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"Being deployed (in Iraq) is like a marathon. Every day we keep plugging a way and every once a while you see the results of your labor. I feel cut off from my family. I will have missed two anniversaries, two of my kids' birthdays. My son will complete kindergarten and first grade without me. My daughter will be 3-years-old and I will have only been with her for one year. I'd be on anti-depressants if I wasn't running. It keeps me sane and when I'm away from home it provides some semblance of normalcy for me. "

-Army Maj. Russell Stewart
(a letsrun.com fan) stationed in Tikrit, Iraq who has started a running club in Iraq. (We also hear that LetsRun.com is so addictive it has been banned in Iraq by the military). All the military

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LetsRun.com's Rojo talks about coaching at Cornell

Olympic Track Starts Friday Women's 10k Final, Men's Shot Final, Men's 100 Round 1
Schedule (Beijing is 12 hours ahead of NY) *IAAF Event Previews (LetsRun.com previews coming)
Men's 100 Mania Building *Tyson Gay Asks Kobe For a Photo and Then is Shocked When Kobe Asks Him About His Leg

*Tyson Gay Tryin got Clean up the 100

*Asafa Powell Big Interview from the Guardian The interesting tidbit that after Bolt's 100m World Record, Powell texted Bolt from a new cell phone number and Bolt called him back asking who it was.

Distance News:Women's 10k is Friday: Amy Yoder Begley's Friends and Family Talk About Her Path to Being an Olympian
*Britain's Jo Pavey Trying to Get the Elusive World Medal in the 10k
Times of London

Colin Jackson Says Dayron Robles is the Favorite

Edwin Moses Writes About Olympics and Opening Cermony

British Long Jumper Chris Tomlinson Fit Enough for Beijing

Tyson Gay Does 100m All Out in Front of Reporters to Show He's Back This whole thing is taking on the feel of a heavyweight title fight, which is good.
*Jason Gardener Picks Tyson Gay to Win 100m at Olympics www.telegraph.co.uk

Update on Noguchi: Noguchi Has Leg Problem, Japanese Team Will Decide Later This Week Whether to Pull Her from Marathon

Better Late Than Never:
Washed Up Part II:
John Honerkamp Writes Honerkamp contrasts the 2008 Olympic Trials when he was running the Gay Pride 5 Miler trying to score points for his club team, to the 1996 Olympic Trials where he was the youngest semifinalist in the 800m. Our apologies for not getting this up sooner. It was supposed to follow famed LetsRun.com blogger Scott Anderson's piece on the same thing.

Non Track Olympics
On the boards: *USA SMASHES FRANCE IN THE 4 x 1 FREE!

Dubya is the Redeem Team's "Homey"

Druggie Thanou Excluded from Beijing Games She won't be missed.

Paula: "Flagstaff was a turning point. I had just read something before going out for my run and I started crying so much while I was running that I had to stop and sit down." - Paula Radcliffe talking about the 2004 Olympics and the 2008 Games.
*Story on Wejo Pacing Paula to World Record in Chicago Is Up on Spikes Magazine
It's a nice new UK/IAAF magazine/website. Wejo was shocked to see he wore a Breathe Right strip.

Peter Coe, Seb's Father, Dies Seb had delayed his trip to the Olympics to spend more time with his dad and then his dad died shortly after he left.
Seb Was a Hell of an Athlete but he Had a Hell of a Coach

Andrew Baddeley Getting a Lot of Attention in Britain In the land of Coe, Cram and Ovett, 1,500m prospects are taken seriously.

More British News: Kelly Sotherton Speaks Out Against Rival and Drug Cheat Lyudmila Blonska

8/8/08 Dazzling Opening Ceremonies Kick Off Beijing Olympics A reader abroad wrote us saying, "I thought it was mind blowing ... it's like China is saying: 'We are the next power' ... I'm telling you, it was the most amazing visual display I have ever seen on television. And I'm not even watching on an HD or anything. London must be shitting their pants because that was unbeatable. It was amazing ... It just went on for 4 straight hours." We agree.
America's a Great Country "For the rest of us, who have generally eaten well, felt safe and experienced total hopelessness only in sad movies, (Lopez) Lomong is a gift. He lights up the room again and puts a Band-Aid on the cynicism. If you are a writer, you want to tell his story, even if dozens have preceded you. You want to tell it better, to grip the reader just in case your predecessors haven't. And then you sit in the audience on the morning of the opening ceremony and realize you need do nothing more than listen and take notes, because Lomong is telling it to you, for you, and better than ever before ... We have a world full of politicians and diplomatic spinners and we have only one Lopez Lomong. Too bad it isn't the other way around."
-LA Times columnists Bill Dwyre writing on
Lopez Lomong
*Washington Post Editorial by Thomas Boswell on Lopez Lomong
*Message board thread on the amazing opening ceremony

Good Doping News: USA Today Blogger Training for Marine Corps Marathon Says Smog Isn't That Bad, Running Isn't Too Hard

NY Times Talks About Internet Viewers Already Getting Around NBCs Lack of Live Coverage

"The American flag means everything in my life -- everything that describes me, coming from another country and going through all of the stages that I have to become a U.S. citizen. This is another amazing step for me in celebrating being an American. Seeing my fellow Americans coming behind me [in the opening ceremony] and supporting me will be a great honor -- the highest honor. It's just a happy day. I don't even have the words to describe how happy I am."
- Lopez Lomong, a grateful American who was once a Lost Boy of Sudan, who was selected to carry the US flag at today's opening ceremonies.