Marta Domínguez Testifies in Court and Released, Says 'I'm positive that I’m innocent'

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December 21, 2010

Editor's note: reader Stewart Atkins has been translating some articles for us on the track and field doping scandal in Spain.  Below is the translation of this article.

El Periódico, December 22, 2010


Headline: Marta Domínguez, not in police custody but remains charged with doping

The track and field star said that she never supplied other athletes with doping substances

Mercedes Pérez Barrios, judge of Madrid’s 24th Circuit Court, did not hold Domínguez in custody following today’s hearing, but the athlete remains charged with committing a crime against the public’s health by distributing banned doping substances.  Evidence of Domínguez’s involvement was uncovered during Operation Greyhound, the federal investigation that went public on December 9.

The track and field athlete from Palencia testified today in Madrid, accompanied by her lawyer, former professional cyclist José Rodríguez, as well as her husband.  Domínguez, who is four months pregnant, answered questions from the judge and state’s attorney, as well as questions from the attorneys of Eufemiano Fuentes and Manuel Pascua Piqueres.  According to federal investigators, Fuentes and Pascua represent the brains behind the doping ring discovered in Operation Greyhound.

“I didn’t profit from anything”

Following the hearing, Domínguez reiterated that she hadn’t profited from anything and that she had “never distributed doping substances to anyone.”

“There’s a lot of damage that’s been done to my reputation, and this has all been extremely painful to my family and closest friends,” said the runner.  “Nothing was found in my home because I’ve never profited,” she said shortly afterwards.

“Of course I'm positive that I’m innocent,” she added.  “And I’ll be back competing as soon as I recover from my pregnancy,” she said. When asked by reporters if she had to come to court today because of her involvement in this case, she answered, “I’m here because of the phone taps.”  She then went on to firmly deny that she “had ever been videotaped exchanging banned substances with anyone.”

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