Podcast: Houston Recap, A New Richest Marathon, Stacked NBIGP, What Does Jim Walmsley’s 64:00 Tell Us About Ultrarunners? Bekele in Tokyo

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by LetsRun.com
January 23, 2019

We stuck with our pledge to try and do a weekly podcast in 2019 and are back with podcast #2 of the year.

And it’s a good thing as the indoor track scene gets underway in full force this week.

The road scene got underway with all the action in Houston and we look at Emily Sisson’s run and what it means for her marathon debut in London in April. Ultra runner Jim Walmsley got his Olympic Marathon trials qualifier by running 1:04:00. What does it mean for ultra runners and what could a marathon stud do in ultras?

Plus, the indoor season gets underway with a slew of great match-ups at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix in Boston including Donavan Brazier vs Clayton Murphy at 800, Edwark Cheserek in the 3000, Jenny Simpson in the 5000, and the pro debut of Sydney McLaughlin in a cupcake of a race. The Norb Sander Invite in NYC will have a 4x mile world record attempt and high school 3000 record attempt by Katelyn Tuohy.

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The Dubai Marathon is Thursday night live on LetsRun and we talk about the prize money being slashed plus the return of Guye Adola and the marathon debut of Ibrahim Jeilan.

Plus, Kenenisa Bekele will be running the Tokyo Marathon. Should he hang them up if he has a bad showing?

And don’t miss a special phone call from the Nike Vaporfly 4% shoe and the threads of the week.

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Show Notes (Click on a timestamp below to have the player start at that point)
[0:00] Intro, Don’t do drugs
[3:16] Houston Half and Full Recap Sisson runs fast what does it mean for her marathon debut?
[17:25] Jim Walmsley runs 1:04:00. What does it mean? Would could a top Kenyan do in Ultras?
[29:38] New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Preview  Jenny Simpson in the 5k, Brazier vs Murphy at 800, Kejelcha vs Willis in Mile, King Ches in 3k, Sydney McLaughlin’s pro debut in a easy race.
[40:00] Dr. Sander Invite Preview- Katelyln Tuohy afer high school 3000 record, 4xmile record attempt
[41:57] Threads of Week Kara DNF and Walmsley’s 1:04 (the 4x mile discussion is actually here)
[45:14] Dubai is No Longer the Richest Marathon in the World But Guy Adola is back and Ibrahim Jeilan is making his debut.
[54:12] Kenenisa Bekele’s Spring Marathon Will Be Tokyo…

[58:04] Guest Phone Call from the Nike Vaporfly 4% Shoe
[59:54] More Dubai Talk
[61:42] Why is LetsRun.com in business with convicted doper Floyd Landis?

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