World Famous London And Boston Marathon Prediction Contest

April 14, 2011

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With the World Marathon Majors returning and the Virgin London and Boston Marathon falling on subsequent days this year, we have brought our World Famous Prediction contests back.

The contests are pretty simple.

Tell us who will get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the men's and women's races at the 2011 Virgin London and Boston Marathons. Don't have a clue who is running? Don't worry - we have previewed each race and have a little guide to give you info on the key competitors.

Not only can you win some great prizes by participating in our contest; we hope it makes watching the races a little bit more interesting.

Now, the Virgin London Marathon starts at 3:55am Eastern on Sunday, but thanks to the race organizers for the first time, you can watch it on demand starting at 9am Eastern when you wake up - without knowing the results. The Boston Marathon is on Universal Sports television on Monday.

The scoring is as follows:

  • Each winner you pick correctly - 300 points.
  • Each person you pick second or third, who finishes in the top 3 - 100 points.
  • Bonus for picking 1st, 2nd AND 3rd all correctly in any race - 150 points.
  • 25 points if your top 3 pick finishes 4th or 5th.
  • 5 points if your top 3 pick finishes the race outside of the top 5.

If there is a tie at the end of the contest, the first tie breaker will be who picked the most number of 1st places correctly, then who picked the most number of 2nd places correctly, then who picked the most number of 3rd places correctly. If there still is a tie, we'll draw from a hat.

Now For The Prizes:

$5,000 - For a perfect ballot. That means picking 1st, 2nd and 3rd correctly in all 4 races. 1 winner maximum. If more than 1 person has a perfect ballot, the winner of the $5,000 will be selected by random drawing unless the winners want to split the prize.

1st Place - $150 Road Runner Sports Gift Certificate. We'll double 1st prize if the winner picks the winner of all 4 races correctly.
2nd Place - $100 Road Runner Sports Gift Certificate.
3rd Place - $50 Road Runner Sports Gift Certificate.

$300 Bonus Cash. In our London preview, Rojo opened his mouth and said we'd add $300 to the prize pool if Tsegaye Kebede, James Kwambai, Patrick Makau or Bazu Worku does not win the men's race at London, since he was so confident in his pick.

Group Scoring: You can also sign up to play in a group to play against your friends.

Oh, yeah - only one entry per person. No computerized/mechanical entries. I'm sure we should have a bunch of legal stuff here. How about this?: Your picks and your login name are not private and may be displayed on our website. And we're not responsible if the free contest gets cancelled for any reason including if our database crashes. We'll do our best to keep everything running smoothly. The top 3 in any event are final when we determine them and this may not be the ultimate final top 3 (mainly due to drug busts in the future). Additionally, this contest is obviously void where prohibited by law, which states that is - we don't know. No purchase necessary. And yes we can win our own contest. If we beat you, you'll hear about it for sure.

We have a guide to help you with your picks and are not responsible for any errors in the guide.

Sound easy? Then get started.

You'll be able to login and check your scores during the contest. You need a login to play.
If you have any questions email us at

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Watch London And Boston: *London Live at 3:55am Eastern Sunday or On Demand without knowing the results starting at 9am Eastern Sunday. Click for more info.
*Boston Monday on Universal Sports TV at 9:30am Eastern.


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