Video- Christian Coleman Talks About His 9.82 NCAA 100m Record

June 7, 2017

Editor’s note for a fuller-recap of the men’s 100m race, click here.

EUGENE, Ore. — Christian Coleman of the University of Tennessee made history by breaking the NCAA record in the 100m, running 9.82 in heat 1 of the 100m on Wednesday in Eugene, Oregon. Later, he came back to qualify for the final in the 200m running 20.21 for second in his 200m prelim.

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Afterwards, Coleman spoke to and the assembled media (video below) and he had already shifted his focus from the 9.82. His goal now is on winning Friday’s final, and he knows that won’t be easy. He said, “I heard the last guy to get in was 10.03. It was one of the fastest semifinals ever. It (the final) should be a good race. I can’t worry about the other competitors I have to worry about myself.”

When asked how he felt about breaking the NCAA record he said, “I feel pretty good (but) I’m already past that right now, ” he said noting he immediately had to shift his focus to the 200. Coleman said he knew he was running well in his 100, but had no idea how fast he was going until he passed the line. “You know if you’re hitting your zones properly, but you never know what pace you’re on. I came across the line and I saw the time and was pretty ecstatic about it. It was a pretty good run,” he said in the understatement of the night.

Winning is not a sure thing in Friday’s finals, as North Carolina A&T’s Christopher Belcher ran 9.93 and 20.01 in his prelims on Wednesday. 

Videos with Belcher and Coleman below, plus a video of the race.

Christian Coleman Talks About His 9.82 Run:

Video of Coleman’s 9.82

Video with Christopher Belcher:

Screenshot of Coleman after his record run:

 9.82 Lettting Up before line