Beautiful Boston Marathon Weather – 2024 Boston Marathon Forecast Looks Amazing

Monday may be one of the most perfect weather days in Boston Marathon history if you are trying to combine what's best for both the runners and spectators

If you are planning on watching or running Monday’s 2024 Boston Marathon, you are in luck as the weather is going to be amazing.

13 hours out from the race, it’s clear it’s going to be an absolutely beautiful day to both run and spectate the race. Apple weather is forecasting a sunny skies and a tail wind. Over the last few days, the forecast has gotten a tiny bit warmer but the tail wind situation has improved as the wind forecast has picked up in terms of mph and moved from the NW to the W.

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In terms of the temperature, it looks like it will be in high 60s at the start and low to mid 60s at the finish. As for the wind, it should help people run faster. The Boston course goes from SW to NE and the wind is projected to be coming out of the W . Since the Boston marathon finish line is roughly 7.5 miles north of the start line, the best wind would be out of SW. So there is a little cross wind element to it but overall the wind will help the runners run fast. We think the pros will run a minute faster than still conditions as a result.

Below is the current Apple weather forecast for the starting point, halfway point and finish line for Boston. We’ve done it for the men’s pro start (9:37 am) as well as mass race (10 am start).

Weather forecast as of 9 pm ET on April 14, 2024


Pro Start
Hopkinton 9:37 am
Pros Halfway
Wellesley 10:40
Men’s Pro Finish
Boston 11:42
Women’s Pro  finish
Boston 12 noon
Temp 57 61 63 63
Wind 7 mph W, gusts to 18 9 W, gusts to 22 9 W, gusts to 22 9 W, gusts to 22
Precip 0 Sunny 0 Sunny 0 Sunny 0 Sunny
Dew Point 47 48 46 46

Mass Race

Hopkinton 10 am
Wellesley 11:30 am
Boston 1 pm
Boston 2 pm
Boston 3 pm
Temp 58 63 65 67 68
Wind 8 mph W, gusts to 18 9 W, gusts to 22 10 W, gusts to 24 11 W, gusts to 27 12 W, gusts to 26
Precip 0 Sunny 0 Sun & Clouds 0 Sunny 0 Sun & Clouds 0 Sun & Clouds
Dew Point 47 47 45 45 45


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