Part Three Of A Detailed Look At The Wilson Or "24/8" Plan For Qualifying For The NCAA Outdoor Track And Field Championships

Part 3: Women's Running Events

By LetsRun.com
May 28, 2010

This is the third of a five part series examining the 24/8 or Wilson Plan which may be used to determine the qualifiers for the 2011 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Today's events are the women's running events. If you missed our initial first two days of coverage, which included our introduction to the series, please click on the links below. Also we're sure we might have made a mistake somewhere along the way as it took hours to do all the research. So if you have corrections, email them here. Comments? Email them here.

Wednesday- Introduction/Men's Running Events
Thursday - Men's Field Events
Coming Saturday - Women's Field Events
Coming Sunday - Relays + Analysis/Aggregation By Conference Affiliation.

Below you will find a list of the athletes who would make this year's NCAA Championships under next year's "24/8" rule, in which the athletes with the top 24 seasonal bests and the conference champions with the next 8 seasonal bests qualify for the Championships.

A "D" after a mark indicates the athlete has declared entry to this year's NCAA first round. Red indicates an athlete who had one of the top 48 marks in the East or West region for the 2010 outdoor season but is not entered in the NCAA first round in that event. The top 24 national marks of all athletes are listed plus the marks of athletes who make the top 24 when the undeclared athletes are removed from the list. Conference champions with the next 8 seasonal bests are then listed. Conference champions who would be outside of the top 24 if everyone on the descending order list declared entry to the NCAA meet are indicated as such, so you can figure out who would make the NCAA meet this year under next year's "24/8" rule if no one scratched.

Women's 100

Top 24 (Actually 26 as 1 didn't declare and 2 tied for the final spot)

1. Blessing Okagbare (UTEP) 11.10D
2. Marecia Pemberton (Florida State) 11.12D
3. Gabby Mayo (Texas A&M) 11.13D
4. Samantha Henry (LSU) 11.18D
5. Shaniqua Ferguson (Auburn) 11.19D
6. Jeneba Tarmoh (Texas A&M) 11.19D
7. Terra Evans (Texas Tech) 11.22D (altitude converted)
8. Stormy Kendrick (Clemson) 11.25D
9. Takeia Pinckney (LSU) 11.26D
10. Scottesha Miller (Oklahoma) 11.30D
11. Lakya Brookins (South Carolina) 11.31D
12. Shavon Greaves (Penn State) 11.33D
13. Kenyanna Wilson (LSU) 11.34D
14. Tiffany Townsend (Baylor) 11.35D
15. Porscha Lucas (Texas A&M) 11.36D
16. Georgina Nembhard (Georgia) 11.37D
17. Nivea Smith (Auburn) 11.37D
18. Amber Purvis (Oregon) 11.38
19. Kristy Whyte (Miami) 11.38D
20. Chastity Riggien (Southern Mississippi) 11.39D
21. Quanisha Sales (Louisiana Tech) 11.39D
22. Petrice Richards (Hampton) 11.40D
23. Gabrielle Glenn (South Carolina) 11.42D
24. Trisha-Ann Hawthorne (Connecticut) 11.44D
25. Kendra Lafleur (Georgia State) 11.46D (Conference Champion)
26. Kristine Scott (Clemson) 11.46D
Note - The final 2 girls tied for the final spot. We're assuming that if one of the athletes tied for the last spot would get in automatically as a conference champ, then the NCAA should make sure that individual gets in as a conference champ instead of preventing someone else with the same mark from qualifying. However, it's possible the NCAA would break the tie first and not put Lafleur as the top conference champ.
Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 11 as 2 didn't declare and there was the tie above)

1. Kendra Lafleur (Georgia State) 11.46D (Conference Champion)

2. Gabrielle Houston (Charleston Southern) 11.50D
3. Jasmine Walls (UT-Arlington) 11.56D
4. Cindee Wright (Houston Baptist) 11.59
5. Mindy McClurkin (BYU) 11.60D
6. Sirrell Butler (Charlotte) 11.63D
7. Brittany Blaylock (North Texas) 11.64D
8. Melissa Hewitt (Cornell) 11.66
9. Dierra Riley (Central Michigan) 11.68D
10. Dawn Hemanes (Alabama State) 11.69D
11. Audacia Moore (Wichita State) 11.73D

Women's 200

Top 24 (Actually 32 as 8 didn't declare and 2 tied for the final spot)

1. Jeneba Tarmoh (Texas A&M) 22.65D
2. Porscha Lucas (Texas A&M) 22.72D
3. Francena McCorory (Hampton) 22.92
4. Samantha Henry (LSU) 22.94D
5. Kimberlyn Duncan (LSU) 22.96D
6. Amber Purvis (Oregon) 23.00D
7. Jessica Beard (Texas A&M) 23.05
8. Shavon Greaves (Penn State) 23.07D
9. Tiffany Townsend (Baylor) 23.07D
10. Shaniqua Ferguson (Auburn) 23.08D
11. Nivea Smith (Auburn) 23.08D
12. Quanisha Sales (Louisiana Tech) 23.12D
13. Candyce McGrone (Florida State) 23.16D
14. Keshia Baker (Oregon) 23.18
15. Terra Evans (Texas Tech) 23.18D
16. Kristine Scott (Clemson) 23.21D
17. Jasmine Walls (UT-Arlington) 23.21D
18. Gabby Mayo (Texas A&M) 23.22
19. Kenyanna Wilson (LSU) 23.24
20. Natalie Pearson (North Carolina-Asheville) 23.25D
21. Antoinette Cobb (Louisiana Tech) 23.26
22. Ikeiylah Brown (Coastal Carolina) 23.27D
23. Scottesha Miller (Oklahoma) 23.28D
24. Trisha-Ann Hawthorne (Connecticut) 23.30D
25. Blessing Okagbare (UTEP) 23.30 (altitude converted)
26. Teona Rodgers (Florida State) 23.32D
27. Stormy Kendrick (Clemson) 23.34D
28. Takeia Pinckney (LSU) 23.34D
29. Mindy McClurkin (BYU) 23.37D (altitude converted) (Conference Champion)
30. Joanna Atkins (Auburn) 23.38
31. Dominique Duncan (Texas A&M) 23.39D
32. Kelsey McCorkle (South Carolina) 23.39D
The NCAA wold break the tie between Duncan and McCorkle for the final spot.

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 13 as 5 didn't declare)

1. Petrice Richards (Hampton) 23.53D
2. Cierra McGee (George Mason) 23.60

3. Chastity Riggien (Southern Mississippi) 23.60D
4. Ciara Short (Cal State-Fullerton) 23.70D
5. Sharay Hale (Columbia) 23.77
6. Raina Sanders (Jackson State) 23.79
7. Alysha Adams (North Texas) 23.82

8. Audacia Moore (Wichita State) 23.86D
9. Cearha Miller (Maine) 23.92D
10. Amanda Kaverman (Toledo) 23.99 (did not make first round this year)
11. Cindee Wright (Houston Baptist) 23.99
12. Felicia Paulding (Western Carolina) 24.06 (altitude converted) (did not make first round this year)
13. Unique Singleton (Jacksonville) 24.10 (did not make first round this year)

Women's 400

Top 24 (Actually 29 as 5 didn't declare)

1. Keshia Baker (Oregon) 50.76D
2. Jessica Beard (Texas A&M) 51.64D
3. Joanna Atkins (Auburn) 52.03D
4. Angele Cooper (Texas) 52.18
5. Shelise Williams (Arkansas) 52.23D
6. Chantel Malone (Texas) 52.35
7. Ciara Short (Cal State-Fullerton) 52.37D
8. Fawn Dorr (Penn State) 52.51
9. Brandi Cross (South Carolina) 52.54D
10. Erica Moore (Indiana State) 52.60
11. Sharay Hale (Columbia) 52.61D
12. Regina George (Arkansas) 52.62D
13. Diamond Richardson (Baylor) 52.71D
14. LaJada Baldwin (Mississippi) 52.72D
15. Nadonnia Rodriguez (South Carolina) 52.72
16. Jody-Ann Muir (Mississippi State) 52.79D
17. Shelese Ruffin (Cal State-Northridge) 52.82D
18. Shaniqua McGinnis (Ohio State) 52.84D
19. Joanna Schultz (Notre Dame) 52.88D
20. Nicole Stone (San Diego State) 52.89D
21. Ashlea McLaughlin (UCLA) 52.92D
22. Tiara Swindell (George Mason) 52.94D
23. Stacey-Ann Smith (Texas) 52.97D
24. Kristal Juarez (TCU) 53.02D (altitude converted)
25. Afiya Walker (Wyoming) 53.04D (altitude converted)
26. Mandela Graves-Fulgham (Connecticut) 53.07D
27. Ashley Kelly (Illinois) 53.07D
28. Myra Hasson (USC) 53.13D
29. Endurance Abinuwa (UTEP) 53.24D (altitude converted)

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 10 as 2 didn't declare)

1. Tameka Jameson (Miami) 53.33
2. Francena McCorory (Hampton) 53.39D
3. Jaime Watson (Liberty) 53.61
4. Jamie Riles (Tulane) 53.62D
5. Sade Sealy (Illinois State) 53.75D
6. Unique Singleton (Jacksonville) 53.80D
7. Victoria Chatman (Western Michigan) 53.89D
8. Kali Strother (Penn) 54.02D
9. Antonia Hopkins (UT-Arlington) 54.25D
10. Ashley Tingelstad (North Dakota State) 54.27D

Women's 800

Top 24 (Actually 28 as 4 didn't declare)

1. LaTavia Thomas (LSU) 2:01.40D
2. Phoebe Wright (Tennessee) 2:01.81D
3. Molly Beckwith (Indiana) 2:02.18D
4. Kayann Thompson (LSU) 2:03.54D
5. Brittany Hall (LSU) 2:03.76D
6. Lacey Cramer (BYU) 2:03.89D (altitude converted)
7. Angela Wagner (BYU) 2:04.16D (altitude converted)
8. Pilar McShine (Florida State) 2:04.24
9. Anne Kesselring (Oregon) 2:04.36D
10. Christina Rodgers (Arizona) 2:04.50D
11. Christine Whalen (Georgetown) 2:04.55D
12. Brenda Martinez (UC-Riverside) 2:04.76
13. Nachelle Stewart (BYU) 2:04.77D (altitude converted)
14. Sofia Oberg (California) 2:05.27D
15. Stephanie Brown (Arkansas) 2:05.28D
16. Caroline King (Boston College) 2:05.45D
17. Zoe Buckman (Oregon) 2:05.51
18. Caitlin Bailey (Boston College) 2:05.53D
19. Kate Grace (Yale) 2:05.65D
20. Anna Layman (Washington State) 2:05.70D
21. Keri Bland (West Virginia) 2:05.71
22. Tamika Kinchen (Georgia State) 2:05.78D
23. Cynthia Anais (Maryland-Eastern Shore) 2:05.84D
24. Becca Friday (Oregon) 2:05.89D
25. Charlene Lipsey (LSU) 2:05.89D
26. Jaime Watson (Liberty) 2:06.09D
27. Sara Stoakes (Kansas State) 2:06.15D (Conference Champion)
28. Dominique Jackson (North Carolina) 2:06.16D

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 12 as 4 didn't declare)

1. Sheila Reid (Villanova) 2:06.38
2. Megan Gingerich (Eastern Illinois) 2:06.46D
3. Renisha Robinson (Sacramento State) 2:06.66D
4. Holli Hosch (Northern Iowa) 2:06.84D
5. Heidi Gregson (Iona) 2:07.10
6. Eunice Jones (Maryland-Eastern Shore) 2:07.13D
7. Lucy Van Dalen (Stony Brook) 2:07.25
8. Emma Erickson (South Dakota) 2:07.26

9. Lauren Schaffer (Idaho) 2:07.33D
10. Christine Bruins (North Dakota State) 2:07.42D
11. Vasity Chemweno (Western Kentucky) 2:07.67D
12. Tayler Rigsby (Tulsa) 2:08.07D

Women's 1,500

Top 24 (Actually 33 as 9 didn't declare)

1. Katie Follett (Washington) 4:10.66D
2. Zoe Buckman (Oregon) 4:12.80D
3. Mihaela Susa (Oklahoma State) 4:13.08D
4. Charlotte Browning (Florida) 4:13.96D
5. Ashley Verplank (North Carolina) 4:14.10D
6. Pilar McShine (Florida State) 4:14.20D
7. Keri Bland (West Virginia) 4:14.52D
8. Jordan Hasay (Oregon) 4:14.67D
9. Karly Hamric (West Virginia) 4:15.32D
10. Angela Bizzarri (Illinois) 4:15.42
11. Gabriele Anderson (Minnesota) 4:15.43D
12. Phoebe Wright (Tennessee) 4:15.66
13. Brianna Felnagle (North Carolina) 4:16.80
14. Lauren Bonds (Kansas) 4:17.27D
15. Anne Kesselring (Oregon) 4:17.71
16. Betsy Flood (Iowa) 4:17.75D
17. Lucy Van Dalen (Stony Brook) 4:17.95D
18. Bridget Franek (Penn State) 4:18.33
19. Emily MacLeod (Michigan State) 4:18.50
20. Caroline Karunde (Texas Tech) 4:18.57 (altitude converted)
21. Kristie Krueger (Georgia) 4:18.58D
22. Nicole Blood (Oregon ) 4:18.85
23. Ellen Dougherty (Villanova) 4:18.91D
24. Alex Kosinski (Oregon) 4:18.98D
25. Jessica O'Connell (West Virginia) 4:19.01D
26. Amanda Winslow (Florida State) 4:19.29D
27. Lisa Egami (Washington State) 4:19.31D
28. Brittany Sheffey (Tennessee) 4:19.34D
29. Brenda Martinez (UC-Riverside) 4:19.66D (Conference Champion)
30. Molly Beckwith (Indiana) 4:20.17
31. Rebecca Tracy (Notre Dame) 4:20.18D
32. Caitlin Lane (Penn State) 4:20.40D
33. Dina Nosenko (Wake Forest) 4:20.45D

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 10 as 2 didn't declare)

1. Katie Wright (Tulsa) 4:20.61D
2. Caroline King (Boston College) 4:20.91
3. Heidi Gregson (Iona) 4:21.37D
4. Jackie Drouin (Columbia) 4:22.59D
5. Heather Haug (Montana State) 4:22.86D (altitude converted)
6. Alyssa Abbott (Utah) 4:23.48D
7. Sharla Manuele (Southern Utah) 4:23.48D (altitude converted)
8. Amanda Goetschius (Charlotte) 4:24.35
9. Jess Palacio (Navy) 4:24.72D
10. Rebekah Ricksecker (Liberty) 4:24.78D

Women's Steeple

Top 24 (Actually 26 as 2 didn't declare)

1. Bridget Franek (Penn State) 9:48.28D
2. Emma Coburn (Colorado) 9:56.29D
3. Ashley Higginson (Princeton) 9:57.50D
4. Sarah Pease (Indiana) 9:59.16D
5. Kristen Hemphill (Colorado State) 10:02.59D
6. Rebeka Stowe (Kansas) 10:03.41D
7. Erin Bedell (Baylor) 10:03.81D
8. Martina Tresch (Kansas State) 10:04.27D
9. Shelby Greany (Providence) 10:08.66D
10. Ruth Senior (New Mexico) 10:09.14D
11. Shalaya Kipp (Colorado) 10:10.48D
12. Winrose Karunde (Texas Tech) 10:11.45D
13. Claire Michel (Oregon) 10:11.70D
14. Heather Stephens (Syracuse) 10:14.04D
15. Silje Fjortoft (SMU) 10:14.67D
16. Beverly Ramos (Kansas State) 10:15.43
17. Margaret Callahan (Arizona) 10:16.86D
18. Allix Lee-Painter (Idaho) 10:19.15D
19. Rebekah MacKay (Syracuse) 10:20.07D
20. Beatrice Biwott (South Carolina) 10:20.14D
21. Stefanie Slekis (Syracuse) 10:20.68
22. Marie Lawrence (Washington) 10:20.79D
23. Nicole Rozario (South Florida) 10:23.01D
24. Sarah Klaczynski (Purdue) 10:23.28D
25. Chantelle Groenewoud (Illinois) 10:23.29D
26. Julie Northrup (Florida) 10:23.53D

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Jennifer Dunn (Florida State) 10:26.03D
2. Jennifer Pierson (Albany) 10:30.30D
3. Carolyn Ellis (Cal State-Fullerton) 10:30.36D
4. Nell Rojas (Northern Arizona) 10:30.56D
5. Staci Nelson (Missouri State) 10:35.43D
6. Keara Thomas (Charlotte) 10:35.75D
7. Amanda Mirochna (Miami, Ohio) 10:38.11D
8. Kadi Whisnant (Nicholls State) 10:41.07D

Women's 5,000

Top 24 (Actually 36 as 12 didn't declare)

1. Lisa Koll (Iowa State) 15:17.76D
2. Angela Bizzarri (Illinois) 15:37.21D
3. Bridget Franek (Penn State) 15:46.08
4. Jackie Areson (Tennessee) 15:51.56D
5. Beverly Ramos (Kansas State) 15:51.82D
6. Brianna Felnagle (North Carolina) 15:55.29D
7. Tara Erdmann (Loyola Marymount) 15:55.64
8. Ruth Senior (New Mexico) 15:57.32D
9. Alex Kosinski (Oregon) 15:57.83D
10. Alex Becker (Tulsa) 15:58.01
11. Caroline Karunde (Texas Tech) 15:58.43D
12. Mia Behm (Texas) 16:00.00D
13. Alex Banfich (Princeton) 16:00.40D
14. Risper Kimaiyo (UTEP) 16:00.67D
15. Kathy Kroeger (Stanford) 16:01.13D
16. Clara Grandt (West Virginia) 16:01.18
17. Danielle Domenichelli (UC-Santa Barbara) 16:01.20
18. Ashley Higginson (Princeton) 16:02.32
19. Paula Whiting (Tulsa) 16:03.18D
20. Megan Duwell (Minnesota) 16:04.55
21. Sharla Manuele (Southern Utah) 16:05.67D

22. Andrea Walkonen (Boston U) 16:06.01

23. Nicole Blood (Oregon) 16:06.74D
24. Holly Van Dalen (Stony Brook) 16:06.99D
25. Kathya Garcia (UTEP) 16:07.35D
26. Meghan Burns (William & Mary) 16:07.80D (Conference Champion)
27. Semehar Tesfaye (Iowa State) 16:08.67D
28. Amanda Marino (Villanova) 16:10.66D
29. Betsy Saina (Iowa State) 16:10.69D
30. Britany Williams (Rice) 16:11.34D
31. Laura Thweatt (Colorado) 16:11.55
32. Kimberly Ruck (Clemson) 16:12.05D
33. Megan Hogan (George Washington) 16:12.10
34. Zsofia Erdelyi (USC) 16:12.42
35. Pasca Cheruiyot (Florida State) 16:13.23
36. Rose Tanui (TCU) 16:13.30D (Conference Champion)

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 14 as 6 didn't declare)

1. Anna Nosenko (Wake Forest) 16:14.09D
2. Amanda Goetschius (Charlotte) 16:16.97D
3. Tonya Nero (Wichita State) 16:21.72
4. Ariel Wright (Brown) 16:22.18D
5. Lauren McKillop (Butler) 16:25.01D
6. Allix Lee-Painter (Idaho) 16:25.09D
7. Raeanne Lohner (Central Michigan) 16:25.46
8. Ashley Osborne (Liberty) 16:31.00
9. Mary Louise Asselin (West Virginia) 16:31.04D
10. Elise DeRoo (Colgate) 16:35.61
11. Sarah Callister (Weber State) 16:42.18
12. Mary Nothum (Utah Valley) 16:46.28
13. Mackenzie Howe (Kennesaw State) 16:49.92 (did not make first round this year)
14. Eimear O'Brien (Western Kentucky) 17:01.09 (did not make first round this year)

Women's 10,000

Top 24 (Actually 27 as 3 didn't declare)

1. Lisa Koll (Iowa State) 31:18.07D
2. Andrea Walkonen (Boston U) 32:31.33D
3. Megan Hogan (George Washington) 32:34.95
4. Zsofia Erdelyi (USC) 33:18.75D
5. Tara Erdmann (Loyola Marymount) 33:22.79D
6. Amanda Goetschius (Charlotte) 33:23.12D
7. Nicole Blood (Oregon) 33:28.38D
8. Danielle Domenichelli (UC-Santa Barbara) 33:29.65D
9. Clara Grandt (West Virginia) 33:31.80D
10. Nicky Archer (New Mexico) 33:32.83D
11. Tonya Nero (Wichita State) 33:32.84D
12. Natasha Labeaud (Georgetown) 33:34.61D
13. Mattie Bridgmon (Oregon) 33:38.79D
14. Georgia Griffin (Stanford) 33:39.52D
15. Stephanie Marcy (Stanford) 33:41.57D
16. Anita Campbell (Washington) 33:44.04D
17. Megan Meyer (Arizona) 33:46.96D
18. Amanda Marino (Villanova) 33:47.63
19. Sarah Pease (Indiana) 33:51.86
20. Kate Niehaus (Stanford) 33:55.33D
21. Sarah Cummings (Princeton) 33:55.91D
22. Katie DiCamillo (Providence) 33:57.10D
23. Wendi Robinson (Indiana) 33:57.31D
24. Amy Laskowske (Minnesota) 33:59.70D
25. Ashley Osborne (Liberty) 34:00.60D (Conference Champion)
26. Kaitlin Gregg (Davis) 34:01.20D
27. Megan Duwell (Minnesota) 34:02.12D (Conference Champion)

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 11 as 3 didn't declare)

1. Anna Nosenko (Wake Forest) 34:03.27
2. Bridget Lyons (Georgia) 34:34.76D
3. Sarah Callister (Weber State) 34:37.33D
4. Mary Nothum (Utah Valley) 34:40.21D
5. Rhiannon Johns (Alabama-Birmingham) 34:40.30D
6. Rose Tanui (TCU) 35:06.40 (altitude converted)
7. Crystina Ridenour (IPFW) 35:12.70D
8. Mackenzie Howe (Kennesaw State) 35:16.96D
9. Kathleen Casto (UNC-Wilmington) 35:20.49D
10. Holly Van Dalen (Stony Brook) 35:21.68
11. Raeanne Lohner (Central Michigan) 35:23.59D

Women's 100H

Top 24 (Actually 28 as 2 didn't declare and several tied for the final spot)

1. Queen Quedith Harrison (Virginia Tech) 12.46D
2. Ti'erra Brown (Miami) 12.82D
3. Kristi Castlin (Virginia Tech) 12.84D
4. Natasha Ruddock (Texas A&M) 12.87D
5. Jackie Coward (Central Florida) 12.99D
6. Latoya Greaves (Oklahoma) 13.05D
7. Antoinette Cobb (Louisiana Tech) 13.07D
8. Letecia Wright (Ohio State) 13.07D
9. Vashti Thomas (Texas A&M) 13.08D
10. Aleesha Barber (Penn State) 13.10D
11. Christina Manning (Ohio State) 13.10D
12. Gabby Mayo (Texas A&M) 13.10D
13. Sunita Brathwaite (Charlotte) 13.18D
14. Kimyon Broom (California) 13.18
15. Tamika Robinson (Illinois) 13.18D
16. Tiki James (Central Florida) 13.19D
17. Shalina Clarke (USC) 13.21D
18. Lindsay Rowe (UCLA) 13.24D
19. Michaylin Golladay (Clemson) 13.26D
20. Vanneish Ivy (North Carolina) 13.26D
21. Shericka Ward (Villanova) 13.26D
22. Alysha Adams (North Texas) 13.29D
23. Tenaya Jones (LSU) 13.32D
24. Kimberley Laing (Alabama) 13.32D
25. Kettiany Clarke (South Carolina) 13.33D
26. Donique' Flemings (Texas A&M) 13.33
27. Charnee Lumbus (Michigan) 13.33D
28. Tori Smith (Texas Tech) 13.33D
The NCAA would break the tie for the final spot.

Next 8 Best Conference Champions

1. Landria Buckley (Howard) 13.41D
2. Lauren Williams (Cal State-Fullerton) 13.41D
3. Larissa Matthews (TCU) 13.44D
4. Cassandra Lloyd (Wright State) 13.47D
5. Jessica Jones (UT-San Antonio) 13.51D
6. Ashley Adams (Towson) 13.55D
7. Meredith Hayes (Southern Illinois) 13.65D
8. Katie Johnson (Ball State) 13.71D

Women's 400H

Top 24 (Actually 25 as 1 didn't declare)

1. Queen Quedith Harrison (Virginia Tech) 54.66D
2. Ti'erra Brown (Miami) 55.55D
3. Erica Moore (Indiana State) 56.21D
4. Tameka Jameson (Miami) 56.51D
5. Angele Cooper (Texas) 56.52D
6. LaToya James (North Carolina) 56.63D
7. Fawn Dorr (Penn State) 56.65D
8. Joanna Schultz (Notre Dame) 56.82D
9. Turquoise Thompson (UCLA) 56.92D
10. Jernail Hayes (Seton Hall) 57.04D
11. Andrea Sutherland (Texas A&M) 57.12D
12. Cassandra Tate (LSU) 57.12D
13. Dalilah Muhammad (USC) 57.14D
14. Kiani Profit (Maryland) 57.35
15. Kianna Elahi (Iowa State) 57.40D
16. Amelia Anderson (Auburn) 57.64D
17. Asia Washington (Virginia Tech) 57.71D
18. Ellen Wortham (Tennessee) 57.77D
19. Megan Duncan (Penn State) 57.88D
20. Christina Holland (Baylor) 57.94D
21. Kyra Caldwell (Columbia) 57.98D
22. Jasmine Chaney (Arizona State) 58.01D
23. Sofie Persson (Mississippi) 58.07D
24. Latoya Griffith (Illinois) 58.11D
25. Leslie Njoku (Georgia Tech) 58.11D

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 9 as 1 didn't declare)

1. Manika Gamble (High Point) 58.56D
2. Landria Buckley (Howard) 58.57D
3. Aisha Frazier (Central Florida) 59.20D
4. Latrisha Jordan (Fresno State) 59.20D
5. Andreea Patrasc (Kent State) 59.40D
6. Alyssa Christensen (BYU) 59.45D (altitude converted)
7. Whitney Carlson (North Dakota State) 59.49
8. Vicki Tolton (Maine) 59.55D
9. Assata Cowart (Temple) 59.85D

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