Jesus España: "Those Who Dope Aren't Teammates of Mine"

Translated by Stewart Atkins for
December 20, 2010

Editor's note: reader Stewart Atkins has been translating some articles for us on the track and field doping scandal in Spain.  Below is the translation of this article
from December 16, 2010

“Those who dope aren't teammates of mine”

Spanish middle and long-distance runner Jesús España said that he does not feel betrayed by Paquillo Fernández, but rather if Fernández was indeed the one who blew the whistle on those involved in Operation Greyhound (and the alleged use and distribution of doping substances), España is happy he did it.

“I don't feel betrayed by Paquillo. If he's the one who did it, I'm happy he did it. Those who dope aren't teammates of mine. I don't defend people just because they're athletes. If they cheat, they should pay,” España said in a statement posted on Eurosport's website.

In addition, the 2006 European Champion at 5000 meters said that if it were up to him he would strip athletes found guilty of doping of their awards and times. “You would have to change the rules and strip them (those who dope) of their times, and if you could make them pay back money they had won, that would be good,” he said.

“Any person who tests positive, I don't think they should return to the sport. I don't believe you should be able to come back, but that's what the current rules state. If it were up to me I'd make the penalties harsher” said España, who also expressed his surprise over the arrest of Marta Domínguez.

That really surprised me, a runner of her level and someone with so much charisma. I wasn't expecting that, it really shocked me. I don't know if Marta used that (a growth hormone) or any other substance. If they can prove that then that's another thing she'll have to be charged with,” claimed España.

According to España, silver medalist in this year's European Championships at 5000 meters, the recent arrests by the Federal Police aren't random and don't just come out of nowhere, but rather have to be based on hard evidence. “I don't know what sort of proof they have. Only the police know that, but when they've arrested someone and then let them go it's because they know something,” he added.

“If she has cheated, as it's seems they can prove, it's a real shame but she has to be punished for the good of the sport,” España said. According to him, he hasn't reported “any teammates who dope” because he doesn't know of anyone who does. “If I had any sort of proof I would report it though.”

In the end, the runner from Valdemoro, who claims to have passed 25 doping controls in the past year alone, expressed his confidence in José María Odriozola, president of the Spanish Federation of Track and Field. “I have to believe him. I'm an athlete and I know that if he had known anything about the doping, he would have taken the necessary steps to deal with it,” he added.

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