We Were Wrong: Biological Males Don’t Have an Unfair Advantage in Women’s Sport

By LetsRun.com
April 1, 2022

Originally, this article was a satirical April Fool’s editorial that said we had changed our position on transgender women competing in elite female sport. We wrote that we did not think people born as biological males had an unfair advantage competing against females.

We missed the mark with the piece. We are sorry.

The intent was to parody the argument that transgender women do not have an unfair advantage in elite female sport. 

Many people who support our view on not allowing transgender women to compete in elite female sport told us that the piece failed at any attempt at humor. They thus viewed the piece as punching down and unnecessarily mean.

We support the right of every individual to live their life as the gender that they identify as, but when it comes to sport specifically, our desire is to protect the fairness of elite female competition. Your messages in private, on social media, and on our forum have made it clear to us that our editorial was counterproductive to that goal and unnecessarily offensive. For this reason, we are replacing the editorial with this apology.

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