Genevieve LaCaze

Genevieve LaCaze

July 16, 2018

Mary Cain Racing Over 3000m In Ireland Today At 3:05 PM ET

It's been almost exactly two-years to the day since Cain raced on the track. Watch her comeback race today live as she faces a field that includes Emily Sisson, Elinor Purrier and Genevieve LaCaze.
December 29, 2016

2016 LRC Year-End Rankings, Women's Steeplechase: Ruth Jebet Leads the Way; Olympic Medallist Emma Coburn Tops U.S. List for Third Straight Year

Jebet won Olympic gold, crushed the world record and put together the greatest season ever by a women's steepler. Coburn has dominated the U.S. scene for years and took it one step further in 2016 by winning her first Olympic medal.
January 07, 2014

Meet Japan's Galen Rupp, Run Through The Finish Line, Is Cricket Bigger Than Track? And Who Drinks More? The Irish Or Aussies, Race Walkers Or 1,500 Runners?

Happy New Year. We hope you are excited about 2014 like we are. We were pleased to see the calendar turn because a New Year always ends the total lack of races that take place at the end of each year.