Lolo Jones Goes to the Bobsled and Accepts Her Twitter Date: Who Will Pay and Is He “Legal”?

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July 5, 2013
Lausanne, Switzerland

This piece below if excerpted from our piece 6 Non-Distance Takeaways from Lausanne. However, we know a lot of you like to ready about Lolo so we’re giving it it’s own piece.

At the 2013 Diamond League Athletissima meet in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008 Olympic champion Dawn Harper continued to dominate the Diamond League as she got the win in the 100m hurdles over Kellie Wells and Lolo Jones. is all things Lolo, so we won’t say anything else about Harper except she’ll get her chance to shine in Moscow.

Lolo Giving Up Track for The Year for Bobsled
As for the media darling Lolo (Lolo was the one hurdler we wanted to talk to. FYI Olympic Champ Sally Pearson avoided speaking to the media after running poorly), this was her final track race of the year. From here on out, unless her bobsled coaches say otherwise, it’s bobsledding the rest of the year.

“This was my last race before I go to bobsled. The last race of the season is kind of bittersweet because it is so early in the season and everyone else is gearing up,” she said.

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Lolo Third Behind Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells

Lolo had pledged her prize money here to her boblsed teammates. Her third place finish earned Lolo’s bobsled mates $4000. It was interesting that Lolo thought third place paid $6000. The $2000 difference may not mean much to Lolo, but it likely is a huge deal to her bobsled teammates. Last month, she got in some hotwater with some bobsledders for tweeting out a picture of her bobsled check of $741.84, for 7 months of work.

Although Lolo did not make the US team for Moscow (Lolo has missed three straight Worlds although she did make the Olympics last year) she has run well this season with a 12.50 at USAs. Her all-time best is just a tad faster: 12.43.

“I want to run more races, I was in more races, but I had to pull out of the last five,” she said. Since she didn’t make Worlds, the bobsled coach wanted her training full-time for next year’s Winter Olympics. “This (year) is on pace of what I ran in (20)08 (when she set her PB). It’s just a shame because I really feel like I would have PBd this season…. Who knows maybe I’ll have a gap in bobsled and I’ll be able to convince the coach to let me come back out,” she added.

“To bobsled I go,” said Lolo.

Lolo admitted bobsled “started out as a distraction from track.” Now however she said, “I love it” before quipping, “The best part is putting on weight. I’m going to go back to the hotel and eat a whole bunch of chocolate and a double cheeseburger.”

Lolo Will Go On Her Twitter Date – The Two Big Questions: Is He “Legal” and Who Pays?
Speaking of love,  Harry “Bubby” Lyles , a college student at Georgia State, asked Lolo for a date on twitter. She said she’d go on one with him if he got 150,000 retweets. Well he’s now over 150,000 retweets.

Lolo was asked whether she’d honor the date request. Before Lolo found out Bubby got his 150,000 retweets she said she wanted to know from him,  “Hey are you legal?” Speculate away.

She added, “How old is this kid? Is he Justin Bieber legal, like one year over the age?” For the record Bubby is 21.

Once she found out Bubby had over 150,000 retweets, the affable Lolo was a good sport, “Good for him, I’ll go on a date with him.”

Then there was one more question remaining, “The question is who pays? I’m going to eat four entrees.”

Lolo said she would pay, but we say no way. Bubby asked her out. Bubby, the check had better be on you.

Lolo Talks with LRC About Bobsledding and Her Date

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