It’s Official Ryan Hill the Big Favorite in Tonight’s 3000m vs Galen Rupp &Evan Jager: LRC Prediction Contest Results

March 11, 2016

Below are the results from 1pm eastern from of our $20,016 Running Warehouse USA/NCAA Indoor prediction contest. Entries open until 6:55 eastern.

Ryan Hill is a huge favorite in tonight’s 3000m with Galen Rupp and Evan Jager at USAs.

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Expect quite a battle in the men’s DMR final tonight at NCAAs.

Wondering what to watch? Click here for the combined NCAA/USA schedule

Who will win the
NCAA Men’s 800m?
Donavan Brazier 58.2%
Clayton Murphy 32.3%
Brannon Kidder 4.2%
Isaiah Harris 3.1%
Andres Arroyo 1.8%
Shaquille Walker 0.2%
Hector Hernandez 0.2%


Who will win the
USA Women’s 800m?
Ajee Wilson 93.3%
Laura Roesler 6.2%
Treniere Moser 0.4%


Who will win the
USA Men’s 1500?
Matthew Centrowitz 98.2%
Garrett Heath 0.7%
Cory Leslie 0.4%
Robby Andrews 0.2%
Benjamin Blankenship 0.2%
Cristian Soratos 0.2%


Who will win the
USA Women’s 1500?
Shannon Rowbury 75.3%
Brenda Martinez 23.4%
Amanda Eccleston 0.4%
Katherine Mackey 0.4%
Heather Kampf 0.2%
Morgan Uceny 0.2%


Who will win the
USA Men’s 3000m?
Ryan Hill 66.4%
Galen Rupp 14.7%
Evan Jager 8.8%
Hassan Mead 4.4%
Eric Jenkins 2.4%
Bernard Lagat 1.8%
Garrett Heath 1.3%
Lopez Lomong 0.2%


Who will win the
USA Women’s 3000m?
Shannon Rowbury 60.3%
Emily Infeld 22.1%
Marielle Hall 7.3%
Abbey D’Agostino 7.3%
Shelby Houlihan 3%


Who will win the
NCAA Women’s 5000m?
Molly Seidel 79.4%
Allie Ostrander 20%
Erin Finn 0.6%


Who will win the
Oklahoma State 33%
Washington 26.2%
Stanford 14.5%
Penn State 14.3%
Oregon 8.4%
Michigan 2.6%
Villanova 0.9%
Georgetown 0.2%


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