May 29, 2019

A New Era In The Women's 800: With Caster Semenya Exiting, Ajee' Wilson Is Poised To Take Over As World #1

On Thursday, for the first time since 2015, a Diamond League women's 800-meter race will be won by an athlete that is not 46 XY DSD. As an event, the women's 800 is about to change, massively. The question is, how?
May 02, 2019

Guest Column by Amby Burfoot: Let Semenya run free … in the 1500

The 1968 Boston Marathon champ who wrote a 5,000+ word piece in support of the IAAF's regulations regarding Caster Semenya says he felt "no joy" when he read the CAS decision yesterday, and is now actually hoping the IAAF lets Semenya run the 1500.
September 18, 2014

A Brief History of Intersex Athletes in Sport

Caster Semenya was a big story in 2011. Dutee Chand is a big story this year, and maybe Margaret Wambui? Some people are under the misconception that these are isolated incidents. They are not. A guest column on the intersex issue facing women's sports, by a former 2:23 men's marathoner who is now a multi-time national champ as a woman.