46mD
2. Faith Sherrill (Indiana) 17.03mD
3. Aja Evans (Illinois) 16.99mD
4. Karen Shump (Oklahoma) 16.95mD
5. Julie Labonte (Arizona) 16.82mD
6. Trecey Rew (Northwestern State-LA) 16.74mD
7. Tia Brooks (Oklahoma) 16.69mD
8. Keely Medeiros (Florida) 16.64mD
9. Sara Neubauer (Air Force) 16.60mD
10. Brittany Cox (Middle Tennessee State) 16.49mD
11. Lawanda Henry (North Carolina State) 16.48mD
12. Ashley Muffet (Kentucky) 16.44mD
13. Jordyn Brown (Texas) 16.42mD
14. Simone du Toit (SMU) 16.42mD
15. Jeneva McCall (Southern Illinois) 16.41mD
16. Rebecca O'Brien (Buffalo) 16.31mD
17. Betty Williams (Mississippi) 16.30mD
18. Danielle Grunloh (Brown) 16.25mD
19. Kristy Woods (Buffalo) 16.15mD
20. Mykael Bothum (Idaho) 16.06mD
21. Amy Backel (Oklahoma) 15.99m
22. Gwen Berry (Southern Illinois) 15.99mD
23. Brittany Smith (Illinois State) 15.98mD
24. Rosario Sanchez (Fresno State) 15.97mD
25. Khadija Abdullah (Louisville) 15.91mD
26. D'Ana McCarty (Louisville) 15.91mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 9 as 1 didn't declare)

1. Kandace Arnold (Eastern Illinois) 15.89mD
2. Kayla Smith (UC-Santa Barbara) 15.53mD
3. Danielle Curry (Youngstown State) 15.48mD
4. Rachel Talbert (Oral Roberts) 15.47m
5. Ify Agwuenu (Sacramento State) 15.21mD
6. Christin Bridge (St. Francis, Pa.) 15.08mD
7. Vanessa Henry (Maryland-Eastern Shore) 14.97mD
8. Mallory Barnes (Dayton) 14.84mD
9. Amanda Deller (UMBC) 14.37m (did not make first round this year)

Women's Discus

Top 24

1. Jere' Summers (Louisville) 57.21mD
2. Erin Pendleton (Michigan) 56.87mD
3. Brittany Borman (Oklahoma) 56.72mD
4. Jeneva McCall (Southern Illinois) 56.72mD
5. Karen Shump (Oklahoma) 55.70mD
6. Ashley Muffet (Kentucky) 55.43mD
7. Rachel Talbert (Oral Roberts) 55.07mD
8. Emily Pendleton (Michigan) 54.86mD
9. Simone du Toit (SMU) 54.43mD
10. Tiphanie Baker (Troy) 54.09mD
11. Trecey Rew (Northwestern State-LA) 53.86mD
12. Valerie Wert (Akron) 53.81mD
13. TeRina Keenan (Hawaii) 53.76mD
14. Brittany McCain (North Carolina State) 53.25mD
15. Lakendra Thames (Central Florida) 53.14mD
16. Sara Neubauer (Air Force) 53.08mD
17. Terri Anderson (Purdue) 52.99mD
18. Ashley Hearn (UC-Davis) 52.87mD
19. Danielle Grunloh (Brown) 52.81mD
20. Mary Angell (Kentucky) 52.74mD
21. Phelecia Reynolds (Louisiana Tech) 52.47mD
22. Brittni Borrero (Kent State) 52.34mD
23. Irene Kujore (UC-Santa Barbara) 52.27mD
24. D'Ana McCarty (Louisville) 52.25mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Bailey Wagner (Georgia Tech) 51.79mD
2. Samia Stokes (LSU) 51.33D
3. Cj Navarro (Arizona State) 51.24mD
4. Kandace Arnold (Eastern Illinois) 50.46mD
5. Allison Randall (Morgan State) 50.19mD
6. Kelsey Huckins (Boston College) 49.21mD
7. Catherine Coxon (Albany) 47.92mD
8. Becky Reeves (Utah Valley) 47.53m (did not make first round this year)

Women's Hammer

Top 24

1. Dorotea Habazin (Virginia Tech) 66.74mD
2. Nikola Lomnicka (Georgia) 66.07mD
3. Alena Krechyk (Kansas) 64.57mD
4. Amanda Bingson (UNLV) 64.07mD
5. Kristin Smith (Kentucky) 63.57mD
6. Jeneva McCall (Southern Illinois) 63.37mD
7. Jere' Summers (Louisville) 63.20mD
8. Sarah Grimm (Utah) 63.14mD
9. Sasha Leeth (Southern Illinois) 62.99mD
10. Lauren Chambers (USC) 62.93mD
11. Gwen Berry (Southern Illinois) 62.26mD
12. D'Ana McCarty (Louisville) 62.24mD
13. Crystal Bourque (Rhode Island) 61.86mD
14. Brittany Horne (Detroit Mercy) 61.30mD
15. Jaynie Goodbody (Stanford) 61.08mD
16. Kelsey Hanley (Indiana State) 60.88mD
17. Ozioma Okolie (Texas Tech) 60.86mD
18. Nicole Luckenbach (Eastern Washington) 60.85mD
19. Brynn Smith (Brown) 60.85mD
20. Kristi Koplin (Southern Utah) 59.91mD
21. Lindsey Cook (Louisville) 59.68mD
22. Kim Williams (LSU) 59.66mD
23. Suesanna Williams (Southern Mississippi) 59.43mD
24. Jade Hodson (Nebraska) 59.07mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Alana Clooten (Georgia Tech) 58.92mD
2. Gabby Midles (Idaho) 59.92mD
3. Valerie Wert (Akron) 58.92mD
4. Morgan Bogard (Cal State-Northridge) 58.90mD
5. Maegan Lewis (East Carolina) 58.77mD
6. Tiphanie Baker (Troy) 58.68mD
7. Mallory Barnes (Dayton) 58.44mD
8. Aimee Veatch (Radford) 58.07mD

Women's Javelin

Top 24 (Actually 25 as 1 didn't declare)

1. Marissa Tschida (Washington State) 56.71mD
2. Anna Wessman (UTEP) 56.20mD
3. Amy Backel (Oklahoma) 55.60mD
4. Kristine Busa (USC) 52.61mD
5. Brittany Borman (Oklahoma) 52.38mD
6. Meghan Briggs (Virginia) 52.38mD
7. Evelien Dekkers (Florida) 52.12mD
8. Randi Hicks (Long Beach) 52.10mD
9. Melissa Fraser (DePaul) 51.47mD
10. Ulrike Hartz (Idaho) 51.45mD
11. Courtney Kirkwood (Washington State) 51.42mD
12. Brooke Pighin (Washington) 51.06mD
13. Maggie Mullen (Ohio State) 50.65mD
14. Laura Asimakis (Texas A&M) 50.43m
15. Alex Shaw (Long Beach) 50.27mD
16. Emalie Humphreys (Texas A&M) 49.88mD
17. Karlee McQuillen (Penn State) 49.82mD
18. Roxi Grizzle (Nebraska) 49.75mD
19. Emily Tyrrell (Montana State) 49.69mD
20. Samantha Espiricueta (Southeast Missouri) 49.44mD
21. Leigh Petranoff (Illinois State) 49.37mD
22. Cassie Merkley (Idaho State) 49.33mD
23. Alanna Kovacs (DePaul) 49.32mD
24. Stephanie Ralls (Cal State-Northridge) 49.08mD
25. Hillary Pustka (Texas A&M) 49.00mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Leslie Bourgeois (Nicholls State) 47.81mD
2. Angela McCord (South Alabama) 46.84mD
3. Katie Weber (Air Force) 45.69mD
4. Victoria Imbesi (Cornell) 45.42mD
5. Wendy Wells (UT-Pan American) 45.20mD
6. Bekah Stoltz (Kent State) 44.81mD
7. Jillian Seamon (Delaware) 44.79mD
8. Jessica Bond (Maine) 44.76mD

Women's Heptathlon

Top 24 (Actually 25 as 2 tied for the final spot)

1. Brianne Theisen (Oregon) 5942
2. Liane Weber (Clemson) 5928
3. Sandy Fortner (New Mexico) 5723
4. Kiani Profit (Maryland ) 5686
5. Chealsea Taylor (Alabama) 5672
6. Ulrike Hartz (Idaho) 5601
7. Dorcas Akinniyi (Wisconsin) 5584
8. Laquinta Aaron (Mississippi State) 5563
9. Erica Moore (Indiana State) 5553
10. Barbara Nwaba (UC-Santa Barbara) 5552
11. Uhunoma Osazuwa (Syracuse) 5549
12. Precious Nwokey (Kentucky) 5543
13. Buky Bamigboye (Vanderbilt) 5527
14. Diana Dumitrescu (Kent State) 5518
15. Desirae Gonder (Cal State-Northridge) 5512
16. Lucie Ondraschkova (Georgia) 5467
17. Ryann Krais (UCLA) 5426
18. Daphne Fitzpatrick (Texas A&M) 5395
19. Cassie Merkley (Idaho State) 5352
20. Chantae McMillan (Nebraska) 5349
21. Whitney Carlson (North Dakota State) 5343
22. Megan Wheatley (Nebraska) 5341
23. Heather Zander (North Dakota State) 5328
24. Charlene Charles (Jacksonville) 5325
25. Olimpia Nowak (Northern Iowa) 5325

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Shayna Daugherty (Rhode Island) 5240
2. Allison Barwise (Boston U) 5104
3. Jenni Parish (Wisconsin-Milwaukee) 5027
4. Lydia Chamberlin (Tulsa) 5021
5. Lindsay Schwartz (South Alabama) 4966
6. Tabitha Riley (Stephen F. Austin) 4939
7. Claudia Calder (Hampton) 4904
8. Tyrisha Chambers (Alabama State) 4811

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