Martin Lel

Martin Lel

April 06, 2016

German Fernandez Does the 10k, Meet The Breakthrough Athlete of the Year: Violah Jepchumba, Plus Martin Lel's Brother, NCAA Leaders Galore, Leo Manzano Struggles But Says All is Well, Pregnancy Photos and More

Martin Lel's brother is making a name for himself, so is Violah Jepchumbah and Stephanie Bruce. Plus German Fernandez does the 10k, the college track season heats up and more.
December 08, 2013

Ehitu Kiros, Gilbert Chepkwony Win Steamy Honolulu Marathon

Kiros won in 2:36:02 and Chepkwony 2:18:47 in the very humid conditions. Martin Lel made it to 30K with the lead pack, but then struggled, finishing in 2:21,and said, "There is something wrong" while rubbing his lower back and hip on his left side.
October 22, 2013

Week That Was: Meet America's Two Super Frosh, Super Seniors, Jordan Hasay Versus Emily Infeld, Abbey D. And Kennedy K., Mick Byrne And More

Last week, midterms were held for NCAA XC and we break it all down for you with praise for Mick Byrne,Ben SaarelSean McGorty and others. We start to think about who is going to win $500,000 in New York next week. Plus if you could coach one runner, Emily Infeld or Jordan Hasay, who would you choose?