2014 IAAF Continental Cup Live Results / Schedule

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Via IAAF.org
September 11, 2014

The schedule for the 2014 IAAF Continental Cup appears below. Once we have complete results, we’ll post them below. Live results may appear here.

The local time is the time in Morocco.

*TV / Streaming info
*LRC Men’s Preview: Amos Vs. Aman, Jager Vs. Birech, Ndiku Vs. Lagat And A 1,500 Worthy Of The Olympics 
*LRC Women’s Preview: Great Mid-D Action On Tap With Sum Vs. Wilson Vs. Sharp, Rowbury Vs. Hassan; Coburn Battles Ayalew In Steeple 

If you want to see results on one page, our day 1 recap might be the quickest place to do it.

Recap: 2014 Continental Cup Day 1: Souleiman Runs 50.09 Final Lap to Win 1500m over Kiprop, Eunice Sum and Ajee Wilson Entertain Again

Day 1 – Saturday, September 13

18:3012:30MHammer ThrowFinalStartlistResult
18:4012:40WPole VaultFinalStartlistResult
18:4512:45WTriple JumpFinalStartlistResult
19:0013:00M400 Metres HurdlesFinalStartlistResult
19:1513:15W400 Metres HurdlesFinalStartlistResult
19:3013:30M5000 MetresFinalStartlistResult
19:3513:35MShot PutFinalStartlistResult
19:5013:50WDiscus ThrowFinalStartlistResult
19:5513:55W800 MetresFinalStartlistResult
20:1014:10W400 MetresFinalStartlistResult
20:1514:15MHigh JumpFinalStartlistResult
20:2514:25M400 MetresFinalStartlistResult
20:4014:40W100 MetresFinalStartlistResult
20:4514:45MLong JumpFinalStartlistResult
20:5014:50M100 MetresFinalStartlistResult
21:0015:00M1500 MetresFinalStartlistResult
21:1015:10WJavelin ThrowFinalStartlistResult
21:2015:20W3000 MetresFinalStartlistResult
21:4015:40W4×100 Metres RelayFinalStartlistResult
21:5515:55M4×100 Metres RelayFinalStartlist



Day 2 – Sunday, September 14


17:3011:30WHammer ThrowFinalStartlistResult
17:4011:40MPole VaultFinalStartlistResult
17:4511:45MTriple JumpFinalStartlistResult
17:5011:50W3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinalStartlistResult
18:1512:15M3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinalStartlistResult
18:3512:35W100 Metres HurdlesFinalStartlistResult
18:4012:40WShot PutFinalStartlistResult
18:4512:45M110 Metres HurdlesFinalStartlistResult
18:5012:50MDiscus ThrowFinalStartlistResult
19:0013:00W1500 MetresFinalStartlistResult
19:1013:10WHigh JumpFinalStartlistResult
19:1513:15M3000 MetresFinalStartlistResult
19:3513:35W200 MetresFinalStartlistResult
19:4013:40WLong JumpFinalStartlistResult
19:4513:45M200 MetresFinalStartlistResult
20:0014:00W5000 MetresFinalStartlistResult
20:1014:10MJavelin ThrowFinalStartlistResult
20:3014:30M800 MetresFinalStartlistResult
20:4014:40W4×400 Metres RelayFinalStartlistResult
20:5514:55M4×400 Metres RelayFinalStartlistResult

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