Workout Day with Team New Balance Boston and Liz Costello and Anna Silvander

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May 30, 2017

Thanks to the new Instagram account, and Kevin, the LRC visitor who convinced us to start the account and is managing it, some of the top pros are sharing with a little bit of insight into their daily routines.

Today we get a little look at Team New Balance Boston thanks to runners Liz Costello and Anna Silvander.

The only problem with Instagram is not everyone is on it and videos can only be a minute long.

No problem ,as Liz has shared with us a 3 minute video of their workout in the rain last Friday in Brookline, Massachusetts. You see some of the camaraderie of the group, the dry sense of humor of coach and 1996 Olympic marathoner, Mark Coogan, and even the food Liz makes after most hard workouts.

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Check it out:

Liz, a Princeton grad and sales manager for SOS Hydration, made her marathon debut in Boston (2:38:21 for 18th place) this year and was 6th at the Olympic Trials 10,000m.

Anna is a 2:02/4:13 runner who is a five time national champion in Sweden.

Thanks to the Team New Balance Boston Team for creating the video and sharing their day with us. On Instagram you can follow Team New Balance Boston here,  Liz here (she also had a blog on Runners World), Anna here and of course you can follow on instagram, twitter, facebook (we suggest facebook or twitter if you never want to miss a big story).

Got any ideas of what you want to see? Email us. We think we should do an interview in conjunction with these Day in the Life videos, but are just figure this out ourselves.

Liz in Boston:

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