German Fernandez Runs 3:34.60 & Validates Three Of's Biggest Running Maxims

Talent Never Goes Away, Strength = Speed, And Altitude Matters

September 2, 2012

"Talent never goes away."

That quote, which is a core tenet of's running philosophy, and which we believe we first heard from 2008 Olympic silver medallist Nick Willis, certainly proved to be correct on Sunday afternoon at the ISTAF Berlin Meet in front of more than 50,000 when the US's German Fernandez ran a huge 3:34.60 PR.

A 3:34.60 1,500 in the year 2012 for the former prep phenom Fernandez would not have been a surprise if you were making predictions back in 2008 or 2009, but it certainly would have been earlier this year if you watched him finish off his collegiate career at Oklahoma State with a 10th-place showing at NCAAs in the 1,500 and then barely scrape his way into the Olympic Trials.

How does a guy who couldn't even score at NCAAs in June run 3:34 in September? By persevering and being very, very talented.

It needs to be remembered Fernandez was a PHENOM in high school. In 2008, Fernandez broke Jeff Nelson's 29-year-old high school 2 mile record of 8:36.30 (HT) by running 8:34.40. That was after he was truly sensational at the California state meet, where he completed the greatest double in HS history - a 1,600/3,200 double in 2-plus hours with the ridiculous times of 4:00.29/8:34.23 - before celebrating by working the evening shift at Applebee's.

The next year at Oklahoma State, Fernandez was so good indoors that LRC's Rojo flew all the way to the Middle East to watch him run World Junior Cross-Country. In 2009 indoors, Fernandez got things going by running a world junior record of 3:56.50 in the mile in his first-ever indoor race before finishing off the indoor campaign with a non-rabbitted 3:55.02 mile to win Big 12s.

Outdoors, he won NCAAs in the 1,500 as a freshman in 3:39.00 before setting the US junior record in the 5,000 at USAs at 13:25.46. You simply can't do better than that.

After His Freshman Year, Fernandez Never Broke 4:00 or 14:00
But the rest of college? It was pretty much a huge disappointment on the individual front for Fernandez.

Yes, he helped Oklahoma State win a few team cross-country titles, but think of it this way: If someone had predicted after his freshman year that Fernandez, who ran 3:55.02 for the mile indoors and 13:25 for the 5,000 outdoors as a freshman, would never break 4:00 or 14:00 for the rest of his college career, you'd think they were mentally unhinged. But that's exactly what happened.

If you thought that meant his career was over, you were wrong. The smart people in the sport realize that talent doesn't go away. So even though Fernandez probably lost hundreds of thousands of dollars by not going pro in 2009, he was able to secure a sponsorship after USAs thanks to the help of agent Tom Ratcliffe. He signed with Nike and joined Jerry Schumacher's group. A few weeks of altitude training, one prep race, and Fernandez runs 3:34.60.

The talent clearly didn't go away - it just was hidden for a few years.

German Fernandez Reacts After His 3:34.60

"I'm shocked (by the 3:34 time)," said Fernandez to reporters after the race in the Flotrack video embedded on the right. "I thought my time was 3:36 something. ... With 300 meters to go, I felt really good and I was like 'I have it in me. I have it in me.' With 200 meters to go, I still felt awesome but I was scared to make a move as it was my first big European race. I was taking it a little bit on the conservative side and kicking it in at the end and I guess it paid off but I left a little bit out there."

How did Fernandez turn things around so quickly?

Well he worked on his strength - proving another maxim: Strength = Speed.

Fernandez was asked if based on his training he was confident he could run 3:34 today?

"No. Most of our training is based on 3k/5k and we really haven't done anything faster than 57 in practice. It's all strength and altitude training - which is the first time I've done that in my running career so I think it's been a big plus for me." has always been a big believer that for altitude responders, altitude can make a HUGE difference - as much as one second per lap in a distance race.

The Race (Race Replay Embedded Below or Can Be Watched Here)
As for the race, Fernandez started out in the back of the field. He basically just kept in contact with the back of the field throughout - passing anyone who dropped off the big pack that featured 17 starters - before having the best last lap of anyone in the race.

He was dead last at 300 in 42.4. He ran his next lap in 57.7 (1:40.1) and was still next to last - ahead of only one straggler.

His third lap was roughly a 58.2 (we estimate he was 2:38.3 at the bell) and had moved up to 13th in a race that had 13 finishers (he was 12th if you take out the rabbit). But his final lap of 56.3 and his final 200 (very evenly run as we have the last 200 in about 28.1) was the best in the field. The winner likely closed in just 58.6-7.

Fernandez's approximate splits according to (we've added .2 to the video as we think the TV time is more of a hand time).

300: 42.4 - Dead last
700:  57.7 - 1:40.1 - Ahead of 1 straggler
1,100 - 58.2 - 2:38.3 - Ahead of two guys but only one finisher
1,500 - 56.3 -(28.2/28.1) - 7th place finish in 3:34.60, 3:06.5 at 1,300

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