Part Two Of A Detailed Look At The Wilson Or "24/8" Plan for Qualifying For The NCAA Outdoor Track And Field Championships

Part 2: Men's Field Events

By LetsRun.com
May 26, 2010

This is the second of a five part series examining the 24/8 or Wilson Plan which may be used to determine the qualifiers for the 2011 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Today's events are the men's field events. If you missed our initial day of coverage, which included our introduction to the series, please click on the link below. Also, we're sure we might have made a mistake somewhere along the way as it took hours to do all the research. So if you have corrections, email them here. Comments? Email them here.

Wednesday- Introduction/Men's Running Events
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Coming Sunday - Relays + Analysis/Aggregation By Conference Affiliation

Below you will find a list of the athletes who would make this year's NCAA Championships under next year's "24/8" rule, in which the athletes with the top 24 seasonal bests and the conference champions with the next 8 seasonal bests qualify for the Championships.

A "D" after a mark indicates the athlete has declared entry to this year's NCAA first round. Red indicates an athlete who had one of the top 48 marks in the East or West region for the 2010 outdoor season but is not entered in the NCAA first round in that event. The top 24 national marks of all athletes are listed plus the marks of athletes who make the top 24 when the undeclared athletes are removed from the list. Conference champions with the next 8 seasonal bests are then listed. Conference champions who would be outside of the top 24 if everyone on the descending order list declared entry to the NCAA meet are indicated as such, so you can figure out who would make the NCAA meet this year under next year's "24/8" rule if no one scratched.

Men's High Jump

Top 24 (Actually 25 as 1 didn't declare and several tied for the final spot)

1. Ricky Robertson (Mississippi) 2.28mD
2. Clint Silcock (Utah State) 2.26mD
3. Brian Knight (Mississippi) 2.25mD
4. Erik Kynard (Kansas State) 2.25mD
5. Jacques Watson (Coastal Carolina) 2.25mD
6. Derek Drouin (Indiana ) 2.23mD
7. Geoffery Davis (Purdue) 2.22mD
8. Ryan Fleck (Auburn) 2.22m
9. Major Clay (Indiana State) 2.21mD
10. Ryan Fritz (Penn State) 2.20mD
11. Paul Hamilton (Nebraska) 2.20mD
12. Edgar Rivera-Morales (Arizona) 2.20mD
13. Manjula Kumara Wijesekara (USC) 2.20mD
14. Brede Ellingsen (Arkansas) 2.19mD
15. Matt Fisher (Minnesota) 2.19mD
16. Danny Marconi (Oregon) 2.19mD
17. Darrell Roddick (Texas Tech) 2.19mD
18. Justin Frick (Princeton) 2.18mD
19. Obum Gwacham (Oregon State) 2.18mD
20. Nick Ross (Arizona) 2.18mD
21. Trent Arrivey (Washington State) 2.17mD
22. Tone Belt (Louisville) 2.17mD
23. Adam Bergo (Rutgers) 2.16mD
24. Tyler Campbell (Alabama) 2.16mD
25. Matt Evans (Western Carolina) 2.16mD (Conference Champion)
26. Brandon Fitch (Cincinnati) 2.16mD
27. Donte Nall (North Carolina) 2.16mD (Conference Champion)
28. Jamal Wilson (Texas) 2.16mD

Note: We're assuming that since there is a 4-way tie for the final spot and two of them are conference champs that the two conference champs (Matt Evans and Donte Nall) would go to NCAAs as conference champs. As a result, then either Brandon Fitch or Jamal Wilson would go as the 24th qualifier based on whoever has the 2nd-best jump or whoever closed 2.16 most recently.

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (We listed 10 in case our analysis of Evans/Nall is incorrect)
1. Matt Evans (Western Carolina) 2.16mD (Conference Champion)

2. Donte Nall (North Carolina) 2.16mD (Conference Champion)

3. Jerome McKinzie (Kennesaw State) 2.15mD
4. Ian Winston (Eastern Illinois) 2.15mD
5. Michael McCall (Akron) 2.14mD
6. Brian Miller (UMass-Amherst) 2.14mD
7. Devon Bond (UT-San Antonio) 2.13mD
8. Drew Kanz-O'Shea (East Carolina) 2.13mD
9. Emilio Hernandez (Sacramento State) 2.11mD
10. Quinn Mogoven (Wisconsin-Milwaukee) 2.11mD

Men's Pole Vault

Top 24 (Actually 26 as 1 didn't declare and several tied for the final spot)

1. Jason Colwick (Rice) 5.71mD
2. Jordan Scott (Kansas) 5.71mD
3. Yavgeniy Olhovsky (Virginia Tech) 5.50mD
4. Scott Roth (Washington) 5.50mD
5. Xavier Tromp (Clemson) 5.50mD
6. Chris Roy (UL-Lafayette) 5.44mD
7. Chris Little (BYU) 5.41mD
8. Jack Whitt (Oral Roberts) 5.41mD
9. Brandon Estrada (USC) 5.40mD
10. Josh Dominguez (LSU) 5.40mD
11. Ben Peterson (Minnesota) 5.40mD
12. Marvin Reitze (South Carolina) 5.40mD
13. Ryan Vu (Washington) 5.38mD
14. Sam Pierson (Idaho State) 5.37mD
15. Michael Uhle (Akron) 5.36mD
16. Jeffrey Coover (Indiana) 5.35mD
17. Jared Jodon (Virginia Tech) 5.35mD
18. Cody Doerflein (Southern Illinois) 5.34mD
19. Eric Sparks (Purdue) 5.32mD
20. Allen Brandon (Georgia) 5.31mD
21. Casey DiCesare (UCLA) 5.31mD
22. Johnny Quinn (UCLA) 5.31m
23. Nick Frawley (Air Force) 5.30mD
24. Scott Houston (North Carolina) 5.30mD
25. Khalil Uqdah (Lehigh) 5.30mD (Conference Champion)
26. Kyle Walker (New Mexico) 5.30mD
Again we're assuming the system would put Uqdah in as the top conference champ and that two of the remaining three at 5.30m would go after the tie breaker is determined, but details like that haven't been finalized.

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 9 in case people don't agree with putting Uqdah in as the top conference champ)
1. Khalil Uqdah (Lehigh) 5.30mD (Conference Champion)
2. Elliott Haynie (South Carolina) 5.28mD
3. Kevin Schipper (Notre Dame) 5.26mD
4. Scott Finley (UC-Santa Barbara) 5.25mD
5. Jeremy Klas (Idaho) 5.18mD
6. Patrick Wells (Samford) 5.15mD
7. Brian McGovern (Manhattan) 5.06mD
8. Aaron Wiggins (UNC-Wilmington) 5.01mD
9. Eric Depalo (Yale) 5.00mD

Men's Long Jump

Top 24 (Actually 25 as 2 tied for the final spot)

1. Alain Bailey (Arkansas ) 8.35mD
2. Christian Taylor (Florida) 8.19mD
3. Bryce Lamb (Texas Tech) 8.05mD
4. Will Coppage (LSU) 8.02mD
5. Marlon Woods (Florida State) 7.99mD
6. Marquise Goodwin (Texas) 7.94mD
7. Melvin Echard (Texas A&M) 7.93mD
8. Damar Forbes (LSU) 7.93mD
9. Ashton Eaton (Oregon) 7.88mD
10. Duane Teixeira (Cornell) 7.87mD
11. Desmond Brown (Tennessee) 7.85mD
12. Zedric Thomas (LSU) 7.84mD
13. Stanley Gbagbeke (Middle Tennessee State) 7.83mD
14. Tim Boeni (Temple) 7.82mD
15. Tyron Stewart (Texas A&M) 7.82mD
16. Belden Ferguson (Alabama State) 7.81mD
17. Nicholas Gordon (Nebraska) 7.81mD
18. Brendan Ames (USC) 7.80mD
19. Tone Belt (Louisville) 7.77mD
20. Reindell Cole (Cal State-Northridge) 7.76mD
21. Artis Edwards (Sam Houston State) 7.75mD
22. Aaron LaGarde (Georgia) 7.75mD
23. Chris Phipps (Nebraska) 7.74mD
24. Zacharias Arnos (Boise State) 7.72mD
25. Albert Johnson (Manhattan) 7.72mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 10 as 1 didn't declare and 2 tied for the final spot)
1. Brian Richards (Long Island) 7.64mD
2. Madanha Chibudu (Florida State) 7.61mD
3. Levar Knight (South Carolina State) 7.61mD
4. Lenyn Leonce (Wyoming) 7.58mD
5. Clarence Powell (Liberty) 7.56mD

6. Isiah Sweeney (Houston) 7.56m
7. Dwight Webley (George Mason) 7.56mD
8. Joshua Kirkpatrick (Cornell) 7.54mD
9. Korbin Smith (Ohio State) 7.53mD
10. Eetu Viitala (Boise State) 7.53mD

Men's Triple Jump

Top 24

1. Christian Taylor (Florida) 16.68mD
2. Alphonso Jordan (Georgia Tech) 16.62mD
3. Zuheir Sharif (Texas A&M) 16.54mD
4. Zacharias Arnos (Boise State) 16.40mD
5. Darrell Roddick (Texas Tech) 16.35mD
6. Omar Craddock (Florida) 16.33mD
7. Tyron Stewart (Texas A&M) 16.32mD
8. Will Claye (Oklahoma) 16.23mD
9. Devon Bond (UT-San Antonio) 16.12mD
10. Jeremiah James (Wyoming) 16.11mD
11. Bryce Lamb (Texas Tech) 16.10mD
12. Zedric Thomas (LSU) 16.01mD
13. Chris Phipps (Nebraska) 16.00mD
14. Nicholas Gordon (Nebraska) 15.88mD
15. Andre Black (Louisville) 15.86mD
16. Austin Davis (North Carolina) 15.85mD
17. Damar Forbes (LSU) 15.85mD
18. O'Daylon Thibeaux (UL-Lafayette) 15.85mD
19. Neelon Greenwood (Oklahoma) 15.83mD
20. Aven Wright (USC) 15.82mD
21. Melvin Echard (Texas A&M) 15.79mD
22. Marcus Robinson (Virginia) 15.78mD
23. Albert Johnson (Manhattan) 15.73mD
24. Chris Carter (Houston) 15.72mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions
1. Kyron Foster (Michigan State) 15.69mD
2. Josh Crawford (Wichita State) 15.57mD
3. Gary Jones (Cornell) 15.54mD
4. Ryan Billups (Colorado State) 15.46mD
5. Ayo Animashaun (Texas Southern) 15.45mD
6. Victor Gilreath (UMBC) 15.45mD
7. David McFadgen (North Carolina A&T) 15.41mD
8. Kyle Anthony (Bucknell) 15.40mD

Men's Shot Put

Top 24 (Actually 25 as 2 tied for the final spot)

1. Ryan Whiting (Arizona State) 21.71mD
2. Kemal Mesic (Florida) 19.38mD
3. Mason Finley (Kansas) 19.26mD
4. Steve Hnat (Louisville) 19.07mD
5. Steve Marcelle (Georgia Tech) 19.03mD
6. Eric Werskey (Auburn) 18.95mD
7. Joe Kovacs (Penn State) 18.73mD
8. Jason Lewis (Arizona State) 18.70mD
9. Michael Putman (Florida State) 18.57mD
10. Denes Veres (Notre Dame) 18.57mD
11. Israel Machovec (Georgia) 18.55mD
12. Jacob Thormaehlen (Texas) 18.55mD
13. Blake Eaton (Penn State) 18.46mD
14. Leif Arrhenius (BYU) 18.42mD
15. Nate Hunter (Northeastern) 18.41mD
16. Joe Canavan (Utah State) 18.40mD
17. Adonson Shallow (Southeast Louisiana) 18.38mD
18. Daniel Lawson (BYU) 18.37mD
19. Javier Villarreal (Northern Arizona) 18.36mD
20. Hayden Baillio (Texas) 18.32mD
21. Jordan Clarke (Arizona State) 18.31mD
22. Trey Davis (Minnesota) 18.30mD
23. Eric Plummer (Princeton) 18.30mD
24. Robert Golabek (Buffalo) 18.28mD
25. Jason Jones (North Carolina State) 18.28mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 9 as 2 tied for the final spot)
1. Brice Paey (New Hampshire) 18.10mD
2. Derek Cooper (Cal State-Northridge) 18.04mD
3. Aaron Merrill (Youngstown State) 17.87mD
4. Dennis Aliotta (East Carolina) 17.85mD
5. Vincent Elardo (Monmouth) 17.68mD
6. Joe Paradiso (Southern Illinois) 17.62mD
7. Ryan Smith (Liberty) 17.38mD
8. Brandon Colbert (Southeast Missouri) 17.29mD
9. Jake Deaton (Charlotte) 17.29mD

Men's Discus

Top 24 (Actually 27 as 3 didn't declare)

1. Julian Wruck (Texas Tech) 61.02mD
2. Aaron Dan (USC) 60.48mD
3. Mason Finley (Kansas) 60.18mD
4. Jason Lewis (Arizona State) 59.78mD
5. Adonson Shallow (Southeast Louisiana) 59.77mD
6. Leif Arrhenius (BYU) 59.68mD
7. Luke Bryant (Oklahoma) 59.39mD
8. James Plummer (Rutgers) 59.10mD
9. Jared Thomas (South Florida) 58.98mD
10. Ryan Whiting (Arizona State) 58.85mD
11. Colin Boevers (Kentucky) 58.55mD
12. Thomas Killen (TCU) 57.79mD
13. Andres Rossini (Northern Arizona) 57.57mD
14. Joe Plante (Wyoming) 57.33mD
15. Israel Machovec (Georgia) 57.32mD
16. Greg Pilling (Central Michigan) 57.08mD
17. Brian Bishop (Kansas) 56.84mD
18. J.P. Singh (Oklahoma) 56.60m
19. Matt Lamb (Washington State) 56.53mD
20. Larry Jones (Louisiana Tech) 56.50mD
21. Colin Campbell (USC) 56.44mD
22. Jordan Clarke (Arizona State) 56.41mD
23. Matthew Gac (Buffalo) 56.39mD
24. Tyler Hitchler (Nebraska) 56.38mD
25. Geoffrey Tabor (Stanford) 56.35m
26. Joey Torres (South Alabama) 56.05m (Conference Champion)
27. Colin Quirke (Oklahoma) 55.96mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions
1. Jake Deiters (Southern Illinois) 55.69mD
2. Igor Misljenovic (Virginia Tech) 55.53mD
3. Steffen Nerdal (Memphis) 55.47mD
4. Derek Cooper (Cal State-Northridge) 55.42mD
5. Bryan Powlen (Brown) 54.88mD
6. Bill Hardcastle (Purdue) 54.86D
7. Carlos Valle (Southern Utah) 54.83mD
8. Rowan Ewald (Manhattan) 53.50mD

Men's Hammer

Top 24 (Actually 26 as 2 didn't declare)

1. Marcel Lomnicky (Virginia Tech) 74.83mD
2. Walter Henning (LSU) 72.98mD
3. Conor McCullough (Princeton) 70.78m
4. Steffen Nerdal (Memphis) 70.00mD
5. Alexander Ziegler (Virginia Tech) 68.83mD
6. Dimitrios Fylladitakis (UTEP) 68.82mD
7. Branislav Danis (Georgia) 68.25mD
8. Trey Henderson (USC) 67.63mD
9. James Rogan (Idaho) 67.55mD
10. John Freeman (Georgia) 67.13mD
11. Jason Lewis (Arizona State) 67.07mD
12. Adonson Shallow (Southeast Louisiana) 67.07mD
13. Michael Lauro (LSU) 66.36mD
14. Jordan Stray (Oregon) 66.36mD
15. Brad Millar (DePaul) 66.13mD
16. Timothy Morse (Radford) 65.70mD
17. K.P. Singh (Oklahoma) 65.69mD
18. Matej Muza (Virginia Tech) 65.68mD
19. Ben Bishop (Southern Illinois-Edwardsville) 64.61m
20. Micah Hegerle (Minnesota) 64.45mD
21. Mike Zajac (South Carolina) 64.31mD
22. Zach Berg (Clemson) 64.19mD
23. Zack Midles (Washington) 63.85mD
24. Curtis Durocher (Northern Arizona) 63.57mD
25. Matt Pfleger (Kent State) 63.53mD
26. J.C. Lambert (Southern Illinois) 63.48mD (Conference Champion)

Next 8 Best Conference Champions (Actually 9 as 1 didn't declare)
1. Seid Mujanovic (Manhattan) 63.02mD
2. James Eric (Kent State) 62.93mD
3. Lief Arrhenius (BYU) 62.77m
4. Mark Van Orden (Navy) 62.35mD
5. Paul DeTurk (New Hampshire) 61.97mD
6. Vincent Elardo (Monmouth) 59.92mD
7. Grant West (Temple) 59.85mD
8. Malcolm Styers (Appalachian State) 59.41mD
9. Brandon Colbert (Southeast Missouri) 59.30mD

Men's Javelin

Top 24

1. Cyrus Hostetler (Oregon) 78.19mD
2. Cooper Thompson (USC) 77.19mD
3. Sam Humphreys (Texas A&M) 76.71mD
4. Kyle Nielsen (Washington) 75.32mD
5. Alex Wolff (Oregon) 73.36mD
6. Chris Reno (BYU) 73.35mD
7. Adam Wolkins (Nebraska) 73.31mD
8. Nick Lyons (Baylor) 73.04mD
9. Brian Moore (Georgia) 72.95mD
10. Craig Kinsley (Brown) 72.23mD
11. Sean Richardson (BYU) 71.84mD
12. Mike Simmons (Oregon) 71.32mD
13. Tim Glover (Illinois State) 71.31mD
14. Joe Zimmerman (Washington) 71.14mD
15. Matt Byers (Iowa) 70.76mD
16. Trent Mazanec (Wichita State) 70.51mD
17. Matt Maloney (Tennessee) 70.39mD
18. Blaine Baker (BYU) 70.29mD
19. PontusThomee (Boise State) 70.12mD
20. Brian Zimmerman (Cincinnati) 69.45mD
21. CaseyGarbaty (Buffalo) 69.33mD
22. Matthew McConaughey (East Carolina) 69.31mD
23. John Austin (Duke) 69.27mD
24. Ben Chretien (McNeese State) 69.10mD

Next 8 Best Conference Champions|
1. Brandon Heroux (William & Mary) 69.07mD
2. Steven Pierce (Bucknell) 68.62mD
3. Sam Vidrine (McNeese State) 68.41mD
4. Jason Flanagan (Coastal Carolina) 68.28mD
5. Kyle Kent (UL-Monroe) 67.72mD
6. Michael Guerra (UC-Santa Barbara) 66.92mD
7. Matt Evans (Western Carolina) 66.80mD
8. Jason Flemmer (Montana) 66.86mD

Men's Decathlon

Top 24

1. Ashton Eaton (Oregon) 8310
2. Nick Adcock (Missouri) 7704
3. Lars Rise (Missouri) 7695
4. Mateo Sossah (North Carolina) 7667
5. Gray Horn (Florida) 7652
6. Miller Moss (Clemson) 7628
7. Michael Morrison (California) 7557
8. Trinity Otto (Texas A&M) 7542
9. Robert Robinson (Cal State-Northridge) 7526
10. Jeremy Taiwo (Washington) 7521
11. Cory Holman (Georgia) 7500
12. Daniel Keller (North Carolina) 7467
13. Bjorn Johansson (Akron) 7432
14. Wesley Bray (Houston) 7429
15. Moritz Cleve (Kansas State) 7429
16. Kurt Felix (Boise State) 7412
17. Phillip Adam (Rice) 7396
18. Nick Trubachik (Portland State) 7390
19. R.J. McGinnis (Minnesota) 7381
20. Frank Shotwell (Michigan) 7379
21. Sean Smith (Connecticut) 7370
22. Dave Grzesiak (Wisconsin) 7364
23. Marshall Ackley (Oregon) 7331
24. Daniel Kinsey (Akron) 7313

Next 8 Best Conference Champions|
1. Cory Roberts (Southeast Louisiana) 7293
2. Richard York (New Mexico) 7292
3. Weston Leutz (North Dakota State) 7290
4. Keith Onto (UMBC) 7239
5. Daniel Gooris (Northern Iowa) 7229
6. Joshua Kirkpatrick (Cornell) 6901
7. Jordan Wehr (North Texas) 6825
8. Jake Wainwright (Charlotte) 6617

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