Ryan Hall Talks About Cam Levins’ 190-Mile Weeks And Is Impressed

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By: LetsRun.com
December 31, 2012 

Editor’s note: A staffer produced this piece just before New Year’s but then left for vacation and it was lost in the shuffle and not presented to you until January 12, 2013.

In early December at The Running Event in Austin Texas, American marathon star Ryan Hall was asked what he thought about Cam Levins running 190-mile weeks.

Cam’s incredibly huge mileage started attracting a cult following on LetsRun.com last year and then he backed it up with two NCAA outdoor titles and an Olympic 10,000m berth for Canada.

This year, Cam reportedly ran 190 miles a week and a Canadian shoe retailer whose house Cam had stayed at the previous week asked Ryan Hall what he thought about it.

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You can watch the video below with Ryan’s reaction.


“That just blew my mind. I can’t imagine running that much. From what I hear he’s running 3 times a day.”

The shoe retailer then told Ryan, “He ran 37 miles a day about 10 days ago.”

Ryan, instead of saying that was nuts, had an interesting perspective on it: “That goes to show training is so individual. How many amazing coaches would look and that and go ‘Cam you are pscyho crazy?’ And they’d be wrong as he had a great year last year, huge breakthroughs.”

The LRC faithful will be glad to know that America’s fastest marathoner ever is inspired by the Canuck’s hard work.

“It’s working for him. My hat’s off to him. He inspires me. That’s why I started following him on twitter. I feel like I’m training hard and I’m not doing nearly that kind of training,” Hall said.

Ryan then dropped a little running history on the crowd, “I’d be curious to see his training to see what it looks like just to be inspired by it. I’ve never heard of anyone running that much it in the common era. You hear of crazy guys like Gerry Lindgren and guys like that (running crazy mileage).”

Ryan closed with, “My hat’s off to him. He inspires me. Makes me feel like I’m not training very hard … I like that he’s thinking outside of the box … I’m curious to see where it takes him where his career goes with it.”

Ryan Hall On Cam Levins Running 190 Miles A Week:

What does it mean for you? 99.99% of you won’t run 190 miles a week, but Ryan’s curiosity with it and Cam’s success with it shows don’t be afraid to look at your training with a fresh set of eyes.

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