Galen Rupp, Leo Manzano And Ben True To Author Book: Train Hard, 2nd Place Easy, The American Way

April 1, 2013

On the heels of their silver medals at the 2012 Olympics and the World Cross-Country Championships, and beating the Kenyans, American silver medallists Galen Rupp, Leo Manzano and Ben True have signed a $500,000 advance for their book: Train Hard, 2nd Place Easy, The American Way.

With the Americans beating the Kenyans at 1,500m, 10,000m and in the Kenyan national sport of cross-country, the book is an update on the 1990 Kenyan Classic: Train Hard, Win Easy Easy, The Kenyan Way.

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Negotiations initially broke down between Rupp, Manzano and True due to differences in training philosophies between True and Rupp and philosophical differences with Manzano. True is old school – training by himself in the woods of Hanover, New Hampshire under the watchful eye of Olympian Mark Coogan. Rupp is new school – training under Olympian  Alberto Salazar. Rupp and Salazar are known for using underwater and anti-gravity treadmills to cross train, and face masks when running. True is known for using cross-country skiing to cross train and face masks when skiing. What would True contribute to the chapter on underwater treadmills?

picture of Ben True

Ben True Leading The US To Silver

Leo meanwhile wanted to title the book  Train Hard, 2nd Place Easy, The American Way / Praticar Mucho, Segundo Sencillo, La Mexican-Americano Manera and Harper Collins felt the title was too long.

Everything has been worked out now with True and Rupp willing to gloss over training differences in the book, and Harper Collins agreeing to translate the book into Spanish in a separate edition.

While initial reaction to the book was strong, the most positive reaction is coming from Kenya. Isaiah Kiplagat, the head of Athletics Kenya said, “We look forward to this book. We finished behind the Americans at 1,500m, the 10,000m and in cross-country. We need to learn how to train like them.”

Leo Silver!

Galen Silver!

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